Lessons in Layering: Prints ‘n’ Shit

Ladies, germs, it’s back. Live from John F Kennedy, it’s another round of mixing prints and others things, too. I’d gotten several concerned emails in the course of the last month that I may have lost my, you know, man repelling joie de vivre but to that I say: come on, cycling shorts. Cycling shorts in public. Cycling shorts in public, no bicycle. In any case though, let me debunk rumors that suggest I may be going soft. In today’s installment of Lesson in Layering,we recognize the true spirit of a sartorial bartender and aim to pay but another homage to 90s grunge infused by contempo-casual vintage. I’m just kidding, what even is contempo-casual vintage? See below.

pants: Topshop, tank: Club Monaco

Step 1: Le foundation. This story starts where most good ones do: in polka dots, but combining the green-hued and black polka dots with say, a burgundy heather tank renders simple, comprehensible, by the rules of our lifestyle: toterly unacceptable.

blouse: Equipment

Step 2: And so, on the journey to victory: another layer, where seagulls will flock and polka dots will leave proverbial holes all over your legs.

long sleeve tee: Christina Lehr

Step 3: Here, things get slightly more interesting. Rid the prospect of maintaining a look that matches well and add some briton stripes. I was apprehensive about combining a long sleeve tee with chiffon blouse but ultimately the fabric’s dimensions were kind of nice. Saucy, if you will.

counter blouse: A.P.C Men

Step 4: It ain’t a print party without some plaid. I call this one: the blouse sandwich. And here’s where things start to pay their homage to the 90s. In what I call a Kurt Cobain inspired look, those sleeves messily rolled into one another are actually quite intentional. Maybe even a little contrived?

vest: Balenciaga

In Step 5, I unveil the vest that keeps on giving. Let’s back track and note the layers: polka dot, check. Seagulls, check. Stripes, check. Plaid, check. Super-sized houndstooth: double check. And so finally, in Step 6, I give you:

shoes: Thakoon, clutch: Antik Batik, arm party: Jennifer Fisher

The shoes, the bag the excess exposure to dental endeavors. With this, I vow to keep you posted on the status of my personal life, he who penetrates it and whether or not that sentiment will still ring true in approximately two hours. Stay tuned. And if you’re in LA, come hang out tomorrow. That’s a demand. All photos by Naomi Shon.

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