Sketchy Business Revisited
photo by Carmo via Fashiolista
I been sketched! Again! And I just used up all plus one of the exclamation points my career is supposed to allow me. I guess this is what my Wanted mug would look like. It’s also perhaps take five in a game called Man Repeller the sketched version shits on Man Repeller the human version. You can see another here. This particular illustration is likely the most realistic portrayal of my face: perpetual mustache held up, smartphone in hand, and most notably, under-eyeball bags in tact. Ultimately, I’m pretty content that a very talented Carmo didn’t neglect them, they’re genetic and therefore practically heirlooms. The best bags my mother ever gave me, if you will. The original version of this photo hails from the MR. DANNIJO launch party that took place last summer, cue the ‘stache, the Sinatra, the tan. The tan? The tan.
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