Runway to Real life
Yesterday’s story about trends becoming more muted versions of themselves sprawled an investigation that left me surfing through Spring 2009 shows. Retrospectively, it doesn’t seem all that long ago but once you starting fishing through the collections that have showed since that particular period, you start recognizing the evolution of designers, where they were, where they’ve gone, even where they intended to go. My fascination with obtaining fashion from that season has become slightly unusual but maybe it’s because that may have been the last time fashion was still deep rooted by style and less by a game of who can turn the runway models into walking installations best. This new inclination to embrace style rather than just “a moment” has, as yesterday noted, left me slightly uncomfortable in terms of manning this here blog. I don’t think I’ll ever stop layering, though. I also clicked forward to Resort 2010, and in a series of photos implementing Chanel cycling shorts, feathered shrugs and sunglasses that double as masks, I rest assured that good style doesn’t mean: come and do me, baby.
And so, today on TMR, the resurgence of an old installment, learn to emulate that very Chanel runway. Photographed here, Alexa Chung at the following season Chanel show in Paris. This last series of photos well represents the evolution of style that trickles from model in wears on a runway to style icon–and personal Man Repeller favorite–on proverbial step and repeat. Ultimately, it would have been a disservice to mankind had I opted to leave the next degree of separation un-penetrated.

So here you have it: the official balcony of man repelling and other cool things, too. I call this one: my hair is so luscious, I can’t stop flipping it through the wind, look at my cycling shorts, and commas, I’m not going bike riding, but actually, if you want to, I might.

In a mens blouse from Uniqlo, cycling shorts by Only Hearts and polka dotted tights by Hue, the initial look was given a more casual spin while maintaining a firm handle on the emulation intent. Emulation intent? Sometimes even I don’t understand the shit that comes out of my mouth. Should you find yourself ready to try it too, I’d suggest you pair it with your most interesting shoes: I’d opted for this pair by Chanel to, you know, stay on brand. Photos via, Naomi Shon.

Okay now, your degree of separation is up: send photos and tell of your tales.

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  • Lia

    those lace like shorts are awesome!

    Glass of Fashion

  • Love your gutsy gingham + lace bike shorts number! Totally unexpected (which is what I expect from ye olde MR)!!

  • ahh this is so cute Leandra! I love how you applied it to real life! and you tights are so cute+gingham!

    love from San Francisco,

  • looks interesting.. πŸ™‚

  • It really is super interesting to see how catwalk trends develop to real life, more post about that are very welcome.

    But I'm kinda happy that the cycling shorts weren't a total hit in real life fashion world.
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • amazing look, you surprise me, like always !!!

  • Sfemia

    What a happy surprise that the Man Repeller's initials are MR. As in…a man. It all comes full circle. πŸ™‚

    Love your blog!!

  • you look lovely with those shorts πŸ™‚ and those shoes are amazing!

  • Haha, you're a rockstar! πŸ™‚ Awesome outfit!

  • you look way much better! the models look like skeletons on those shorts eww

  • Anonymous

    Leandra! Hope you post "Jig Is Up" on back! Your loyal readers wanna know the story! Congrats and don't mind the haters. Post the blog back up!! πŸ™‚

  • Great Style! Love your Look!


  • I like better the way you styled the shorts with the plaid shirt πŸ™‚

  • loving ur lace leggingsssss

  • I've always liked your writings. That makes your blog you. A good written piece, you can tell someone's personality. love it. Now, I'm not sure if you really meant we should send you our photos and tell our stories. But I really wanted to show you mine. It's called 'Can you keep a secret?' and here's the link to my bloggie post:)

  • this is a look I would never think of! I really like it tho!

  • Definitely going to get some cycling shorts!x

  • Nice interpretation of the Alexa Chung look!
    Check out my post about a BIG Balenciaga GIVEAWAY via Fashion Chalet ;).

    xx Roxanna

  • oh dear god…


  • These images are beautiful!I love the light!


  • Love the look! I was just chatting with my little sis about my 3rd grade obsession with bike shorts and big tees and how it was a preamble to the leggings and a-line silhouette we all love so much…


  • seriously??????
    You know runway isn't always literal right?

  • Anonymous

    almost PROPELLER!!!!!!!!! oh nooooooooo!

  • Anonymous

    Those shorts are certifiably INSANE…and this is why I love you.

  • i want those lace shorts like now.

  • Love that you went for it and tucked the shirt into the shorts!

  • Lovin' Alexa Chung's bag. Can't wait to check out her new show too. =)
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • Love the shorts! Now I want to get a pair myself.

    xo katieli

  • The lacee shorts look like they're from the 70's hah, so cutee.
    love the simplicity of your outfits

  • Love the shirt!!!

  • This trend I like; daring, slutty & chic!

  • Bri

    Love this look!
    Those shoes are great.

  • Anonymous

    Did you just delete my comment? hahhaha…(wasn't even rude, just don't think you're current outfits are as good as they used to be0

  • The shorts are straight up cray-cray! I love the shoes, I've noticed that every you post an outfit I look at the shoes first and almost every single time, I want them!


  • @anonymous, no! I don't delete comments. Would probably just pre-moderate if I were reluctant to let them all go live. Sorry you don't like the new outfits though, man repeller fail.

  • Sorry, usually you're spot on, but the Only Hearts version of these shorts looks like control top panty hose to me. Maybe because they're not long enough. Still love you and all things Man Repeller, but unfortunately, I think this is a miss not a hit. SFKerry

  • I wore that shirt to school yesterday! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say we are twins. Haha. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I actually really like this, it's pleasant to see a look that's afforable on this blog. I say more of this.

  • What would the world do without alexa chung?

  • Hmm this post has left me a bit perplexed about the direction TMR is going in. Your musing the past couple days have been a bit cryptic. I'm picking up what you're putting down, but I'm… not picking up what you're putting down. I guess we shall see what happens here!

  • I <3 this look the shorts, blouse and the chanel shoes <3 <3

  • Di

    MR I love these shorts – should I? I know with my stumpy chumpy legs it would be a crime but I am very drawn to them.

  • The ultimate runway to real way, is the lady I spotted decked on the streets of manhattan in the AW 2011 Prada runway collection. Furry coat, check! Furry swim cap, check check!!!! Except thats not her interpretation of the trend… Im waiting for my dyed muppet to dry before I can post my own version!

  • CHanel is totally exquisite. Love your plaid shirt.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. This is good stuff

  • Digging it.

  • Anonymous

    Were the last two posts written by an intern? Because the "voice" of this blog has changed all of a sudden. It went from kooky krazy good times man repeller to sartorially melancholic student writing a college essay to FIT.

    It's your blog so if you want to flex your writing muscles – get pumped, yo! However, if it IS intern writing, just say so.

  • love this post!

    outfit of the day

  • Love the shirt, tights etc. Not so sure about the shorts though. You either love them or hate them I am guessing!

  • @anonymous, haha no! it's me. ALL MOI BEING INTROSPECTIVE AND SHIT

  • @anonymous, haha no! it's me. ALL MOI BEING INTROSPECTIVE AND SHIT

  • When i first saw your closet confession video for bluefly i fell in love with your closet! I probably saw the freaking video like thirty times in a row..Afterwards i felt like one of those creepy-stalker-people, but it was sooo worth it.

    I just want to hug your clothing and shit, and that's like superawkward.

  • YOU can pull these off πŸ˜‰ Cute.

  • Dear Leandra,
    You are a beautiful girl and everything looks good on you. You know I only say this because I want the best for you, so, please don't leave the house with those shorts.
    Love always,
    (in all seriousness, you look super repeller! you go girl :))

  • To me this outfit is a woman repeller πŸ™‚

  • Awwwwwww i'm so in love with the chanel bag!!! xoxo