Balenciaga Pre Fall 2012

Looks a lot more like Balenciaga Pre Fall 1981. Fashion is great because it can be whatever you want it to be. For Nicolas Ghesquiere, this collection was as Hamish Bowles noted, a salute to the eclecticism of postmodernism. So many prints, so many layers, so much color, eureka. Every bit unappealing to the male-eye. I don’t think I’ve seen an homage this dedicated to reliving the past since the actual past. And I wasn’t even there, which does theoretically rid me an authoritative license but then again, doesn’t photographic proof that hails from the trenches of my mother’s twenties count for anything?

No detail went spared. Note the ambiance: florescent lights. Note the threads: colored tights, zebra prints, metallic parachute pants. The footwear: pointed toes and short heels. The jewels: chandelier ear adornments. The beauty grind: slicked back and banging, heavy eyeshadow. It will be interesting to see the high street interpretation of this collection.

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And finally, another season of undermining the importance of vision with headgear that doubles as face-gear. I can get behind the notion of shielding ones eyes, great for infants or manfriends struck with the plague of man-repellers-for-lady-friends, but what happens when you just…want to see? Oh, you take it off? Interesting. Overall, I commend the overwhelming theme commitment and attention to detail, most notably, a certain pair of lampshade gloves. But what do you think? Do share.

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  • layers on layers on layers… total throwback!!!


  • i love layers, i love man-repelling, and i love nicolas, but i wouldn't wear a single outfit from this collection…maybe elements from some of them. but that doesn't keep me from continuing to respect this label. i love nicolas for always pushing the envelope and doing the unexpected. that alone is inspiring, even if i'm not feeling this season specifically.

  • F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

  • SUPER repeller

  • Lia

    oh man this is unreal. feels like i stepped into an alternate universe….

    Glass of Fashion

  • So fun! So retro! So 80's! Don't know if id wear it though

  • I died when I saw this collection (of happiness), thankss for advertising itt

  • I feel like Nicolas has lost his vision over the past couple seasons. Instead of its not-trying-too-hard, innovative look that Balenciaga is prominent and distinguished for, this screams so literal – circa 1980's.

  • my world is not ready for the 80's yet. but give me a couple more weeks and see what happens.

  • Wow amazing collection! Kisses <3<3

  • Oh the jackets are so cool!


  • Interesting but most of the pieces are not so wearable..

  • i said no 80's for me but this collection may have me convinced to give in to the back again trend. So man repelling and so great! This man can do no wrong! LOVE BALENCIAGA!

  • I think it COULD be wearable, but a 100% Balenciaga outfit like those? Nah-ah, not even for a Man Repeller groupies imo

  • I find it interesting and terrifying at the same time.

  • Samantha

    Between the hair, the makeup, the patterns, the layers, the jewels…it's too literal. Balenciaga usually brings something new to the table while referencing the past simultaneously. Disappointed.

  • Liliane

    It's totally 80's and believe me, I was there!

  • Love the lampshade gloves. Def want those.

    All love Lola


  • Fantastic color associations and prints. Absolutely love Ghesquiere.

    xx Roxanna

  • I totally agree with Samantha here that this is too literal! Taking inspiration from something is one thing. Reincarnating it is a whole other beast!

  • i like it! I prefer the first two outfits though…

  • the red sweater is great!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • That IS a lot of repelling detail!

  • And he did it again… I loved it as well (but I was a bigger fan of spring). Although I must say I do prefer these hats to the Darth Vader ones

    Cant wait to see what he came up for FW

  • eeeek. not a fan. i'll stick to the timeless draping and monochromatic prints of helmut lang over this wild shit any day.

  • Hands down my favorite fashion house. Ghesquiere is a genius.

  • Super electro, I love it!

  • It's so retro 80's meets modern day man repeller, I love it. If you get a chance do check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.

  • those prints and shoes are KILLER

  • This collection is me in a nutshell – love every inch of it to death 🙂 xx

  • stunning mix of colors and prints, loving the futuristic texture!


  • Chanel

    The. Models.

  • like you said, cant wait to see the high street version of this. AKA your version of this. please do post when fall arrives!! <3

  • To me the shoes are the most appealing part of the collection as I've never really appreciated 80s fashion. I am of the belief that if you are born in a certain decade you don't have the affinity for it. There is some definite man repelling to be had with this one x

  • Don't like this collection at all!

    The Life After

  • This is so wild, I wouldn't actually wear it, but I am curious to see the the high street interpretation of this fashion and crazy collection.

  • J'aime Balenciaga!


  • I know everybody will hate me for this , but this is beyond Men Repelling! 🙂 (the jackets are superb!)

  • I'll follow you , I hope u'll follow me too thanks! Bacio

  • I love Hamish Bowles. I just discovered your blog, so I'm reading all the old ones. I love this shit. You are great. Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf, putting this together.