Party Sequins, Not Just for Parties
sunglasses: Christian Dior, accurate adventure in copyright here.
And in that same vein, sunglasses, not just for sun. Holidays, shmolidays, today let’s look ahead to the week after Christmas: eggnog-ed out, distant relatives visited, mistletoes unused. The pornaments, reindeer ears and in some cases ugly sweaters may get shelved while the mindset shifts to one of the sequined variety, but let’s stop there for a minute. Some of us live every eve like New Years Eve, 200-TK sunglasses et al, but for those of us a little more refined and less enthused by thematic dressing, there’s no reason to stack your sequins in that same sweater pile and stow them away post-new calendar.
bracelets: DANNIJO
Just make like a repeller andlayer. Without doing so, the dress falls in a slight body-con manner. Ultimately this yields no problem of the man repelling kind: the form fitting silhouette is masked by shoulder pads and, well, multi-colored stripes of sequins….everywhere. The perfect party dress, if you will. But say you need to go to the supermarket and just can’t pry your body away from the shiny shit. Common problem, easy fix: plaid blouse. Not enough? That’s nothing a wool-leather combo tailored vest can’t fix.
dress: via Manish Arora, blouse: Etoile Isabel Marant, vest: Kimberly Taylor, boots: Proenza Schouler, bracelet: Jennifer Fisher.
See, like a tuxedo, but not at all. And if you’re still feeling fickle about the overall result, construction style boots should throw you right back on track. An exposed white thigh does not come included, apologies should you find yourself temporarily without vision. Can I make it up by offering the gift of cyclops bracelet? All photos by Aram Bedrossian.
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