Thematic Repelling: New Years Eve
Out with the reindeer, in with the sequins. Sure, we live our lives like every eve is New Years Eve, but this week(end) in eves that are factually New Years Eve: well, what do you know, New Years Eve! As you can guess, getting back into the swing of writing still renders a little rough. Close your browser should you feel so inclined, I will take no offense. In any case, this particular year I had planned to throw off the masses, disregard sequins and instead dress up as, you know, the apocalypse or something of that more simple capacity. If not because it is a celebration–and I use this term loosely–of 2012 then most certainly because everyone else will be in sequins and we reject societal fash-norms. The plans changed last month when these pants fell into my lap, then in a seamless chain reaction, on to my legs.
ย They’re sequined, they’re harem, they know how to party. This works because: paired with the proper armor on top, won’t feel too contrived in the look-at-me-it’s-new-years sense of that word. A sweater and blazer seem the decent solution here. It’s New Years, so you want to get frisky, cue the silk blazer. It’s January, so you’re cold, cue the sweater. And if it gets too caliente, an over-sized and super loose tank under sweater will remedy the sweat marks. This repels because: 80 percent of the women in your radius will translate New Years to mean the sister of Halloween. Skirts will be short, shirts will be tights, heels will be high. And in that environment, you’ll do yourself proud in your leg engulfing sequin-suit and the very same sweater you wore on Christmas at grandma’s. It’s a win-win, really. And your shoes rock. But ultimately, you know, it’s all about expression, so do the inevitable and emote.
And when I say emote, I mean really feel 2012 creeping up.
necklace: DANNIJO, blazer: Alexander Wang, sweater: T by Alexander Wang, pants: thanks Calypso, shoes: Valentinoย 
Really, really feel it. This was fun. Okay, bye! All photos by Naomi Shon.
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