Interrupting Regular Programming

Indeed Fashion Week has still got some three days under its wings, but right now we take a break from the runways to saluteacknowledge Valentines Day. The stigma attached to it is obvious: annoying for single people, they’re reminded their relationship status and annoying for coupled people, prix-fixe menus are bullshit. For man repellers though, this day is just another cheers to a profound relationship between woman and shoe, or bag, or drop crotch. In light of this, behold:

Copious bright red paired with sneakers leaning forward, flailing leg, owning a certain brick wall like the craftsman who cemented it. I can’t ensure a smile like that will come included but if you refrain from showering a few days, your hair may mimic this particular do.

Viva Aviva dress, Isabel Marant sneakers, Jennifer Fisher and DANNIJO jewelry.
Ultimately, you see, there’s no better way to celebrate Valentines Day than with a garment on code with the color scheme of the day. One that begs you look to your left, to your right and notice at your protruding hips, details that are reminiscent of your nether regions, living life while aunt flow takes a visit. What I’m trying to say is this: a salute to man repellers, maybe, but to the general public: Valentine’s Day is the menstruation cycle of holidays. And we can’t deny that. Back to the shows. Photos by Naomi Shon
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