Repeller or Propeller
World of twenty, I think my sartorial compass is being manipulated. I thought I had a fairly good handle on that which we deliberately wear to repel our male counterparts and that which we you may wear to do just the opposite. But over the weekend, I had butt loads of errands that included heavy lifting, bow hunting and a small hint of computer hacking to run, so did what anyone would do given parallel circumstances and slipped into a neon pink Michael Kors resort gown. I was sure the saucily slit number would function as an alpha man getter. This threw me into a state of hesitation but as it happens, me was delightfully wrong. Maybe it was the kiss of black swan manifesting south of the ankle or maybe it was the lady behind the dress, air humping and somersaulting like the eighties never ended. Ultimately, it seems that in matters of the weener, deflection and deflection of said weener, slits are a go, neon is not dead. My opinion means nothing without yours though so I ask you: neon pink maxi gown: repeller? Propeller? Neither? Sassy scuba diver? Partying labia? All? None? Discuss.


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  • My boyfriend would definitely say this is a propeller and he usually likes looks that are not too sexy on me. Although, the bow gives it enough repeller to this neon dress. I love it. I need it.

    XX Hilary

  • love this. Brookline decker looked terrible compared to this

  • most definitely propeller! It's very feminine with that neon shade and bow detail.

    <3 it!

  • Girl, you look amaaaaazing!! There is some propelling going on in my pants right now…

  • My husband: The color is just so horrible, it hurts my eyes…

    So, of course I love it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sorry Leandra, but this is a Man Torpedo (as in him going like a torpedo toward you). If you want to unequivocally kill off any Y chromosome in a 10 mile radius, wear this neon mumu instead:;=cat18007&masterId;=cat102&index;=18&cmCat;=cat000000cat102cat18007&isEditorial;=false


  • Knock out. And lady, you are funny.

  • Emily

    I love the dress but I think the long sleeves/crew neck/frightening shoes are a little male-repelling

  • Looove the NEON! I am obsessed with neon colors these days. Check out my neon look on

  • I love it! and those shoes – perfection. definitely attention-getting, not really sure of what variety though? who really ever knows

    <3 Alison

  • Stunning! I love the sleeves and neck, although I'd say it's definitely repeller!

  • Definitely a propeller, I love this dress! Just right on the color and the added bow would only repel a perpetually grumpy, debbie downer person.


  • Wig

    Repeller. There's too much coverage here to bring the weener. Remove the sleeves and/or trim the hem and it would be the opposite, I think.

  • Propeller!!!!!!
    Propelled the hell out of me (though I am weener-less)
    Moloko & Honey

  • jas

    definitely propeller. it's not offensive enough to be repelling

  • wow girl that is so hot. NO WAY REPELLING. watch out they are all coming your way with that dress

  • You look FUCKING gorgeous. Work it.


  • Jay

    slits are sooo sexy.

  • Bridg

    well repelling or not, you look gorgeous! love the boldness of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think it looks amazing & want that dress very badly, along with everything else in your closet!… I asked my boyfriend sitting next to me, and he said he hates it. I'm a little shocked. He said it's the color "little kid pink".

  • i'm in love with that dress, it looks amazing!

  • Haha, love that "in-yo-face" pink! ^_^

  • Your a Fox!
    and not the Meagan kind
    That cunning, witty bush tailed pooch that draws in the male swan before divulging your love of feather capes…

    Xx Radapriya.blogspot

  • That dress is beyond, so who really cares? Fabulous!

  • It is definitely a Propeller. I can't help but mention that is the outfit of a Sassy Scuba Diver! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My eyes are burning, repeller.

    …just kiddingโ€ฆ I love this, propeller.

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  • I don't think you repel men at all. Especially not with that hot pink dress.

  • You look friggin hot and this post was friggin hialrious. You always make me laugh girlfriend.

    I think we should be friends.

  • Either way, repelling or propelling, you look absolutely fantastic. You would steal everybody's hearts with that heck of a dress. So definitely a winner. x

  • I'm propelled. Just so ya know.

    Alex @ Harvested

  • Propeller much !!! You look stunning and it could've been repeller if it had no slit and the bottom had a peplum shape garnished with neon feathers ! You should call Michael Kors to complain about his poor repellant skills !

  • OH… the dress is so amazing! And the Shoes are fantastic!
    Great Outfit!


  • Def a propeller!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • I would say def a sassy scuba diver, which can be very propelling at times.

  • LOVE IT! Absolutely flawless.

  • I am in love with this! It would definitely not repel me –luckily, I'm no man… You're at risk to propel in that…

  • I really like it , what a great color ! But I can imagine that it is just "too much" for the guys
    new spring trend post

  • You look STUNNING!!!

  • Anonymous

    Michael Kors rarely makes any repelling dresses. Looks amazing on you.

  • So amazing. I love the fluo pink!

    The Life After

    Absolutely delicious outfit

  • Anonymous

    not sure if you really read this all but for now its propeller, as another manrepeller, (there was a time i was providing long sleeves with arm parties)
    i would try on a leather west too.

    I have a question for you,

    Don't you really think of getting a pair of Balenciaga cut out ankle boots?
    Rather than another heel which is never a manrepeller in some way. (you know the fitter look it creates I mean)


  • We love this!! Great colour!!!

  • You look hot ! If that's not a propeller, then mens are stupids !

  • WHAT A DRESS!!! You look amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Repeller – so elegant! It becomes you. How could any man resist the attraction? He would be drawn in, like Ulysses to the Sirens! Maybe never to escape!

  • propeller. it'd be even better in neon yellow. but it definitely works ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You look gorgeous here. Sorry to say but you're definitely propelling.


  • Man Repeller?? NO WAY!! You look FABULOUS!!!!

  • There's nothing repellent about you. Bellisima!
    Keep up the good work. You always make me laugh.

  • You are a living art form!! This dress is HOT, so sorry, you won't be able to repell any men, but who cares, you look like you are enjoying the gown and that's what matters!! Who cares about what the men think of you.

  • Propeller, propeller, propeller. You look amazing!! I love your blog!!!

  • ~A

    Partying labia??

    Since this dress seems to propel more than repel you might want to rid if from your closet…in which case I'd be happy to take it off your hands ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love the pink, love the sleeves, love the ankle party, love that you wore this while hacking computers.

    Great blog!

  • Definitely a bright pink propeller! Maybe a bigger arm party would help repel?

  • Definitely a Propeller! You look amazing! I am loving that dress!

  • wow….this is amazing. you look SO good, that dress is stunning!!!

  • Best dress ever. PERIOD. <--- that's 3 periods. Where is your carpet/runner from? Is it glittery??

  • Violent pink is hard for the weakest of men so if there are no suitors when you wear this flair the dress did it's job to repel the unsuitable…repel on love!

    Autumn (

  • Sassy scuba diver! I die!

    You rock it.

  • Amazing dress! Love how you accessorized it with black. Super classy!

  • Bri

    You look amazing.
    Also, is that carpet glittery? I would be strutting up and down my hallways all night if I had that in my house.

  • Completely propeller..neon is never dead.

  • Fcuking yes. See what I did there?

  • Gonna have to go with propeller with a side of sassy scuba diver……… You have a foot frenzy goin on with the feathers that are chillin on your ankles… Beautiful

  • Sexiest thing I've ever seen you wear! I hope there are granny panties under there or I will have to re-evaluate your status as an Em Are.

  • Where can I find this amazing gown!????

  • You look amazing in this MK gown and it's definitely a propeller…guys like bright colors. period.

    xo Mary Jo

  • @superdum, better: unshaved legs.

  • ADJ

    This is an outstanding dress. What a great look for you!

  • oh no no you look gawgeous in this dress, it's not the dress at all, either, it's super hot!! It's likely the context that would perplex the pea-brained male. "Eveningwear ? .. it isn't evening tho. ? " Ok they wouldn't say "eveningwear" probably, but … yeah. that siren dress in a casual setting would probably be the perplexing factor…but that's what makes style so great — there should always be SOMETHING off-kilter about it.

  • Lady Warfield says it's all in the slit up the side. Otherwise the color would send him running. You make it special, and what man can't turn down a little peek-a-boo!

  • you are surely sending a few men into a frenzy in that dress!!! absolutely lovely repelling or not repelling!!!


  • I'm loving all the Michael Kors neon looks out now!! You look great in it Leandra!!

  • Perfection!!

  • Anonymous

    "sartorial" has GOT TO GO. please, for the love of pete(!!!!), use a different word. you are so clever, i know youve got this!

  • S

    My vote's on partying labia.

    Nature of the gown aside, you look absolutely stunning.

  • Defiantly not repelling! You look gorgeous!

  • You Look TOOO cute! love love love it!

  • Anonymous

    REPELLER! You american's girls are crazy? You'll never see a brazilian girl using this…..

  • Anonymous

    These shows are DISGRACEFUL!! And the dress…how could you even think it is repeller, men would love it. You have got great style, but sometimes you get it so-so wrong with the shoes. What are these tacky things on your feet. Very Coleen Rooney (any other WAG). Actually, this whole outfit is a bit Coleen Rooney or Abbey Clancy. I do like the dress, but it all together is very questionable. SELL THOSE SHOES.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry not shows but shoes, bloody predictive text….

  • Mina

    I love it! Not a propeller, but definitely not a repeller either… I can't really decide

  • Anonymous


  • LRB

    My you look ravishing in hot pink!

  • What a great color. I don't think a great man would be repelled though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I think that dress is incredible. I'd gladly repel any man who begs to differ. xx

  • Anonymous

    thank you!

  • Neither! This is simply just another case of fashion gone great!! It was not made to repel nor propel; it was made to be beautifully and confidently worn!! And you look stunning btw!!!

  • This dress is absolutely incredible! I am so glad people are actually wearing bright colors to formal events, and the slit is fabulous. If any man was repelled by this I would be shocked. Intimidated, yes. Repelled, no.

  • nathalia

    heart it.

  • I think you look amazing in that dress!

    xo Jennifer

  • I actually want to lick that dress its so delicious!

  • This dress looks stunning!! I love it,the colour is amazing!


  • Tyne Swedish

    Me in any dress my Jason says propeller but I happen to think you look marvelous!