Quenching Pastel’s Thirst

To re-open a discussion that started early last week, repellers on a budget, unite! Well, not necessarily on a budget, but above you’ll find two photos depicting the saturated brilliance of Louis Vuitton’s S/S 2012 shoes. They look uncomfortable, it doesn’t take a podiatrist to recognize swelling ankles and an in-rare-form arch but then again when has fashion ever been about utility other than that time utility jackets made a comeback, still perpetuating, ya di ya da blee bloo bla. Question mark here. Anyway, my repel-o-meter hypothesizes that these shoes will run for more or less one billion dollars come time to consume and when that happens, you’ll look into your wallet and wonder: is dinner really all that important this month? You may say no now but indeed, it is, and so I give you:

The relinquishment of one week’s food! Stuart Weitzman’s pastel silver pointed toe Mary-Janes. Quench pastel’s thirst, dress thematically come Easter, and enjoy this month’s dinner. Yes, you’ll take a dip, they’re still $375 but in the grand scheme of toe cleavage, pointed toes and ambiguous straps wherever you please, what’s that got to do with it?

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