A Dose of Inspiration

…Brought to you by black, the color. First a salute to white footwear, now this: I’ve recently found myself pretty driven by the color, most particularly because it’s hard to recognize the power of texture–a prevailing play on pre-fall runways which may explain the monochromatic nature of Alexander Wang’s collection–and black lends itself pretty well to doing just that.
The stigma attached to it may represent an apprehension to test color in favor of taking an easier route but ultimately, there’s nothing specifically easy about a silk satin peplum blouse, wool pants and big ass fur draped across the arm. Taylor’s got a leg up on mankind as her hair adds the obligatory jolt of color that most mortals can’t perfect. But let’s suspend that small detail, acknowledge a blue clutch, and move forward.

To the inclusion of denim and silver hardware on gold hardware. Now that we’re here though, I don’t have much else to say except for holy yum, Celine, Dries, Dries, Celine. You’re so good, everything, having a moment. Fashion, et al.

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