In Top Rotation

Fuck yeah summer camp with heels! With fashion week looming eerily close over our shoulders I thought today an opportune time to plant a story that includes some ten of my favorite garments and accessories. My mantra remains: if it’s good, wear it til you have to clean it so figure this a building block to uphold that sentiment. And while yes, I may not own all–even any–of the things photographed below, this is the internet: where dreams are born, made, come true. Suspend disbelief and let’s tackle:

Starting with the foundation to virtually any good outfit: the perfect white tee. This one is Acne, with a three quarter length sleeve to save the area between your elbow and shoulder from the wrath of a cold front. Layer a denim shirt over your white shirt and figure if you can’t find a proper plaid scarf so a short sleeved hybrid thing will do. The utility sweater jacket cape at right hails from United Bamboo–here’s a similar one–and will likely present the kiss of cool to virtually any outfit. Virtually literally, moo ha ha. Diesel sateen jeans: no one does sateen anymore. It’s a good alternative to leather and gives the legs a complimentary jolt of illusion-skinny. Matthew Williamson’s blanket wrap skirt over your pants to a. give your legs more length, b. counter the Thakoon red and grey print, c. embrace general flyness. I’d opted to include a vintage satin Chanel purse because in its past life, it was probably worn so formally, it’s begging for a pair of metallic short heel boots. A DANNIJO necklace that doesn’t commit to a collar but still alludes to one and Aurelie Bidermann wrap bracelets to adorn both your arms. Re: Yves Saint Laurent’s wrap ankle platform pumps vs. Givenchy’s purple pony hair booties, this decision against Zanotti’s silver boots is ultimately up to you. Top it all with cat eye sunglasses because when we’re not in cat’s pajamas, we are just plain old cats shielding our eyes from sun, running around like headless freaks only we have heads.
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