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In partnership with Dannijo.

With a mere week left until MR. DANNIJO, Volume I is a collaboration of the past, this call may serve as double-edged sword. On the one hand, a reminder: product names Aram, Sinatra, Hamish, gone for good in but seven days and on the other, a means to pump yo’ass up. The death of one installment only means the triumph of another and this season we’re not necessarily harping on the influential men that inspire our day to day, bring collars to our necks, watches to our wrists–no, this is more about us. Eye mean us. You, me, eyeballs. Aliens. Enjoy the trailer below skillfully crafted and brought to you by tour member, founder and the biggest alien of all: Danni hold the Jo, who upon finishing the final version let out nothing short of an, “I’d definitely see it.”

But will you? April 5th is right around the corner and I don’t wear psoriasis pants for just anyone.
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