What I Wore: A December Eve to Remember

…Steve. Get it? This week in situations that make me go, “shit I meant to press Preview, why did I press Publish Post,” I prematurely set live a giveaway that will reconvene tomorrow. It will be awkward because I’d spun it to coincide with the annual initiation of Hanukkah and also conveniently, my very own emergence from an enunciated womb. Those were a good nine months. In any case, sorry you have to wait, the payoff will be worth it. Here instead find a couple irrelevant photos where you will learn that even though I mandated I would wear a red dress with white t shirt underneath in this situation, good judgement swayed me in the direction of orange suede vest and bright yellow skirt. Really loud, really full, really cool.

Alexander Wang cropped suede trench vest, T by Alexander Wang muscle tee and yellow Miu Miu skirt magically won 50% off in store last week. Mike Biel for GofG.

The setting: Viktor and Spoils at the Hotel on Rivington. The crowd: twitter handles in real life, I see @whitegrlproblem. The flaling arms: mine. I call this one, perfecting-the-girls-that-shake-it-with-their-hands-in-the-air-dance-move-but-failing. It feels too early to be emulating a stuff Jewish grandmother so I’ve concluded that my scoliosis does not permit swift recital of dance moves that involve heavy shoulder participation. And that’s it, that’s the whole thing. Ultimately, the lesson learned here is that holiday parties rock. How go yours and what the shit are you wearing? Tell me, I have to know.
And here are the shoes, should you wonder what my ankles were doing. (via)
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