Lest I Forget

A most important accessory that pays homage to a most important man, hold the repeller, to top the strategic placement of seven separate plaid layers onto me’body previewed a few hours ago. Behold: Lennon shades. They’re charming in that they exhibit a subtle two tone plaid x tortoise shell separated by blocks of brushed metal that you likely wouldn’t notice if it weren’t spelled out and also differs from that infamous houndstooth pair because you can at very least see the dichotomy if you want to–the other guys are tortoise shell on the inside. These guys are Ralph Lauren too but should you find yourself intrigued and unable to locate the particular pair in question, both Ray Ban and the folks at Nasty Gal do a decent take on the Lennon shade too. Well, that’s it, that’s the whole thing again, bye.

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