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A Holiday Wishlist
Loads of you, and I mean loads, have asked if I’m going to do a holiday wish-list. In light of such, I paired myself with Revolve Clothing to create a list of awesome gifts come the actual holidays and not just the pre-hype manufactured and exhausted by retailers worldwide. You can just call me Cedric the collaborator. A cozy winter hat, metallic jacket that screams Dries van Awesome without also screaming oh shit how am I going to eat this month. No, really, awesome holiday gifts. Makeup brushes are the most underrated over-appreciated gift on the planet. How often are you going out and spending $50 on makeup brushes? Not often at all, I’d bet. How often do you need them? Oh, everyday, that’s right. Ask for them as a stocking stuffer, at the very least. If not for yourself then please, do me the favor. Jews don’t do stuffers. Just menorahs. Fancy, fancy menorahs. At the top of my list, rests a red cropped leather jacket called “The Thriller Jacket.” Frivolous and rad in every which capacity. Invaluably sentimental, and alas, my birthday is right around the corner. Should you wish to, you can shop the rest of my picks here and finally, enjoy your weekend. Do something stupid. It’s the holidays!
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