Different, But the Same
You may remember a series of one tweet I sent over fashion week chronicling the existential nature of my cab driver’s psyche. He knew off bat I was a show goer. It may have been the three phones in hand, it may have been the black wedges on a Saturday morning at 9AM. Regardless, he knew. And upon crossing town to drop my behind by the Prabal Gurung show he said, “everyone that goes to fashion week, all you guys, are different. But the same.” Eureka, I thought. But are we? And then this photo from Style Spotting surfaced.
And it was then that my half heart concurrence became, you know, full. Look back at this outfit, I posted it last week. Ultimately, nothing is the same. Actually, that’s not true: same jeans, same hat, same purse, same necklace. What’s the point of buying things though, if you’re not going to wear them. And still, the meat of it, all different. That blouse was Christina Lehr, this one is Equipment. The stripes don’t even travel across the same horizon. That jacket was Elizabeth and James, this one is from Sandro. Those shoes were open toe heels, these ones are wedged Proenza Schouler. Fashion Week rules are silly, repeat outfits as you deem fit. This isn’t my point though. My point is, we are the same, but different. But not in conjunction with one another, this is more an intrinsic thing. Let me explain why: when we fall into a genre of garment that works, that’s good, that most importantly makes us feel good, we tend to, or likely should stay with it.

This is a prime example of doing just that. I felt like the shit dreams are made of in this get-up and so in the following two days, I proceeded to riff off of it each time I got dressed. Proof on point above, another right here. I know Man Repeller is all about eclecticism and what have you but even before that it’s about finding internal confidence and sometimes the best way to do that is to find something you like and stick with it. Kind of like dating.

And in this post I did two things I never wanted to do: 1. informally emulate Oprah as confidence boosting wonder-woman, hold the wonder, hold the woman. 2. Compare fashion to dating like some sort of Carrie Bradshaw reincarnate. Ultimately, you see, despite my current relationship status, I don’t fornicate enough to take over this role. So…I still owe you a pony.

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  • LOL! Love this post!

  • so cool!!! i love the casual-ness! and that beanie!


  • court

    Awesome post!

    I completely agree-my outfits continually reincarnate and while I tend to look the same, its because i love the way it makes me look and feel….although my man friend continually informs me that these outfits are not attractive to the average male, and i should "dress sexy"-point of the story is, while i think i look good, apparently i am still repelling the opposite sex.

  • U never look overdressed! I just love your style.

  • I do exactly the same, when I find the perfect outfit that works for me, I recreate it over and over again… the same outfit, but different pieces!


  • Your wedges and coat are very beautiful!


  • Love the outfit!

  • A perfect Oprah-Bradshaw hybrid, hold the Stedman, extra Proenza.

  • Same same! When you feel good in it, just stick to it!

    I love when random people throw a little thought at you, and it makes you go so far away in your thinking process… Bless the taxi drivers 😉



  • MJ

    I really try sometimes to break out of my usual style – but I find that sticking with shapes I know works for me. I still want to find ways to jazz it up, though. So even though I'll never embrace full on man repeller style, I love reading your blog and seeing how things might be done 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love that you're not afraid to fly your own way- fashion "rules" be damned. And I love that you are who you are, with no apologies. You seem to be having a blast, and in my humble opinion, that's about all that matters.

  • I love your style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think what this really says about you is multi-faceted:
    on the one hand, everyone needs a good "uniform." For Steve Jobs, it was a black long sleeved polo and light wash denim. For you, it's clearly large coat, floppy hat, jeans and wedges. And there's definitely an element of comfort to that, ya know? just to know, hey, if i wear that, I know i'll look good and feel good.
    on the other hand, it's OBVIOUSLY dreary out. so like, duh, you need a coat. and also, a hat's not a bad idea either. oh, and, btw, you're going to fashion events so heels/wedges are a MUST.
    and further still, in a way, you're full on man-reppeler, in that you're just being you, regardless what passerbys (and existential cab drivers) might say about it.


  • Love this! You look so nice!

  • I think having repeat outfits like this gives someones style authenticity.
    It's not just about putting on new, trendy everything…it's making clothes a part of your life and lifestyle.

    Looks grrrrrrrreeeeeat!

  • Anonymous

    this is an awesome post, in spite of the endless amounts of free clothes we know you get (and i don't mean that with any spite, i've had freebies too) it comes down to finding your personal style and working it.

  • Great Style! I love this combination!



  • I also believe in internal confidence. Brilliant post, and wonderful outfit.

  • Can't take my eyes off of that coat – love it! Loving entire outfit as always – great look!


    The Habit

  • You were looking amazing! Love those shoes!


  • love your wedges….and especially that leather trimmed coat! <3
    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  • you´re so right! great post!!

  • Love this post! You look amazing, in both outfits 🙂



  • I love that beanie on you girl!


  • You don't owe us anything girl!! you bring a smile to the face of thousands of girls who follow you and read what you have to say! that's nicer than a pony!
    (I still would like mine white with brown feet please ;))

  • I do the same! Why fix it if it ain't broke?

    Natalie x
    Trying To Make Fetch Happen

  • Love this outfit!

  • I'm happy that the cab driver noticed the difference instead of just saying you're all the same. Love this post!

  • Love the way you wear all those clothes… so amazing.

    xoxo, Céline

  • I think that the outfits do look different, but what they have in common : they are both great. Love the coat and shoes

    new outfit post

  • ahha so true. Different, but the same. I tend to stick with what gives me confidence, even if it looks like I haven't changed my clothes all week.
    Love this outfit.

    xo L.

  • Ohhhh I love this Look!!!!!!!!

  • Great post. Nothing wrong with sticking to what you love, that's the practical side of fashion, and confidence/general good feelings should be the point!


  • so awesome, loving it


  • this looks are same ?? but you're the fabulous outfit !!!
    lovely boots !!


  • This is quite funny and so true! Love the hat btw!



  • Love the post. Love the shoes.


  • love BOTH outfits…super cool. and i think that was a good observation on the taxi drivers part. love your hat soooo soo much <3

    new posts on my blog!! –> http://www.gypsyriot.blogspot.com

    xo alax

  • Hi Leandra!

    I love your style and your sense of humor…today I've been watching some shows on the http://www.style.com and I've seen the Givenchy SS2012, have you seen it? Maybe you want to take a look, it's very "vagina-style", and I remembered one entry you made some time ago talking about this style (maybe I'm wrong!). Hahahaha

    Lots of kisses from Barcelona!


  • love that it's almost a repeat but not… you look great in that hat!

  • Love it!
    especially the jacket ♥ xx


  • Very great look <3


  • Such an amazing coat!

    Step into Estherina's World

  • LOL! Love this! We all have a style and yes we stick to it almost always but who cares – fashion is about expressing yourself and fashion is meant to be worn – more than once too! Plus it's the person wearing the outfit that counts most!

    You look fab and fierce here!

  • Anonymous

    I fucking love you.

  • This is a really cool simple look from you. I like.

  • wonderful coat!


  • Very interesting monologue, actually I kind of think that we usually buy similar clothes in same colours because it is in our nature and we kind of sticking always with the same pattern of shopping or dating!


  • I've been wearing the same outfit for about 5 years now.

    Love the one you're wearing, its a keeper, for sure! You know I love those jeans, I think I need to get me some!

  • I love those jeans, the shoes and the jacket…and, well I guess I love it all. I think you are the only one who could pull off that hat. Lord knows I couldnt.


  • awesome. you always have the most amazing outfits


  • Amy
  • I assume pretty much all your outfits should make you feel good since they do look SO good. Plus I want to believe that it is a legend that bloggers wouldn't wear the same outfit twice. Or maybe it's true and that's why it has to be unconscious. Yeah, must be some brain chemical trick.


  • Love your style !

  • Estas guapísima!!!!
    ¿Conoces a bruna? http://tiendabruna.blogspot.com/

  • Love your look today! I've just discovered your blog…and love it! 😉

    a trendy life

  • stunning coat and boots!


  • tres cool

  • totally get you! when an item seems to fit me, i like to buy the same but in different colors

  • Love this outfit. Just as much as I loved the other "similar" outfit 😉


  • I love you. I love you. I love you. I do not meant that in a crazy stalker way. I love reading your blog daily. Your writing style is soooo funny but serious and smart. And you wear the hell out of that A. Wang hat.

  • Eek, I love that you posted my pix. Thank you!

    Funny, but I had gotten the outfits confused a bit when I was looking for your outfit details for the post. I thought you had done that on purpose and thought it was a clever homage to stripes and not giving a shit. It makes me like you more than you don't chart your fashion week outfits. Spotted you in Soho Saturday with nutso sneaks. xx

    Jerri stylespotting.com

  • Great outfit once more! Love your blog!!!


  • katherine

    hehe…there are 69 comments 🙂

  • You should have said hello, woman!

  • love this outfit so much!
    I need that jacket. its great!


  • that jacket is amaze-balls for sure. and i wish i could pull of a hat like that. love the carrie comparison- your writing is damn witty

  • Love the shirt, the necklace and the shoes, a great combination altogether!

  • Anonymous

    You do realize the driver was ripping on you when saying, "you're different but the same"? It's impressive you some how interpreted that in terms defending yourself for wearing the same outfits again and again — but you are in fashion so why would anyone expect something different…when you're all the same.

  • Your coat is wonderfull, I really like it 😀

  • I love this look! cool jacket


  • ff

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  • The comparance with dating is so true though. Stick with something you like! With clothing you luckily do have to option of throwing some things around, changing your outfit or dressing in up (or down).

    Great great outfit! The jacket is beautiful!


  • bahhahahahahah. P.s. awesome wedges.

  • Yeah, that cab driver comment was pretty mean. I'm new to this whole fashion blogging thing, but your blog seems to have a more unique approach than many others. As great as so many blogs are, it would be nice to see more variety in looks (It seems everything these days is just heels, cropped pants to show off heels, big bag, and 1-3 uneven layers involving a vest, sweater, or button down shirt).

    We are the Dunkin' Donuts of Fashion Blogs


    Nice outfit! Love the dark jacket!
    color contact lenses

  • Magda

    I love how you aren’t using any make-up! Well you look a little bit tired in this post but still a natural beauty Leandra 😉 Any beauty tips regarding your daily routine?

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