Bikini Tops, The New T Shirts

The fashion conversation has been consumed with sentiments about a general shift to place of reinvented modesty: longer hemlines, a-line silhouettes, blouse-y blouses, but figure this for a moment: I’m talking about bikini tops as street wear today and just a few months ago, I tried out a pair of underwear on Wooster Street to test another spring trend that lives in a similar capacity, mandating bare-ass. It’s an interesting disconnect that resolves quickly at a salute to the late 50s. The bloomers are high waist and the bras or bikini tops, whatever you’ll call them, aren’t exactly your run-of-the-mill Victoria Secret threads.

Though Nina Ricci (far left,) does exacerbate the fine line at hand. How about that, spring springs and t-shirts become a trend of the past. I read a really smart article in Elleover the weekend outlining the sweeping trend we have here. It was a sort of documentation of the social experiment the Elle writer in question conducted to figure whether or not this was a trend she could make her own. After bouts of agonizing about the exposed midriff and comparing her own brand of confidence to that bestowed upon runway models, she tried the trend and ultimately concluded that no one gave a shit she was wearing a bra. The trials and tribulations of actually getting the top on were far more consuming than the public reaction–and that ultimately came to prove a point that perpetuates right here: the owner of your look is you. Confidence will give you the tools you need to pull whatever the fuck you want off and so today on TMR, we take a page from–or rather make a page for this school of thought and turn a runway trend most will assume to have manifested for runway purposes only and take to the street.

Acne jacket, Marysia Swim bathing suit top, Preen Line skirt, Alaia sandals.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t in fact have a camera man at hand at all hours–we actually meet a mere once a month–and so this look on me will have to remain fragmented speculation in your heads until I force someone to photograph me on the street in me’bra. I’ll also note this trend is a great way to shop your own closet: you have a blazer, you have a bra, or at the very least: a bathing suit, you presumably should have something massively high waist, throw it all together. And while I won’t be wearing Alaia lace-ups, the photographed are just to celebrate a happy occasion at hand: these are now current again. No outlet in Hawaii stalking necessary, they’re back, they’re beige, they’re…bomb? Cha-cheers x 2.

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