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What I Wore: TD x C Rodeo
Well, at least I’m not a liar: I packed what I told you I’d pack, wore what I told you I’d wear, and went where I told you I’d go. Last night in the spearheading reason I came to LA: The Coach x Tony Duquette launch party. I’d tweeted earlier in the day reminding you freaks to come by and say hello and begged that someone please bring some patent leather so we could have a Pretty Woman moment. Much to my dismay, virtually no one complied. It was fine though, the excess number of turbans, neon accents and atypical fur details compensated for the aforementioned. I was fairly impressed by the outcome of this design collaboration: gold spiky shit, crystallized fish heads and evening clutches with daywear will always get a check in my book. I was particularly partial toward the beetle and ladybug inspired pins. View the collection in entirety here should you feel so inclined, or consume a bit more of my alien face with the below.
jacket: Acne, dress: 3.1. Phillip Lim, booties: Loeffler Randall, clutch: Coach Men.

This ones from the night before. That clutch is actually a mens portfolio that I’ve been trotting around like a little puppy rescued from an abusive shelter that only feeds its creatures bark once a week, or something. The general reaction is always a very excited ode to Shit Girls Say a la, oh my goodness, you did not buy the Celine, tell me you did buy the Celine, how the shit did you find it? To which I respond while flashing the label, “nope, Coach Mens.” And then the excitement turns to confusion and I laugh, wallet thicker than it would have been should the initial speculation have been correct, and that’s always the end of that correspondence. Now this is the end of this one. Bye!

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