While We’re Looking Down

Someone cleverly commented after I’d posted this photo on Instagram yesterday, “when did your grandmother in Boca take over your feed?” Aside from a reality that mandates my grandmother hang her hat in Aventura while living life blissfully unaware of the phenomenon that is touch screen–though she does use Blackberry Messenger, which may or may not speak to the dying relevance of that device–the posed sentiment got me thinking about trends. Proenza Schouler, the photographed Alexander Wang jeans, most anything S/S 2012 Dolce and Gabbana has given some fashion pertinence to Hawaii in the sartorial sense. At what point though does this trend become dated? My answer is something along the lines of: what even constitutes a dated trend? There should be no such thing– everything has its time and place, you decide when to put it where. It’s more just a game of push pull. Will you commit to looking early bird special with Palm Beach inspired Man Repeller loafers or will you set a division between the tropical print and say, a pair of stilettos. Or motorcycle boots. Or webbed feet. Or fashion sneakers. Yes, FaShUn SnEaKeRs. It’s kind of like another look at committing to trends and shit. Finally, I ask at what point this stopped making sense?

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