On Baseball Caps and Their Moment

Yesterday was perhaps the first time since high school, when I was forced to write about compelling subjects best left just re-read not written, that an uncomfortable and unstoppable wave of writer’s block overcame my pee-wee brain. To combat it, I collaged a selection of Isabel Marant sneakers and asked the inevitable question: can I really say no to velcro? I hate to bring up Sex and the City again, this will mark the third time in four days, but I think the plague of writer’s block was my stupid men as socks moment. And with that I’ll confirm that I’ve most certainly become a parody of myself. Since then, I’ve had time to sleep and can perhaps deliver a slightly more meaningful post that, oh I don’t know, may not deliver the gift of content to @whitegirlproblem.

…I should take that back, actually. As evidenced by the photos above, this is a story about baseball caps. And what happens when they make it out of stadiums and onto runways. I will comment and ultimately tell you to get one for yourself. So, let’s get started where evidently, I just ended. You see, New Yorkers could have guessed that the Mets would perchance become good for something one day. Maybe we just didn’t realize it would be marking fashion ground. Above you’ll find two images from the Miu Miu and Givenchy F/W 2011 shows. I know, I know, what a faux-pas, I’m bringing in, gasp, F/W 2011 as evidence! These collections are marked down at department stores for heavens’ sake! Still I trust that the manifestation of any Miu Miu (left) or Givenchy (right) trend can happily remain on…you know, trend, years, fine months, beyond it’s time. And also, just to redeem myself: Timo Weiland did show baseball caps for Spring. Furthermore to redeem myself, I’ve built this platform based on the notion that every trend has a place and time wherever you decide to put it, (e.g. up your boyfriend’s ass.)
I for one, am putting it on my head, on my balcony, in the present. The particular hat style in question is actually a double from the Miu Miu show. It is so pilgrim chic and because bows decorate the back end, fit so well alongside my aesthetic. I’d been waiting for markdown time on Net-a-Porter to obtain it and then like an angel from the sky, or a representative from UPS, it was sent to my doorstop from the folks at Shop it To Me. It’s like they read my mind. It rained for three days so thus was the ideal head-ccessory.
sweatshirt: Sandro, pants: 3.1 Phillip Lim, necklace: DANNIJO, shoes: Jimmy Choo, hat: Miu Miu
Paired with thick satin striped purple pants that evoked fond memories of a. The Barney era and b. the days Adidas track pants were considered suitable–and chic–Saturday night attire, thematic dressing was in full swing. And, what do you know, above the track pants sits tucked, a fancy sweatshirt clad in gold sleeve. Now let’s get back to the focal point of this story and think real hard on this closing question: Are you going to give the baseball cap a try? Tell me. I have to know.
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