Packing For: LA

Upon arrival in LA yesterday, I was met by none other than sister separated by umbilical cord or as she prefers to call herself: Dannijo, at the luggage collection carousel. She and I compared suitcase sizes and as it happened, hers nearly doubled mine. Call it ironic, it’s my job to get dressed and what have you, bla bla bla, but she brought useless things like exercise clothes, three pair of coated black pants, and butt tons of leather in form of skirt, jacket, underwear etc. After we’d arrived at destination and unpacked, the truth unveiled itself: the contents of our suitcases were nearly parallel in volume. So this got me thinking: if she has a packing disorder, plenty of you may too, enter a small list of suggested packing silhouettes. Because I’m in LA, this post is dedicated to packing for, you know, just that but ultimately, the lessons to be learned or thrown away right here will render the same across the spectrum o’travel, give or take a leotard or two.

…Now, holy clusterfuck, let me explain. Say you’ve gone off on a week long trip, me thinks the key to packing well is placing emphasis on the accessories and outerwear. Clothing is easily recyclable and should be treated in that vein. LA is cold as shit, I’m not complaining or anything, but it is cold as shit–so three jackets seemed viable. A utility jacket to compliment a silk mini dress, or sequined Beetlejuice pants, a leather jacket to wear over floral print denim with a graphic tee, and a denim jacket for embroidered shorts and that same little silk dress. Outfit repetition woes are dumb woes implemented by dumb people. One sweater–preferably grey–another plain t shirt, and booties tall enough to give your leg the hubba-hubba-do-me effect but short enough to walk in. Isabel Marant sneakers are practically common place here–and will rock ass with floral print denim. Bring cape heels because New York is quickly ridding the prospect of even looking toward them and ultimately, they’re fun for flying. Finally, for night you’re ready to re-wear your mini dress, some booties, no tights or Beetlejuice pants, some cape heels, no blouse. Just kidding. Arm party at top, trippy necklaces and another cuff at center. I’m dizzy, are you? Don’t forget your toothbrush.
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