Weekend Preview
Even though the supplementing images and commentary from this story won’t go live until Monday morning, photos from the same school of sartorial freak have been laying dormant in my Dropbox folder for all of two weeks, waiting to unleash their crazy. And so alas, here you have it. What’s a weekend preview without the kiss of red fur ball metallic caped shoe, anyway? Should you find yourself struggling to answer: nothing, a weekend preview is nothing without that aforementioned kiss. ‘Tis the season, after all. It is at the very least a healthy dose of inspiration too. Nothing says happy place like a fur shoe that is most immediately reminiscent of a certain Sex and The City episode when we are introduced to a more diverse, multi-dimensional Carrie. One that is friends with international women of the night. High class hookers, if you will. (See: “darrrrling, it’s Van Cleeeeeef and Arpels!”) Are you still with me?
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