Holey DIY, It’s 1985
Acne jacket, $620

Recent evidence will suggest that denim served light-wash will garner more attention than it did during the John Stamos as Jesse Katsopolis era fairly soon. And as it happens, this round is less about abominating your legs, more about doing just that over the upper half of, you know, you. I’m looking forward to the denim migration from hip to shoulder: J Brand, Elizabeth and James and J Brand in cahoots with Christopher Kane have already jumped on le jacket train. Alas it was only a matter of time before Acne added to the roster of rad. It ain’t neon, but it’s cool. Pre-Spring offers a nice departure from the usual cropped silhouette in a long, loose fit take, equipped with copious rip that make perfecting the art of an arm party somewhat difficult. If there’s a will though, there’s a way. What’s important here is that the DIY potential brought forward is huge. Old denim jackets are essentially the bread and butter of thrift shops, the salvation army and unkempt boxes of old clothes in your father’s name. Maybe you’ll get lucky and score a patch that says fireball too. In any case, (I believe this is the first time I mean that literally,) keep a razor on hand at all times. You may find yourself ready to tear in the most interesting of circumstances.

…Or don’t, the decision is ultimately yours. But should you conversely find yourself in swoon, having recently won the lottery, at a loss for creative mannerism or all of the above, you can also just buy the photographed, here.

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