Packing for Sunshine

Good day, sunshine, good day, sunshine. I’ve intended to implement a small installment called “Packing For” since the beginning of days. I’d never come around to it though because I’m never really packing for anything, I’m New York’s most reliable piece of furniture. This changes right here though, I’m going to the sun this weekend and while my migration is of the work variety, I figured some of you may be escaping colder climates in favor of warmer ones just for the shits of it, so here you have it: a small collage clad in mid-winter summer threads that detail not neccesarily the outfits you will wear, but the layers you may want to pack. The trick of this little dude is that short of that blue leather jacket and a pair of flat sandals, I kept the suggested list of party contents to pack from a place of sale, sale, sale. because even though most of the interweb harvested sales seem to be coming to their sad closes, alas, My-Wardrobe’s is in full throttle. It just feels too soon to blow loads on new spring wears.

I’s pretty rad how many garments are slashed and yet still so on trend, see: citrus tree growing at right. But starting at left: an Acne leather jacket that’s not on sale but you know, an investment for the ages. Layer that dude over Paul and Joe’s floral print navy blouse to give your upper half interesting dimension and then include a little white mini dress so you’re summer climate friendly. You will sweat, yes, but so what? Adds to the man repeller mystique. Next up: your beach outfit. Bikinis are for hot chicks and we are cold hens, don’t underestimate the power of menswear. According to Proenza Schouler S/S12, tropical prints are a unanimous everything, according to every other spring collection so is the color orange. A Ralph Lauren mens bathing suit to fulfill this trend. Give it a Phillip Lim henley because beaches get cold and Malene Birger’s checkered sunhat because sun rays can kill and print blocking is fun. The Zimmermann romper is an additional suggestion just thrown in for good measure because, well, I can’t believe it’s on sale. And finally: your night outfit. It’s a warm climate so there’s virtually nothing wrong with yellow pants, especially of the Easter Bunny variety. Emulate your favorite aforementioned citrus fruit with a similarly-hued Equipment blouse and splash o’lime a la Lim sandal. Arm party optional, just kidding, it’s never optional.
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