Embracing the Grey Area
photo by Style Tao
If recent pre-fall reports and photos serve as an indication of anything, it’s that trends are seemingly reverting to more tamed versions of themselves. That is to mean a departure from the decadent and frivolous nature of the last chunk of collections to a more functional and wearable place of cool. Phillip Lim’s silent salute to Lichtenstein, Lanvin’s apprehension to layer and Rag & Bone’s sleek silhouettes suggest a more concrete salute to style and less to fast fashion. I’m not sure what that will mean for Man Repeller, but I don’t hate it. Which, I suppose inadvertently means everything. Functional doesn’t necessarily mean the forfeiting of one’s license to self-fulfillment and may in fact mean just the opposite. As in, forfeiting your license to, you know, bone, etc. Most recently, Alexander Wang showed mainline and T. The finished product of both collections rendered an interesting play black and white, white and black. Grey and grey.
T by Alexander Wang, Pre Fall 2012
While muted tones of red, yellow and some orange still strung through both collections, the departure from an emphasis on color to enter a place of simplicity without sacrificing the details and dimensions that make a collection luxurious is evident.
Alexander Wang, Pre Fall 2012
Leather and wool, puffer and tailored. It’s noncommittal style at best. And here’s the thing about trends becoming more muted versions of themselves: in the grand scheme of fashion and style and assessing one’s style, it probably makes more fiscal sense to indulge in fashion that will carry you far through seasons without inducing that discomfort of feeling capital-T-Trendy.
It’s also just nice to see the fusion of tailored menswear, feminine women’s wear and the signature kiss of Alexander Wang cool so seamlessly sewn in to virtually every garment. I can most certainly get behind a salutation to the original meaning of monochrome, that shit matches my insides anyway. 
And on an unrelated note: are some of you still having trouble with the comment box?
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  • Lia

    i love his stuff!!!

    Glass of Fashion

  • fashion for style's sake rather than fashion for the sake of the moment. cool.


  • amazing!!! I love the grey!



  • Love grey & Alexander Wang very much!!

    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  • Awesome post, love Wang!

    Fashion Agony blog

  • Alex Wang never fails to impress. Love love it all.

    xx Roxanna


  • gorgeous…must look away have had a bit of sales feeding frenzeey in Marilyn Moore!!

  • im loving whatevers happening here…


  • i'll be honest–i don't hate the idea of functionality as "trend." it feels like a lot of people are just trying to hard these days. it'd be nice to see the simplicity brought back to fashion..


  • I'd say that is a positive development, although the runway can still be a bit of a fantasy.

    Nice collection !

    spring trends

  • I'd love to wear the first outfit with the simple and sleek white shirt and the leather pants, so modern and classic.

  • It is a good thing to return to a noncommittal, nonchalant style in monochrome after a season or two of bold, hyper-constructed ensembles. It almost serves as an enjoyable palette cleanser and readies you to launch into the next phase of whatever you choose… I don't know if that even makes sense…I mean that I'm on board! Giddy Up!

  • yummm, love alexander wang! that last outfit on the right with the textured sweater is gorgeous.

    <3 Alison

  • ugh I love Alexander Wang

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  • Amazing garments!

  • i LOVE those shoes from the first picture!

    Fashion Philosophy

  • No one does a tailored vest like Mr. A Wang. Love it.

  • jolies silhouettes !

  • Comment box is fine !

    Grey is my new obsession as well. I love to mix it with a nice burgundy piece of clothing… Ahhhhh Obsession when you get us!!


  • Love the post. I fell in love with his collection when I came upon it one day while browsing on tumblr.

  • Great insight! I think the direction the designers are going can still be fun and allow for a lot of creativity. I can't wait to see how this plays out even with my personal wardrobe. Those shoes in the first picture are amazing! Are those Giuseppe Zanotti's?

  • Me likey! XO Rebecca


  • love the actual wearability of these pieces!!



  • I love all the grey tones!

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  • we like the first look with white shirt, your blog is awesome!! If you like visit our blog, we have blog since recently!!


  • I am in love with this pre-fall collection. Break me off a piece of datttt.

  • I'm going crazy for all the pieces in the Alexander Wang pre-fall. SO much to dream about…

  • Bri

    Love Alexander Wang's work. The fourth sweater is perfect.

  • Waahh…I love this collection…and the shoes are just plain funky and fierce…


  • Mmmm monochrome; may have bought 4 (January sales) items which are basically all of the above last week.. Gotta lotta of time for androgynous coats.


  • Looking at Alexander Wang's collection only makes me love his work even more.. pretty sure I'm in love with the second to last outfit.



  • I love Alexander's Pre-Fall collection. It's feminine, masculine, tough, edgy, and pretty much everything I love!

  • Grey is a good look this season

  • the top shoes are my absolute favvvvorite. so fantastic and fab. i love love love.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  • I never thought about the whole "trends reverting to less extreme versions of themselves" thing. But that's actually quite true! I think it's great because then the clothes we'll get so much more wear and value from our clothes past more than 1-2 seasons.


  • nice blog!love from istanbul!


  • I think I could literally BONE that first picture from alexander wang. I'd wear that morning noon and night.

    Oh and also, I think with trends in fashion or music or art, sometimes you see or hear something and its instantly revolting to you. Not because its inherently bad, but because it shocks your eye… and then THAT thing becomes the next most insane and awesome trend ever. Like we got SO USED to seeing shoes with a platform, when you see a shoe without one, its almost INSULTING. You want me to wear that 3" old lady heel? SAY WHAT? NO WAY. Thats how you know its the next thing to happen. That and trend forecasting.

  • Sweet…can I wear my black leather pants again next fall? They've been put up in my closet for at least 10 years.

  • LRB
  • The shoes are amazing!!

    The Life After

  • I love it combined with a brighter color!

  • functional is a male prerogative and one way to repel men is to trespass their territory 😉 so hooray to MR


  • Too much of anything is never good… too much "over-the-topness" isn't either and a trend that is so obvious it's in your face will only be further repelled when it's no longer "in". I love the clean slate Wang is taking with his collection: functional, classic, layerable pieces that can adapt as the trends do.
    You're always an enjoyable read MR 🙂

  • I did not see where the info for those fabulous wedges!

  • Loving this collection. I love how wearable the pieces are. As simple as these looks may seem they are still very much high fashion and Wang is very good at striking that oh so necessary balance.

  • @courtney they are last season Zanotti!

  • I sort of really like it when you start getting more serious. Don't get me wrong the funny stuff is amazing and makes me want to read it but it's nice to see you you can actually deliver good fashion analysis anyway. You really do know your shit.

  • Agreed! Love the wearability of all pieces.

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  • I love how wearable the pieces are!