Getting Fashion Week Ready, Part III

Fuck yeah summer camp with heels, part two. In what is now the third installment of Getting Fashion Week Ready, we try to penetrate our creative beans while placing a stronger emphasis on that which occurs whilelayering rather than after. Call it a salute to texture, maybe even a departure from embracing the cushioned comfort zone of copious layer. Ultimately though, what this is…is…a five step program that works. Name that commercial, follow me.

blouse: Topshop, shorts: Only Hearts

Holy crotch, happy birthday. Step one includes very important biker shorts. I tried to turn you onto these dudes using Karl Lagerfeld’s creative direction as a drug mule of sortsbut not very many of you took well to that suggestion. Maybe you’ll prefer this one.

tights: Hue, try these

So far, so similar. But I have an idea, keep scrolling. Bare in mind the first inclusion of print in form of tights–once you’re there, it’s hard to revert back to a place of plain old black.

white blouse: Pencey

Bird arms, eureka. Do also pay attention to the progression of facial expression. Confused and dumb founded became a half smile, became super smiley thumbs up with just the simple insertion of feathered sleeves. You may remember this shirt: a long time ago, I hosted a who wore it best contest against the Twitter bird. There were eight votes. I won.

dress: Thakoon
But let’s stay focused. Here let me circle back to the aforementioned biker shorts and ask if you prefer this inclusion. Note that there is seemingly no inclusion. The eighties were alright. And on to the dress: print number two. I hadn’t thought to wear it as a jumper until recently and when that happened, all I could think was layers of sleeve protruding from my shoulders.
vest: H&M;, purse: Proenza Schouler, snap booties: Chanel
And so, protrude them sleeves did. I added a leather vest to give the look more texture–tie it together if you will–introduced the prospect of a third print to the equation, paired my favorite comfortable shoe for a feasible fashion week do–shit gets painful by the ankle–and gave myself a pet, not pat, on the shoulder for utilizing only four layers.
images by Naomi Shon

Alas, friends, that’s it. That’s the whole thing. Sometimes, simple is better…provided of course that your compass of simplicity includes feathers. Tomorrow, we take to the tents.

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