Your Tuesday Pick me Up

Not that you need one, it’s a hundred degrees outside. In any case, January and February always prove massively uncreative months. Temperatures render inappropriate for the style advances manifesting in our heads, and current clothes feel so…lame. I don’t mean that in a gold tube scarf capacity. Ener this jolt of inspiration. Behold, the bountiful layering capabilities and tent like silhouettes of our collective dreams. While yes, in a digital world where pre fall collections have already deemed old, these are stills from (gasp) an age old Kenzo Spring 2012 show. A conversation on set with the Laquan Smith teamyesterday while I co-styled an intergalactic Fall lookbook of sorts re-spurred a fundamental appreciation for the Opening Ceremony effect present in most every garment shown.

This puts the -andma in grandma and charges the proverbial brain battery with a cap/bandana hybrid hat most representative of one certain elongated cap of the baseball variety a la Sandlot. Are you with me? It’s okay if you’re not but IMDb that shit.

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Alas, the palazzo parachute pant is not dead, and if you redirect eyesight toward the northern region of this photo, embrace an inkling at what you may see on TMR in forthcoming weeks: peplums as layering devices over pants and skirts were “everything” through fall, but it’s about the torso this time around. More on this soon. Tootles.

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