Denim that Rocks
An easy fix, if you will. Don’t you ever find that just a little bit o’denim can go a whole long way? Samesies! Twinsies! Chic to the next lev! My shopping rule of thumb remains: if in store you can’t style the garment in question with at least three items you already own, you likely shouldn’t be buying it. The common denominator, I’ve learned of the three items that I for one own is a denim shirt I picked up from the mens department at American Apparel. Looking back I theoretically could have opted for oh, I don’t know, a size XXS but a medium just seemed more appropriate considering the nature of my existence at the time. There’s a point to all of this somewhere.

I’m just not sure where it is. But here you have it, dun dun da dun: the denim shirt. I’m plain in that I’ll always put something big over a fairly form flattering dress like the photographed. It just reads lame sauce when on its own. Buckley buck buckles are a decent contrast too because really with a yellow sundress that gives the arm definition and the hip(s) illusion of tiny-titaki, what the shit else do you do?

American Apparel blouse, Thakoon dress, Altuzarra wedges, Tom Ford sunglasses, Proenza Schouler purse. Photos by Naomi Shon. Finally, this is my street style pose, it’s called “the street style pose” and what I do is stand upright and then gently move my left leg forward, bending my knee while I proceed to give it just a hint of certified pigeon toe. Offers heel shape dimension and a small dose of cool (read: weird.) Do ya like it?

How about this? Check out my calf.
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