Thematic (Repelling): The Birthday that Keeps on Giving

Yes, I’m consummating my relationship. But it’s not like you stopped celebrating Christmas when your parents told you they were Santa Claus or like I refused to continue taking science classes at my Jewish day school when evolution tried to disprove everything I’d previously learned, so the Man Repeller finding a man that says shit like “I love that skirt over pant thing you do,” and “if you wear those shoes I won’t hang out with you, just kidding, I will, but please don’t wear them,” shouldn’t really change all that much. Despite a gimmicky title, this is in fact a fashion blog. New finger party addition or not, I will never stop subscribing to a school of self. All the underlying Oprah shit you think I project: confidence, independence, loving oneself; really is there just not, you know, explicitly projected. This is a successful case of bad seeds out, floral prints in. So let’s bury the hatchet, wear our drop crotches proud and continue forward with regular programming. My birthday falls into the former half of next week so for blog post sake, here’s my intended part-ay outfit. Take this opportunity to draw your own conclusive inspo, wear it on your own birthday, to a holiday party, the supermarket, whatever.

But let me tell you something about these booties: caution when squatting. I don’t know about you, but I’m a big advocate of the public lunge, so every now and then, I’ll drop what I’m doing and give a little attention to my hamstrings. During a regular recital last week while wearing the boots, my ass was plagued with the kiss of Man Repeller, the shoe. So, should you find yourself in the same predicament, I suggest you keep your feet far away from any sensitive body part while wearing. Cut to dress.

I saw this guy on Shopbop shortly after admiring–and when I say admiring, I mean somersaulting in glee–the Carven pre and proper spring collections so figured I’d be a fool not to embrace the art of the cut out in a capacity that mandated I spend $100 instead of a billion and took the plunge. Pun intended on the plunge (-plie hybrid) as I seem to be doing just that in what is perhaps Naomi’s most accurate and artful betrayal of me in ma’element. I know, I know, “and someone wants to get jiggy with that?”

Naturally my bizarro Carven score induced a victory dance seen far and wide down a New York City avenue and even across a river. But I couldn’t let it go worn exposed cut out, so I did what I could given the short period I had between receipt and birthday to makeshift a sewn in something and added an under-shirt. The neckline was a debacle too, but no debacle an enormous necklace couldn’t fix. All in all, an easy job well done in the comfort of my own balcony.

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  • Repella mami, don't let those haters get you down. You're a superstar with a fiance (!) who loves you & the piles of fabric & metal you wear. If he's not repelled, that means he's a keeper. Wear your ring finger blind proud. You's a boss.

  • Gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your birthday, your engagement, and your domination of all things fashion. You are an inspiration (especially because you're not afraid to squat in a mini red party dress with pointy boots).

  • When do we get to see the finger party? Congratulations!!!


  • Anonymous

    My birthday is Saturday! Happy birthday to you and best wishes on your engagement! I think that when you're willing to be a "man repeller" in the sense that you are comfortable doing your own thing and being youself… that's when a real man is attracted!

    Ring shot please!

  • Congrats on your engagement lady!Hope you share how it all goes down. And happy happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Leandra!!! The boots are so cool!! 🙂


  • Bah I'm so sad I can't afford those beautiful shoes. They are everything I adore! Never mind, at least there are lots of pictures for me to stare at and maybe put under my pillow while I sleep!
    Congratulations to you and your man! If people take your slogan too seriously that's ridiculous. Somehow I don't think we'll be seeing much difference around here with your style, you'll still be great. Tell you what though, I reckon I'll be looking forward to your dress! Royal wedding what?

  • Congratulations! I didn't get to read your original post, but you taking it down makes me wonder about the vicious nature of the comments. Too bad, because I haven't had my 'oh internet, how much idiots you attract'-fix today. You're a source of inspiration, and having a man or not has no effect whatsoever on that. Go forth and repel! You have my blessing.

  • Oh.

  • I don't think I could possibly love you more than I do right now. I, too, am a fan of the public lunge. . .and it's sister, the high kick.


  • Anonymous

    Jew party, arm party, finger party. ALL BASES COVERED!

  • Anonymous


  • Congrats on the engagement, I am in love with your outfit, and I love how you put it- subscribing to self.


  • Those are the most Repelling boots I've ever seen!
    I mean..what could possibly be more repelling than pair of weapon shoes?? And love the cherry dress!


  • Of course you can do whatever you like – you're a Sagittarius! (so am I and I am wearing my hubby's old glencheck shirt and grey trousers right now. He likes it when I wear his old shirts, which then turn into MY oversized Other Men Repeller Shirts :-). He's a Sagittarius, too. There you go. You can do anything you want 🙂 )

  • hey leandra i heard at an UWS shabbas meal that u are engaged, is that true? if so, MT, and let's see the rock!!

  • congratulations on your engagement – can't wait to see your finger party and the fabulously ironic man-repeller-celebrating-man-getting ensembles you will be wearing to future engagement parties!

    Also happy early birthday! i can't believe (in a good way) how much of a pop culture icon you have become in such a short time, 3 cheers!

  • Love it! Studs make everything magical 🙂 Congrats on your engagement and hope you're not getting too much slack for it…one would assume its just a bunch of jealous bitches. Work it and happy birthday!


  • i love the shoes. amazing.

  • Very nice. The shoes are hot!!! You look great!

    Love IT!!!


  • I had to read this post twice because I was both distracted by the shoes and also unsure if the marriage thing was actually just a metaphor for like… shoe-marriage. I don't know. Congratulations! Weddings are great, good luck! I'm sure it will be sthuper-duper stressy but great so hooray!

  • love that dress, and those shoes! Awesome on top of awesome between awesome.

  • Mazel Tov on your engagement! I cannot WAIT to see what Repeller-tastic stuff you come up with for the wedding. I love the shoes, but more than anything, I really want the MR jacket. Need $$$$ for Chrismukkah. Srsly.

  • Anonymous

    so you were lying about being single this whole time, obviously.

  • Anonymous

    ya- love you and your blog, but this post is defending yourself that you're engaged. Good for you girl! Don't defend yourself for that. Defend yourself that you've been lying to your readers saying you've been single, and "that a date put in a cab after dinner" because you wore leather shorts.

  • I love your blog! I constantly read it 🙂
    Mary (GIVEAWAY on my blog)

  • your accessories are always so on point- and I'm still in LOVE with your booties.

  • AH-mazing shoes and necklace!

    Enter my jewelry giveaway!

  • They look amazing!

    XO Charlotte

  • Anonymous

    I also wrote this to you on instagram but just wanted to say CONGRATS! I'll admit, upon first hearing the news a TINY MINISCULE part of me thought, HUH? Man Repeller will be Man and Wife?! But then, I realized what a GIFT this is for TMR fans.

    Look, we're all devoted/attracted to the art of Manrepellerism. But the great joy of MRing is that by choosing to dress the way we do: WE. ARE. DIFFERENT. And if a man comes into your life and not only accepts but LOVES that we are not cookie-cut from society's norm of style, you gotta put a ring on it. YA HEAR?

    The Man Repeller has landed a man. We (anyone who has danced/sung/bumped their head to Beyonce's Single Ladies) should look to this as a beacon of hope. We CAN find men who won't leave us at the aisle just because we're donning fucking bird's nests on our heads at the wedding ceremony.


  • Amazing shoes! Great outfit.

    xoxo Jessica

  • These shoes could kill a man, I don't know about repel them! Congrats as well 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I think it's sad (and frankly, quite ridiculous) how some of you are (over)reacting to this news. This is a fashion blog and the writer has all the right to keep private any part of her personal life she wishes. Leandra is not actually preaching that you should dress IN ORDER TO repel men (gasp!!!), nor is it the point of the blog to give an accurate insight into the private life of Leandra.

    Rock on Leandra, repel away! I feel very happy for you and your man. Congratulations, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  • Anonymous

    She actually mentioned that she had a "man friend" and things were getting serious in a post last month. Why WOULD she tell us? It's her person life and this is a fashion blog. I also cant recall any single time shes actually said that she is single, Good for you mr don't listen to the haters.

  • Anonymous

    You don't have to make excuses for anything, since this is kind of your life (an amazing, covetable life at that). A simple, "I'm engaged and happy." would have done more than that mountain of metaphor introductory paragraph.

  • love these repellent spikes

  • Anonymous

    I love your blog no matter what..
    Don"t listen to the losers/jealous/good for nothing people who commented on your engagement!!
    You are a fashion icon, keep on inspiring us with your wits and fashion sense.. Congrats to you and your man


    Maria Onorio

  • I'm loving this outfit! everything dannijo you wear is amazing, and those shoes are still just perfection

    <3 Alison

  • Anonymous

    Engaged??? I thought you were only 22!

  • happy birthday and may your shoes get over stud-lier!


  • Anonymous

    ya it's fine if she wants to keep her life private, but don't LIE. You obviously didn't go on a date in leather shorts who put you in a cab after dinner last month.

    And you can still be a man repeller and in a relationship with something like "Good thing it's already serious, cus my boyfriend said he would break up with me over these studded heels."

  • Anonymous

    to agree with an above comment, no need to explain yourself in that monologue leading into the post— but since you did, you DO sound awfully defensive.

  • I am in love with this whole look! Happy Birthday!

  • Amazing shoes! Happy Bday


  • Love the white shirt under the red dress! I have seen this style of dress warn by itself and I kind of like it this way better.

  • Anonymous

    I think you're still as cool as when you posted about simba and miu miu cat shirts. You inspired me to wear brogues and khaki vests when all the people around me were wearing nike shorts and uggs. You were the first (and maybe still only) fashion blog I read and I think it's awesome you're engaged! It's really normal.

  • Anonymous

    sorry i have bad grammar…I'm a nurse and don't have a blog account. blogs and night shifts don't mix

  • Make no apologies! Own it girl. You are bad a$$ no matter what. Congrats on the engagement and Happy Early Birthday!!

  • Anonymous

    Love those shoes and red dress!! You look so festive
    perfect for holiday/birthday/engagement
    a big mazal tov to you my dearest manrepeller:)

  • Those are, literally, fierce heels. Many kudos for pulling them off, Repeller. I think those will successfully repel many 😉


  • Ha! Blogging is definitely a risky career! I'm surprised that these fashion related injuries don't happen ALL the time! This just demonstrates the lengths you'll go to to deflect the dick
    Vintage clothing.

  • have a great style!
    I really like this outfit:)
    shoes that appear in the previous post are very original

  • Anonymous

    MR is writing for entertainment and not to give you her life story in chronological order. So what if she wrote about a date sending her home in leather shorts just last month? She may have been embellishing but SO WHAT PEOPLE? That doesn't change a thing about why you read her blog.

    Mazel Tov MR and your soon to be Mr. MR .. rock on home girl!

  • xxM

    I reallllllly wanna wear a tee under a dress… love how you are wearing this!


  • Cute dress and lovely collar!

  • Anonymous

    Or maybe it was a date with her fiancé. Either way who gives a shit

  • Eiiiii I love your blog. Is the only blog I read every day.
    Amazing shoes.

  • Congrats! Can't wait to see what man repelling ensembles you put your bridesmaids in 🙂

  • you're hilarious! really dig the shoes 😉

  • Me encanta tu blog, me encantas tú, tu actitud y me da mucho vertigo tu balcon.

  • Anonymous


    i saw the Twitter post yesterday & figured it was a joke.



  • Catie in Carven

    Congratulations! You deserve massive amounts of happiness and joy. Was the ring Dannijo?

  • Emily

    woah. WOAH.
    firstably, don't your legs get cold out there? or your arms?
    secondably, congratulations!
    thirdably, that dress looks so much cuter on you than the unsmiling model on the website. and the bustier looks fine, i wonder what all the comments were about.

  • Anonymous

    congrats dearest MR!!!
    I am sooo happy for you, wish you much luck, your blog fascinates me and can't wait to continue reading your fashion "experiments"

  • Anonymous

    my b'day is on 21 December – happy b'day for next week!

  • Couldnt LOVE your boots more I am asking for them for christmas! check out my fashion blog!!!!

  • jas

    love the outfit – cool shoes! you could definitely hurt someone with the back of those

  • Anonymous

    I could not be more excited for you! I hope the ring is as fabulous as I'm expecting, although that doesn't matter as much as a man that digs your repelling! Huzzah!

  • Some readers aren't very aware of the true nature of your blog; be yourself!! And that's all you are doing!

    Unfortunately you have to start repelling haters too. Do that just by flashing your ring!!

  • Anonymous

    Dear people,

    If learning that Leandra is in a relationship with a man who diggs skirt-pant-peplums makes you feel cheated, lied to and (negatively) shocked, please do not despair and follow these simple steps:

    1) Take a deep breath and count to ten before spewing out nonsense.

    2) Read some of the sensible comments above which rightfully point out how the nature of this blog has nothing to do with the accurate recounting of… well anything except awesome fashion.

    3) Put a bird on it. Put a bow on the bird.

    4) Think how awesome it is that in this fucked up world, it is possible to find someone who loves you for who you are.

    5) Repeat steps 1-4 until logic kicks in and all is well again.

    6) If 5 doesn't work, ask yourself: why am I such an angry flamingo? do I feel constipated? if yes, take a little trip to the white throne. If not start again.

    You're welcome.

  • Happy Happy Birthday !! The shoes are just amazing! Endless possibilities how I could style them! I will share them on a post at

  • cool look)

  • nice shoes <3

  • They look fierce!

  • Keri

    I like it that she's engaged. It should give the rest of us single girls hope that we can keep on rocking out whatever the hell outfit we want and eventually find someone who loves us for US – and not because we look like every other person out there.

    But then again…..haters be hatin'. Jealous much??

  • Love it!

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    Visit us online for European designer shoes and boots!

  • Meg

    long time reader, never a commenter but had to weigh in with some fellow-blogger love. congratulations on your big announcement. i don't it changes the premise of your blog at all. my boyfriend hates 99% of my wardrobe but claims that he wouldn't change a thing because he 100% loves ME. so forget everyone who is *so offended* by your engagement (jealousy is an ugly thing) and enjoy your time. lord knows if you detailed every single date they'd be ripping your head off for TMIing.

    keep on repelling, you lucky lady *fist pump*


  • Anonymous

    I am soo happy for you, keep on blogging, can't wait to see what's next

    Love you

  • really nice look!!! love it!!!

    xoxo from rome

  • MAZEL TOV and Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see your dress!

  • Anonymous

    Just as dressing to your own style weeds out the men to avoid, this post really weeds out the readers who haven't had a clue what your blog is really about.

    Congratulations, don't defend yourself to the lowest common denominator


  • let's see the ring!!!

  • those are some cool shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Truthfully, I've always just been a bit offended by the name of your blog. As if the way I (or you or any woman) dress should have anything to do with what will attract or repel a man or men. I realize it's meant as a joke, but it's just…dumb. Or maybe I'm too old and not hip enough.

  • Anonymous

    congratulations! seeing that an engagement ring is a very important accessory in someones life, i think we deserve to see this ring.

  • Congratulations!!
    And the boots are so amazingly gorgeous!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that commentator is indeed dumb and not hip at all… she doesn't get the concept of this blog.. too bad that some people are so ignorant and take life sooo seriously…
    This is supposed to be a light and funny blog, a distraction from our mundane daily life… chill people, sit back and have a laugh!!

  • Megan

    I've never commented here Leandra despite being a dedicated follower but CONGRATULATIONS! I can't believe that anyone would be stupid enough to be rude to you about finding happiness. The only thing about this blog that could possibly cause me offence would be if you don't provide photos of the ultimate Man-Repelling wedding!!!!

  • I'm infatuated with your work! Great vision, style and mostly personality. There is no doubt that even while continuously dressing to repel men, one would have deeply fallen in love. Congrats, xo.

  • Okay I just recieved your shoes today, I am NEVER taking them off, NEVER. I'm in love with them. Thank you. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    sorry, the thrill is gone.
    regardless, congrats!

  • Anonymous

    ummm, this is awks sauce, but i think you live ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY SCHOOL!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    congrats dearest manrepeller… so happy for you and wish you much happiness and hope that one day you will write a book.. I will be the first one to buy it
    pretty please!!!

  • Your boots are awesome. They make your legs mile long.

  • Congratulations!!! Amazing outfit and boots!!

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes are amazing!! I'm getting them soon, waiting by the door for them to arrive,
    Congrats to you on all your achievements, there is more in store and I can't wait to read on!!

  • Anonymous

    Look up the definition of "consummating".

  • Bellos!

  • Anonymous

    i'm trying to imagine the man-repeller wedding dress……. congratulations 🙂

  • Hayley

    can we please see the ring??! Lots of mazel to you!

  • Chrissy M

    Congrats on your engagement! Anyone who doesn't want you to be happily in love/married is CRAZY! Isn't it ideal to have found a man who wants to be with you despite all the man repelling outfits? He loves you for you, not for your awesome clothes. He appreciates your creativity I'm sure and isn't attracted to you only because you look great in a bandage dress (which you probably do).

    Seriously, best of luck and enjoy planning a big party and picking out an awesome dress/shoes/jewelry etc.

  • I've fallen behind with your blog due to the Christmas overload, and was pleasantly surprised today to read your super-happy news.

    Congratulations on all things bright and beautiful, Leandra – your super, spiky black booties, your happy birthday, and your super-happy engagement.

    May 2012 bring you even greater happiness and super-ness.

  • The boots are edgy and the dress with the pink/red dress balances it out.


  • what amazing shoes :-))

  • Viviane

    What's her age got to do with her engagement? Get over yourself!

    Congrats Leandra! Love your blog and your style! <3

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck are you anyway?!
    I think the man repelling thing is a cool and original approach of having a blog, but don't get too serious over it people.
    I mean no one is going to shoot Chiara cause she's not an actual salad! :p
    You're great Leandra, the coolest and probably most intelligent blogger.
    Love from Belgium

  • Anonymous

    You're right, too old! Caus it is cool & funny.

  • keepingitlibrary

    Apparently your posts are cryptic enough that I didn’t even realise from this one that you were referring to a betrothal. Six months later I see the post of you wearing a wedding gown and tried to work out if it was for a photoshoot or… and if so, why were you talking about bridesmaids? Was that part of the
    But, congratulations on your real wedding, very nice for you.

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