Explosive Prints
Tibi jacket, Uniqlo blouse, Zara pants, Miu Miu shoes. 
Flannel gingham, watercolor Navajo and horizontal stripes: it hurts the eyes, yes, but it feels so good. See, this photo was also shot before the inception of Fashion Week, during a time when the peplum was still just the peplum. A trend grazed upon somewhat heavily by important designers like Jil Sander and Louis Vuitton but not yet exploited in such an extreme capacity. The outfit feels much more genuine when I can offer that disclaimer. All that said and done though, hey, don’t these pants look Isabel Marant? They were $19.99 at Zara. Man, I love that store. Sometimes it’s the Dries van Noten, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Sandro hybrid shop. Sometimes it’s just Celine. And sometimes it’s one huge sartorial copyright infringement that can’t amount for any designer in particular but is such a thorough culmination of them all, you just can’t help look the other way and smile like a little smiley face. Get it? Get it? Cue photo. For this, friends, we can only thank the heavens and Spain. Photos by Naomi Shon.
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