The Pointy Toe

Behold: the pointy toe, back with a bang. Only less about a bang, more about Wang. It was only a matter of time before this trend saw its resurgence. And while I’ll almost always endorse the weird shit Alexander Wang produces–give me a cape and I will wear it. Heck, give me a fur ball and I will own that too–I’m conflicted on this particular shoe. Something isn’t resonating: maybe the covers too much foot. Maybe the implementation of a shorter heel is alluding too close to kitten heel paraphernalia, or maybe, just maybe, I’m too weird a Repeller for a shoe this…sophisticated? There’s probably something to be said about the revert to a more simple silhouette, I’m just not going to say it. I will however commend the use of stingray, you can’t see it, but it’s there, and offer a hearty salute to the ankle cuff, so properly on trend. That said, are you on team point? Do tell.

That said too now, it’s officially fashion week so here is my shameless summoning to request that you either follow me on Twitter or Tumblr or both as I’ll be live social networking like a real human with a mobile keyboard! Human! Keyboard! Samsung has offered me their new Galaxy Note phone/tablet hybrid to test drive over the week before its official launch at the end of February so the photo resolution is pretty fancy. Sharp and what have you–that’s my hook. Bye.

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  • stunning picks!


  • love them and I have been a pointytoe fan for years and it is still going strong!

  • Pure perfection!

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  • I totally agree with you on this one… Pointy toe is a NO! I think the last time I wore these fashion fails, I was just learning to walk and maybe even maybe potty trained.. So im saying that the point should stay in that era.. I too love Wang and his fascinating mind, but these don't do much justice… I mean what is stylish about wearing something called a "kitten" heel… You're words truly make my day!
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  • Wang is just getting better and better at the shoe-thing.

  • I have to have these!

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  • They look good but if the heel were higher, i'd be in love.

  • Ankle cuff and back thing good, although shoe as a whole just looks too tame… Not fierce enough to man repel!!!

    You have my following for NYFW. Get tapping on your Samsung hybrid thing!

  • Totally diggin' the gold cuff + pointy heels look!


  • I love pointy toes, I knew they'd be coming back eventually so I held onto all my old shoes instead of throwing them out haha 🙂

  • I love these shoes!


  • First I hated pointed toe's, but I'm starting to like them.

    These are very pretty, love the cutout at the back of the shoe.

  • I was just talking about this the other day. I found it strangely relieving to see the pointy toe being back in vogue after seasons of roundness.

    Lets face it, if you are 5'4' like me pointy shoes have magical properties!


  • It's funny you say you don't like it because when I saw this shoe on Shopbop I Instantly thought of you because its ugly. And I don't mean that as an insult. What I mean is it repels… big time.

  • You know my thoughts: this exact sentiment means that you will be wearing shoes like that in a year or two.

    As for me, the Loubs with the see through sides, are pointy toe heaven. I like a simple silhouette and Ive long hated that double stack platform crap (especially on YSL, those pumps look like betty boop should be wearing them!) unless the platform is intended to be 70's hippy-esk. Then I like it.

    But back to pointy toe. Love it, but its sexier on a higher heel. Kitten heels sicken me a bit.

  • Not a huge fun of these shoes to be honest… surprising that I don't love something Wang, but still… I don't know, something doesn't click for me.

  • I love the sophistication of these Wangs 🙂 I really like how simple they are, but at the same time, they say a lot.

    <3 them

  • SJP put it best in Vogue when she said she walked into the clothing closet and said the pointy toe Manolo was a breath of fresh air. word.

  • I used to hate pointy-toe, equating all this pointy with a "witches". Now I've embraced it, because witches are hot.

  • Catalina

    Actually I really really like these. I think they would be even better with a higher heel but I own way too many of those "can't feel my toes after half an hour standing" heels so I am learning to embrace lower heels.

    I do have to say: Pointy toes can't be all put into one category you racists!!!! 😉 Some pointy toes like this specimen here have just the right shape. I think it has to do with the angle of the point -it can't be too acute- but I have to think about this more. I just find myself saying "yes those look right" to some and " tacky witch-prositute" to others. Another popular pointy toe with the right shape IMO are the Louboutin Pigalle and the Theysken's wedges & boots.

  • magnifique paire d'escarpins !:)

  • wow!!! this is beautiful~


  • I like these though I wouldn't wear them either. They seem a bit… conservative? due to the suede and comparatively low heel. Maybe that's what turning you off.

  • I'm definitly on board with the pointy-toe! (Even though they make my size 10 look like a 12!) I much prefer them over a chunky platform pump…those should leave and never come back!

  • You MAY have inspired me to try this trend. Not sure if I got the balls, but we shall see. Check out my blog if you get a moment, not sure if I'm good at the man repelling, but I sure love a top-knot.

  • I have never loved pointed toe shoes, but I am not sur why. Perhpas because they remind me way to much of what my other was wearing in the 90s, perhaps because my already large feet seem quite a bit larger with pointed toes, perhaps because there is something oddly medival looking about them or perhaps I'm just a stick in the mudd how does not understant their appeal.

  • They are so perfect!

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  • I like the shoes, could imagine them paired with something black and white and androgynous, like a suit or something.

  • I guess it's always a matter of time before things come 'back' into style – I'm really feeling the reemergence of this trend and although tons of designers have their own variation, lovin' the Wangs!


    The Habit

  • Love that brown shoes!!


  • Well, I know I like them (my mother would be proud, she basically only owns shoes with a pointed toe)! Especially the black ones, I'm not too much of a brown shoe person. I think I've owned 1 pair… all my life? As far as I can remember anyway. And have I worn them? Nope, not once.

  • Hmm they're definitely edging towards kitten heel territory but the thick ankle straps…I can't tell, do they fasten with velcro? If they do then they'd be heading towards repeller zone again!

  • love these! despite the awkward heel size they definitely work! x

  • That's so funny because lately I've been thinking about working a pair of pointy toes into my shoe collection 😉

  • pointy is perrffecction…awk that sounded weird. pointy SHOES are perfection 😉

  • I have a passion for pointy shoes. The back on these is interesting…Come check out my first giveaway:))

  • I hated pointy shoes for years, but recently I started liking them…these here are very elegant and classy, without being boring
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  • Hmmm, I'm not so sure. I have big feet, and these would probably make them look like boats! LOL.


  • Still having too many nightmares about one particularly horrific pair of ultra pointy, white pumps (Circa early 2000's) that adorned my feet far longer than they should have. Wang considered I still think these are just too close to a fashion crime I should have received a life sentence for committing.

  • I'm enjoying pointy toes, there's something about them that says "don't fuck with me."

  • Well,Wang will kill me one day!I love these beauties,now I have to rob someone for the money;)Or just wait untill Zara makes their pair:-)

  • They seem like they're missing something…I love the ankle cuff. Maybe if they were an inch or two higher? Maybe a thicker heel?

  • I actually really love them. Think they look great on and currently lusting over them!

  • Anonymous

    The ankle cuff, short heel and point are all forms of unflattering. Does that = repellent?

    These would be much better with a higher heel but still not quite as daring as we have come to love from AW.

  • I love these shoes. They are so classic.

  • Anonymous

    For me it's the fabrication that does them in. If they were in a metallic or a neon patent or even a zebra-dyed calf hair, I think I would enjoy the juxtaposition of the classic silyouetty against the SHINYTACKYINYOFACE

  • RUBY

    WEAR THEM WITH SOCKS!!! polka dot or animal print, plaid or whatever but these would be the best with some wacky sock action!!!

  • Yuck. I hate all pointy toe shoes (except, sometimes on Emmanuelle Alt but I am biased because she is Emmanuelle Alt and I love her). They look like you could scoop poop with the toes. Ew.

  • I like pointy toe shoes, as long as they do not resemble a halloween witch costume i'm good.


  • I'm most definetly on team point!

  • Anonymous

    I think "Man Repelling" is strange, especially having a website on it. Pointed toes are man magnets… at least know what you are saying. Like me, I know what IM saying, because I AM a man.