Walking and Tweeting, Tweeting and Walking

Cut 25 jacket, Current/Elliott jeans, Christian Louboutin pumped up kicks, Alexander Wang hat. Photo stolen from WGSN. Ra, ra, ra, just minding my own business, walking into Lincoln Center, pretending I have emails to send while actually just tweeting weird things like “nipples are in,” and “PETA, now’s your time to strike,” on my massive(ly awesome) device. This was taken yesterday just before the Michael Kors show. As it happens, the shoes on foot are one of a kind–a sample that never went into production. I won them at a Christian Louboutin sale earlier this year, that was fun. But onto more relevant things: it is with great pleasure that I now inform you: the final show of my Fashion Week season is here, and there’s no better way to say so long than through a little Calvin Klein. So, stay tuned for a final round up. There we can recap and collectively salivate over the musings of Proenza Schouler. Jack and Laz haven’t done this good since that homage to surf culture ca. 2009. Until then, tootlez.

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