Indian Summer
I don’t know how to amount for looking so serious while simultaneously pulling at the end of my tea dress, especially under weather conditions that provide comfort in a flimsy silk utility thing and pastel blue x lace that speaks well to spring trends during, you know, winter. I feel bad for the environment and ski resorts nationwide because of the meteorological phenomenon we’ve been dealt but on a fashion front, I’m afraid to say this has been pretty stinking aesthetically pleasing.
As it happens my new thing is grazing and while I grazed upon this topic during a mid-Fashion Week outfit post (let’s play a new drinking game called every time I refer to fashion week, we collectively take a shot of any substance of your choice,) let’s do another flesh-out. What are the polar bears doing right now? How are they coping? Answer me that.
jacket: Rachel Roy, dress: Catherine Deane, collar: MR DANNIJO, shoes: Alaia, purse: Camille Zarsky, sunglasses: Christian Dior. All photos by Naomi Shon.

And while you contemplate wild life, chew a piece of this dichotomy: nothing will ever say ideal outfit the way an almost uncomfortably feminine dress paired with hard shoes, a collar and utility jacket does. It’s like a vignette called tooth fairy meets army general and stops at Fantasy World on 7th Avenue for some shoes that could double as sex toys if manipulated properly. The punch of orange in my hand, red on my face is simply an MR special to give it a hint of me. The moral of the story is, being a lady is not for everyone. And that’s all I got for you. Probably could have written, Bla bla non-committal style, bla and the same sentiment would have been conveyed, so I’m sorry for stealing another ten minutes you’ll never get back.

I owe you a pony.

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