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Well, isn’t this just the week that keeps on giving. If you were upset you couldn’t stop by The Webster last week and throw tomatoes at my plastic-clad behind because of pesky little mundane details like geographic location, fear not. West coast dwellers, I’m coming. And wearing a fish head to celebrate. In what I call part two of the domestic tour, I’ll be in LA come tomorrow and then sitting on your lap singing more sweet lullabies come Thursday after-eve. Maybe I’ll wear drop crotch palazzos, maybe I won’t. And all in honor of an accessory collaboration between the folk at Coach and none other than art and stage world favorite, Tony Duquette. That said, I do hope you’ll join me on Rodeo Drive at the launch event for the aforementioned. It’s sparkly, it’s chunky, it’s fishy, it’s us. See you there?

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