On Giving White Shoes a Chance
Alexander Wang S/S 2012
Boat loads of color exploded everywhere during the last runway season so it was refreshing to see some designers take a different approach south of the ankle. Rather than integrate the footwear into what could have been an easy package of human rainbow, folks like Alexander Wang and Celine’s Phoebe Philo experimented with wearable shoe silhouettes in hues of white. There’s a stigma attached to embracing the white shoe: labor day woes, the wedding day pigeon hole, general discomfort about the notion of looking down and recognizing either a. an 80s flick prom scene, b. your uncanny ability to dirty something in just a few strides and c. the white shoe on your foot. Just take a moment though to examine the trickling from runway to real life.

Maybe not real life per se, but most certainly off a runway. To the left, enjoy Caroline Sieber in Hocus Pocus inspired Chanel snap booties and to the right, knee high flat white boots that don’t suffer the plague of the aforementioned 80s prom flick kickback or too deep a reflection on when mod style ruled. Though it did you know, rule. Below now, find a few outfits built on the incorporation of white footwear into yo’wardrobe. Love it, live it, learn it, be it. Extra repeller points should the shoes match your skin tone.

Left: Pair a plaid blouse with a striped peplum jacket and high waist denim cut offs to contrast your white open sandals. These are Chloe from The Outnet. Remember the note about pretentious headwear and engage in acting a fool. The Asos scallops are a darling old touch. A tribal necklace a la DANNIJO to add a small hint of new theme. Center: Behold, Margiela ankle boots. Give them a metallic pencil skirt with cool graphic tee, in this case, Batman overcomes all. Two bold gold cuffs, via Charm and Chain and Pamela Love to make partying arms an easy process. And finally, vive le 90s. A floral print playsuit from Topshop to compliment some sneaker flatform hybrids. Add a colored leather jacket in Spring’s favorite orange, earrings and sunglasses if you want to. So, will you be giving the trend a try or what?
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  • Love white shoes, it borderlines obsession. My friends still make fun of me over the tantrum i threw when one of them stepped on my steve madden white platforms! And then when i found shoe whitener- all bets were off…


  • I like white shoes as well, though they tend to look a little weird on me since I have a darker skin tone lol


  • It may be nice in summer…

  • into it, espesh alexander wang's thang. not so sure i could pull of the white heel without looking like someone dressing up in an ohtoowrong wardrobe though xx fc


  • White shoes really make an outfit pop!

  • Heck Yeah! I think it really makes a statement!


  • I'm definitely up to repelling. I kinda love it but you just need to float a little above air so they don't get dirty!

    best ,


  • Pauline

    I HAAAATE white shoooooes
    exept for white converse, or white Superga.
    but that's IT ! White boots are a crime !

  • YES !! absolutely, you've definately sparked a craving for white shoes in me 🙂 I'm serious, I'm already perusing the topshop website in search for the perfect white shoes !!!

  • S

    I'm not too mad about white shoes but i must say i've regreted not having a pair of white converse/supergas lots of times, they're useful for the unispired days!



  • Love the outfits you put together. Never would have thought of the combos myself. That's why I heart this blog.

  • Gabrielle

    I need that batman shirt! NEED IT!

  • Batman Outfit!!! hands down that would be the one I'd wear!! Ever since Michelle Pfeiffer threw on her son's tee with her pencil skirt on that fine day… well I've kind of been a sucker for the look 😉 and hey she got Clooney.. maybe not such a repeller idea afterall!

  • I never been a fan of white shoes, but lately I've been drawn in. I just fell in love with a pair of vintage white snake skin Bruno Magli's. Of course, they came home with me!


  • I don't know if I could pull off white shoes (aside from converses) but more power to you with these outfit choices. Me gusta.


  • Love that Carven jacket! 🙂


  • I'll give you something to laugh about. White silk wedges.

    Who at Louis Vuitton thought "I have a great idea- let's put the easiest staining fabric that's also the hardest to clean, in white, on shoes."

    But more importantly, what was going through my mind when I just absolutely had to have them? I've worn them a grand total of maybe three times in the eight or so years I've had them. To dinner. When the only walking involved is from the car to the table and back.

  • Tie dye that shit!

  • you're so creative! i think i'm beginning to love the colour white for my heels.

    Summer Flounce

  • Woah that batman shirt boasts some serious pecs. I'm impressed.

  • I want the white wangs!!!

  • I'm so happy other people are giving white shoes a chance too…. love all the looks, especially the boots on the right.


  • Anonymous

    Long live the Half Cleveland, lol!
    I want extra points for my contrasting skin tone.

  • White shoes are disgusting and late!

  • Alex can do no wrong. Bible.

  • Never had a problem with white shoes in the first place, ITS ORANGE I HATE BLEHHHHHH


  • White shoes feel really fresh and a great, simple and minimalistic change. Love the Alexander Wangs' and the Chloe sandals.

  • I've always sided away from white shoes, out of complete pressure that I'd get them dirty, but I've really been enjoying how they can be pulled off. Might have to just get a pair and invest in the necessary cleaning…

  • I can't stand white shoes of any kind. I guess white shoes can't stand me either, since I feel so strongly about them, but that's life baby. That's life.

  • J'adore cette sélection! le street style et top aussi!

  • I think white shoes are clean and for spring and summer it's perfect. I hope I can get the Alexander Wang ones, love them. If you get a chance check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.


  • I love those capped toe booties in the top picture!

  • Oh the shoes looks amazing!



  • I love white shoes!


  • fabulous picks!


  • Great picks!
    Knowing myself I would get white shoes dirty in about 10 seconds…but the look is still enticing!
    I especially love the flatform sneakers.

  • Oooh, that skirt looks like a mermaids tail! Okay, on topic, I don't really think white shoes are my thing.

  • I actually really love white pumps. i think with the right outfit its like wearing a very bright shoe, it just stands out and gives an edge to the entire look.

    xo, Allegra


  • Freedom to the white shoes!!

    (New blog needing some love and support: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com)

  • Ah, yes, I was actually trying to find ways to wear white shoes without making it look bad! Haha thanks for this…love those white boots–very 60s mod!


  • i love your shoes 😉


  • so in love with the shoes ♡


  • Who wouldn't love a white pair of Lanvins? I can see you in these. Sold out 🙁
    I'd rock the Miami vice look any day

    Femme Rogue

  • I love white shoes! Its a bold look for any outfit. They draw people attention

  • Anonymous

    lol to matching skin tone..would match mine…

  • i love the shoes from wang. i think they are my favourite this season.

  • super cool wang whites! can't wait for spring to ACTUALLY show up…

    xx Roxanna


  • I'm willing to give white shoes a chance
    love the Jil Sander boots for spring 2012
    these are very nice additions too!


  • This is kind of the ultimate challenge. So many gorgeous pairs recently however not looking forward to the chain store spawn that is to follow x

  • okay…so I had a pair of Chanel Platform shoes like that when I was 11, and this is way before i knew who Chanel was 🙂 I loved them, and i wish i still have them.

  • Not sure about the pointy heels, but the white boots are super cute.

  • J'adore les escarpins blancs ! vraiment beau!

  • very nice and grate

  • White shoes are actually really nice when paired correctly… But I guess all things do! Even uggs…

  • I love ALL things white!! And have no qualms rocking them in june or january.

  • Love the denim shorts and white sandals look. Down here in the south, hopefully we'll get warmer weather soon so I can rock my own white shoes soon!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


  • I've always liked white shoes for summer, as long as they don't look plastic

    fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

  • I love the flat white boots… they look so effortless and perfect with the dress! I will definitely be wearing white shoes this spring!


  • these would sooo make a statement! LOVE LOVE LOVE



  • Anonymous

    i must be a savy shopper in ks cause i'm way ahead of ya on white shoes. i've got two pair of white wedges and one pair of vintage awesome white flat boots. been looking for a huge red sweater at the thrift store FOREVER, might have to start looking elsewhere



  • White shoes might be a hard trend for me to try, but I am willing.


  • Anonymous

    No white shoes! No! Not even a little sticky tiny chance..
    They're disgusting!
    Sorry Leandra.

  • There was reoccurring Dolce and Gabbana ad out in Vogue Fall 2011 and the model had white pumps with black socks. I really liked it. Never thought about trying to pull it off myself…but why not. xx Leandra, have a great weekend.


  • http://www.laceandfadedjeans.com/?p=2089 The Dolce and Gabbana ad I was referring to above. xx

  • Love how different the looks are! They're very mod, I'm reminded of Twiggy!


  • I'm considering dying them once they get disgusting. I'm wearing them tonight!

  • white shoes, definition of something I buy to leave in my closet for 2 years before giving to good will…maybe it's something about having size 40 boats…just can't do it.

  • lu

    oh god, do you remember in elementary school when the only cool shoes were platform white sneakers? and they had to be extra white, so you were running home every night to wash your yellowing shoelaces. extra points were given for the tallest white socks. i'm pretty sure i stole my dads.

    retail girl

  • …Your blog is brilliant!!! One of the best blog I've ever seen!!!


  • always love a good black/white switcheroo. black tee with white suit etc. personally, if i'm feeling particularly repellent, i'll even sport white shoes with black socks. and i am not kidding. : )

  • Wipe your white sports shoes with liquid soap and a paper towel to eliminate surface grime. Rub any creases on leather to loosen dirt. Be careful to not scrub the shoes too hard as some leathers will flake off.

  • Cool. Thanks.

    Wish I was rich – I'd so get those cute earrings.

  • I like the fashion trend! Very class and nice. I suggest that the heels are very high for you?

  • Love white shoes, it borderlines obsession. My friends still make fun of
    me over the tantrum i threw when one of them stepped on my steve madden
    white platforms!