Currently Craving Volume II

A whole bunch o’chokers. Fashion is weird awesome in that while one trend may be penetrating the market in such massive capacity, another one on the opposite end of the spectrum is doing the same exact thing. Up this season: the 50s vs. 90s dichotomy. Torn up plaid on the one hand, high waist mid-length full, full…full a-line skirt on the other. It all comes back to the general notion of non-committal style and owning that which you put out there. Sometimes I feel like a broken record player replaying old episodes of some sort of House of Style-Oprah hybrid show. And how does the aforementioned disconnect relate to the photographed–a mouth with what looks like type-A orthodentically treated, or maybe Brigittie Bardot inspired teeth? The choker effect, duh. Take a look back at Charlotte Ronson, Nina Ricci even Pucci and then report over with the one common denominator. If nothing else, the choker will at least give the mouth on your face a place to defer to should it need a small break. Aurelie Bidermann, $340 at Five Story NY.

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