Rain(bows) Squared
So, rainbow-bows. I tried to create an exponent sized-two in that title but failed. Today in last minute gifts from or for the ladies you lurve: neon clips. They’re like a revolutionized, more new-millennium friendly version of the butterfly clip, or more aptly: the essence of 1998, an early foray into man repelling. The general reaction to the departed clips, typically worn holding back hair from the front of ones head, was “what are you, an alien?” Very antenna-chic. That won’t be the case with these though, which flee from Of a Kind. Maybe you remember the last time one of their bows tugged at my heart strings.This time, they come in a set of four, only forty sets were produced, and they are the shit a good hair party is made of. Wear them under a topknot, in some half up and half down confection or just, you know, strategically placed in different spots around the head. The next time someone asks what sorts of secrets your hair holds, take refuge in turning around and saying, “neon bowners, baby.”
 Or clip them to your shoes, why not?
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