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Holiday Giveaway Volume IV
Yves Saint Laurent arty oval bracelet, $340.
In partnership with SSENSE
I’d accidentally set this live yesterday a la “Jig is Up” and for those of you who saw it, expressed excitement and then in the same breath felt robbed, I’m putting a stop to that roller coaster of emotion. Today in giveaways that make holidays rock even harder: Yves Saint Laurent’s arty oval bracelet, from the folks at SSENSE. Because you deserve a gift. Just consider it a thank you for validating my existence. I thought about offering the better known ring version, but ultimately concluded that we come from a place of wrist-wonderment, so the bracelet it was. Even that aside though, using your Greek mythology-apt eye, it should be noted that the bracelet flipped may resemble a Cyclops. And that my friends, is reason alone to lust. But lust no more and instead just have it. Contest rules as follows: 1. Like SSENSE on Facebook but this is not to be confused with goatee clad DJ SSENSE. 1a. Like me too, should you feel so inclined. 2. Comment on this post once you’ve done so with your e-mail address attached and share your deepest, darkest secret (this could range anywhere from: one time I stole bubblegum from a mini mart to I have a perpetual yeast infection.) By next Monday at 5PM, a winner will be drawn and one arm will party like it’s 1999. Here’s to it being yours. Contest closed, congratulations lucky clover.
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  • cbr

    I hate Oprah. I'm afraid to talk about it.

  • I sit at work all day looking at fashion blogs and sending out my resume. My boss things i love it here.

  • v v

    Like SSENSE… done.
    Like YOU… done

    Deepest Darkest Seceret…?
    I have had up to 3 lovers at the same time 😉

    xo -vv


  • OMG! I would love this bracelet. I have been lusting after the ring for months. Deepest, darkest secret…..I don't like my teenaged son, I'm for reals, I don't. Love him till death, but me no likey, lol. Notify me at when I win the drawing…..thanks!

  • i hate typos! — my boss THINKS I love it here…

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  • Beautiful with its imperfections and vibrant colors, this piece is the ultimate show stopper. An ode to the late YLS's trips to Marrakech and his artistic sensibilities, any woman should feel special wearing this bracelet, so rich in meaning.

    My deepest, darkest secret: I once twisted my friend's finger when we were about 5, and made the teacher believe that she twisted it herself. Yes I was an evil kid…but that has changed I swear!

    xx Roxanna

  • One time when I was really little, I was angry with my mom because she was going to too many Kentucky Derby parties with my dad and leaving me in the dust for a week. I went into her bathroom and cut all of her silver-handled mink makeup brushes with nail scissors to make a statement. That stopped being my deepest darkest secret the next day when the makeup brush terrorist's identity was revealed by a very brief process of elimination, but it still haunts me.

    PS I am obsessed with this bracelet. Seriously. I will let my mom borrow it as part of my penance (which I am still paying) if I can please have it!!! 🙂

    luv u.

  • Lilla Hornyak

    My deepest secret? I'm single so secrets are all I have and sarcasm. That's why I can't tell you any of them.. I know you understand me.

  • Anonymous

    I would give my firstborn for the PS1 Mochila. In fact, I might not even have children if I procure this bag.

  • done & done!

    My darkest secret…I carry a pair of tweezers with me all the time in case I randomly see a gray hair on my head! 🙁 My friends just think I'm lucky and have no grays 🙂

  • deepest secret??
    i passed a very important examn to get my degree paying a money to someone I didn't know…

  • Liked & super liked.

    Deepest, darkest secret: I may or may not only wash my fave jeans twice during the fall/winter season. And I wear them every weekend.


  • Anonymous

    I am scared of babies. Don't judge. They come with their own self distruct button. TOO MUCH PRESSURE.

  • Anonymous

    like & like

    I went streaking stark naled across Ithaca College football field. For free

  • DONE!

    My secret? I always stole blue tac in primary school ahah.

    Thanks for the giveaway

    x Mallika

    PS: Check out my GIVEAWAY HERE

  • Anonymous

    My deepest darkest secret..I formulated a plan to marry Michael Jackson. All I had to do was move to America, somehow land a job being a nanny/tutor for his children and then make him fall madly and deeply in love with me.

    Julia Fenton

  • Sirida

    Liked both 🙂

    deepest, darkest secret: I've never thrown an arm party (except for a watch I wear every day). I think this bracelet might get my arm party started!


  • Anonymous

    Love the blog! Your wit kills me. On to the secret…

    When I was little and my parents would leave us in the hands of a babysitter I would always mess with them in some way. The worst thing I ever did was put stuff in their food/beverages… One time I put every spice we had in our spice cabinet in my babysitters orange juice, so much so that is curdled. Scary, right? 🙂

    Awesome give-away!


  • Loving the bracelet; loving you. Not loving telling my deepest, darkest, but here goes: Sometimes I look forward to my grandparents dying because an inheritance would mean the end of my financial woes.

  • I've liked everyone, and now is the time for secrets: one time I owned a pair of Candies. Don't judge.

    Thanks, M.R.! Let's get the arm party started.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome giveaway!

    I'm secretly in love with someone i can't be with…

  • Betsy Smith

    Deepest, darkest secret: I'm secretly petrified of lemons because I have a theory that they make your neck wrinkle over…Is that too weird?

    I really want this bracelet!

  • i moved across the country for a guy that doesn't know it.

  • Anonymous

    LOOOOOOOVE you MR. mean it.

    sometimes i wear a pair of socks for four days. okay five days. whatever.

  • omg this bracelet is so amazing!!!!!
    like ssense – yes! like you – yes! 🙂

    my darkest secret….hm….when I was a child, I have stolen a doll of my best friend.

  • Liked you both, so erm, guess that means secrets, eh? Well, my deepest, darkest secret this week is that I lied to my driving instructor about being ill as I wanted to drink cocktails with my friends.

  • Anonymous

    (one of many) deepest darkest secrets: i lost the pair of earrings my mom got me for my 18th….replaced them and she's never known the difference!

    I used to eat chalk. Since I graduated first grade, I don't quite have the access to it but would probably give it a nibble if it dropped into my grabby little hands now.

  • Anonymous

    I have nightmares that a cyclops will eat me if I don't wake up in time…

    allisone.cox at

  • My darkest secret…Me and my childhood friend went everyday to dig a hole in the wall of a mini market so we can get free access to chocolate.The sad part, we never make it…

    Mara Herrera

  • Anonymous
    I've been craving for YSL ring/bracelet for a long time, but somehow always spent the money in something else.. 🙂
    My deepest darkest secret: When I was 10,I buried my sister's Barbie doll in the backyard. I made her believe that our dalmatian dog ripped it's head off and that I had to throw it in the garbage..
    P.S. she still doesn't know about that,although it happened 10 years ago 🙂

  • Thanks for the giveaway..and as for the secret, I caught pin worms in Disneyland this spring break!! Filthy Children!! How did I cure it?? Umm..that's for another giveaway!!

  • Anonymous

    Liked on FB!

    Darkest secret: In college, I bought a 6 foot stuffed clown for my roommate as a hilarious birthday gift. While exiting the boutique, I couldn't stop laughing. I definitely laughed so hard, I peed my pants… And I then I couldn't stop laughing, sooooo…

  • I love this bracelet! Let's see… After moving I realized I had a shirt from an old roommate, and I never gave it back!

    Tricky to ask a deep dark secret from us, and then request an email address!

  • darkest secret? What if I don't have one?

  • secret….my friends and family call me a fippie (fake hippie…they think theyre soo original for making that up) bc i may or may not only wash my hair once a week. i have a jew fro…what do you want from me people!?!

    Laura Rogozinski

  • Looooove this bracelet!!!!
    I want it :)))))))))))))

  • One night, with my best friend we just walked like 40min only to have a pee in front of the Zadig&Voltaire; store, because the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend was working there…Really chic ;b

    But don't worry, I'm still enough chic to wear that bracelet 😉 !

  • Liked!
    email address:
    Deep dark secret: when I was 5, I had a sun-stroke-induced moment of folly and mistook a rubber skipping-rope for a lobster that was trying to pinch me. the outcome was embarassing for all those present.

  • Anonymous

    OMG SO PRETTY I want to wear it around on my ladyboner

    darkest secret: I once stuffed a ferret down my pants (I was three) because my parents wouldn't let me have a pet and I really wanted one…

  • Actually, yesterday while shopping at a Catholic resale shop, I picked up this great hinged silver bangle, and a horrible plastic bangle with sparkles behind it fell to the ground and broke into pieces. Rather than tell the (very old and very Catholic) volunteers what I had done, I picked up the pieces and hid them behind a mirror. It was 3 dollars. I am ashamed…

  • amazing. the price is kind of shocking, so reasonable for ysl..


  • I want the ring so mch..imagine to have a bigger size 🙂

  • I think avocados are absolutely disgusting.

  • Maja

    Sooo, for all my facebook-friends to see: As a really young, really spoiled teen, I sometimes took money from my mom's purse to buy comic books. Yeah, a sneaky little nerd I was/am.

  • darkest secret: I used to eat sand as a small kid. My mother said it was for the minerals, but I'm scared I was just a dumb baby.

  • Sydney

    awesome giveaway!

    darkest secret: my upstairs neighbor was being really loud during finals week (partying because they didn't have any exams) so my roomates and I called my uncle who is a police officer to use his uniform for evil and pretend he was going to arrest them. needless to say, they've been very quiet ever since.

  • I love celine dion and met her at a concert when I was 7 (not a dark secret… pics to prove it)

    But I have done a silent cry to her holiday cd version of "O Holy Night". judge me?


    deepest darkest secret: once, when I babysat, the smallest one did not have a diaper on. as I turned around to do something, a second later I see a dark stain on a white couch, underneath the kid … couple of ours later the dad sat down in the exact spot. i still did not tell them about the incident.

    haha happy Hanukkah!

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  • Anonymous

    Secret –not so dark: When I was young, people thought that I was either a boy (I'm not) or Japanese (I'm Spanish)


    Deepest Darkest Secret: I'm the gay version of the man repeller. I have never had a boyfriend.


    got a DUI this week… 🙁

  • i am deeply + terribly afraid of monkeys. boom.

  • Kim

    everyone thinks i'm spanish..i'm not.


    Um biggest secret. If I won this I would have to be committed to a mental institution because I would not stop screaming.

    O & you were in my dream last night- not to be such a weirdo– but you were like coming to my parents house for dinner and I was freaking out because I had to go to work and couldn't join you.

    Okay that is weird, I've said too much.

  • Anonymous

    I once peed on my cousin when we were both on the swirly slide in the playground.

  • Anonymous

    not so dark secret, but… I've watched every video on Youtube which contains words "The Man Repeller". I love your sense of humour!

    Kisses from Poland

  • Anonymous

    I have a dog named Pancakes, a cat named Waffles and soon my next pet will be named Flapjacks. Also, my birthday is on Saturday and everybody knows you must have an extraordinary arm party on your birthday.

  • Jeanette

    I have been liking you for a long time 😉
    Now I also like Ssense!

    My darkest secret?
    I don't really know.. Maybe how bad I want this bracelet even though it resembles a Cyclops!

  • Anonymous


    this shit is off the chain, I NEED IT.


    I once put laxative in a dickwad co-workers beverage.. Take that mawfucka. Let's see you try and leave the porcelain thrown in the next 48 hours!

    Much love my fellow heeb and HAPPY CHANNUKAH! -Mandi

  • ….i poo…

  • My deepest secret: I'm a serialkiller :D..just kiddin. I don't have a secret but I really like the giveaway!

  • Emma g

    I want to lick Michael Buble's face.


    Last SXSW, I went all rogue makeout bandit and kissed 5 guys the same day. I contribute it to the Alexander Wang I was wearing. Wang always brings the wieners.

  • Anonymous

    i'm an atheist 😀
    Ivana Nikolova


    I ate all the banana bread.


    I used to Square Dance in a group call the dancing clovers. We wore bright green dresses with big poofy green crinolines under them.

    Even worse than the square dancing, I kind of wish I still had that crinoline….


    I once cheated on a spelling test in Kindergarten.

  • I'm scared of the dark.

  • Anonymous

    i love the color on this bracelet. this is so chic and unique. i hope i win, i never win anything but i will sure try! Leandra, you are such an inspiration to us ManObtainers and Man Repellers….my man appreciates your sense of style! Lydia Duran

  • Anonymous

    i'm afraid i'll never love anything as much as i love my cat.

  • Tara Kun

    A clown from the Ringling Bros. came to my elementary school for a week and he brought all sorts of clown goodies that only a 6th grader would lust over. He let a girl who lived on my street take home a unicycle because she was immediately smitten with the thing and actually pretty talented. I became friends with her solely because I devised a plan to befriend her, steal the unicycle, and never talk to her again. She lived four doors up the street. Lo and behold, never got the guts to steal the damn thing and run home, and never got good enough to think it was worth the snatch.

  • Anonymous

    Pick me pick me pick me! I am 30 year old mother of a little creature of five years, which is so itchy with the clothes sometimes I just feel like throwing her out the of the window! This is my dark secret! No one has a worse than mine! For sure! For the more sensitive it is only figuratively! Dont want to be followed by protection of minors! lolol



    sometimes I watch kittehroulette videos for hours. i mean…

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE ONESIES! this is neither deep nor dark, but definitely all in the name of repelling!


  • Anonymous

    Liked you both!
    Now, my deepest, darkest secret… I tend to fall in love with men who appear on stage playing music, theater, etc. I google them and look pictures and plan our future together. And no, I'm not 12 years anymore, I'm 24… Now give me that bracelet!

    Looooove your blog so much (but no, I don't fantasize about you ;))! xx (aka Ditte)

  • Anonymous

    I love food!

    hillzy at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    One time I 'accidentally' locked my cousin in a room, but she was too young to know how to unlock the door, so my uncle had to come and take the door off its hinges so she could come out. I felt really bad about it afterwards… I was 8, I think its okay then.

  • courtney

    like SSENSE…donzo
    like you…goes without saying

    deep secret: i chose my major in college (fashion) because i love clothes and everyone said i have a good sense of fashion…i was leaning towards biology before that but i changed to fashion because it was easier and i was too busy partying. i wish almost everyday that i'd sucked it up and kept my bio major. i still love clothes (that bracelet is amaz!!!) but i want to be vet…now i'm too scared to quit my job and go back to school.

    (i know, i'm still using my AOL account from like 15 years ago)

  • benna

    like liked, lick licked.

    secret time..i often brush my teeth in the shower.

  • I steal from other people's creamers in the work fridge. Shhhh.

  • Genevieve

    Deepest Secret:
    I am willing to pursue a fashion career against my parent's will.

  • Sarah Hunter

    One time when i was little i got a concussion from trying to run fast to an ice cream truck before it passed my house.

    love me some man repeller and arm party channukkah joy. chag sameach

  • Anonymous

    If my house were on fire, I'd probably rescue the dogs first. I know, it's horrible, but I just love them so much..

  • I pee in the shower

  • Anonymous

    Once i picked a flower from someones garden.. then i planted it in my own

  • Anonymous

    Madly in love with everything from YSL 😀 Biggest secret? I already have 2 stray cats, secretly i wish i could pick up every little cat or kitten from the streets and offer them a home. Yeah i know, maybe i will become a crazy cat lady 😛
    There, i told you! And wish you a happy holiday.

  • Anonymous

    I like my friend who has my other friend as his girlfriend. I really like him. :(((( It hurts.

    Aaaah, it feels so good to share none of my friends know because I think they might be upset if they did know. :(((

  • Anonymous

    While on holiday in NYC from London years ago I met Fabrizio from The Strokes and told him that 'I DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO HIS STUPID CLUB BECAUSE THERE IS NO DANCING!!!' (in my best obnoxious London brat voice) And then fell down the curb in front of him. I get drunk and repel rock stars. Please give me something x

  • when i was younger my mom wouldn't let me cut my hair. one night i stayed at my aunt's and when my cousin was sleeping i cut [all] her hair instead. i felt like one of us should have short hair.

  • I have no secrets, unfortunately. My mouth has no filter. Maybe that's my secret?

  • Anonymous

    liking is completed!


    My deepest darkest secret… Once when I was little, I ended up eating all of the appetizers my parents had made for a dinner party and blamed it on my dog. To this day I don't know if I was just an unusually crafty child, or if my parents were just too amused by my quick thinking to be angry.

  • francine s.

    i once wore platform sneakers that squeaked when i walked.

  • Sara

    I read the Man Repeller in the tub. enough said.

  • Anonymous

    I'm your newest fan.

  • Cate

    Once upon a time I stole a H&M; bracelet (one that I wanted so bad) because it had no alarm! I felt so bad…

  • Anonymous

    My deepest, darkest secret is that I hate my best friend.

  • Liz

    Liked SSENSE on Facebook… and liked you ages ago.

    My Grandmother was a fabulous dresser and had a house filled to the brim with amazing antiques. Every time we visited her she would tell me I could take anything I wanted, but anytime I showed her something I wanted she would say "Just not that."

    …But I would take it anyway.

  • Like SSENSE (Montreal represent!) and The Man Repeller on FB.

    Secret: Before I met my manfriend, I checked Craigslist's 'Missed Connections' many times to see if anyone was lusting after me. And one time I found a post about me! FYI – he was old, fat, and bald. YUM!

  • Anonymous Sometimes I wear uggs in public.

  • I really want that bracelet! Does that count as a secret? No? Come on, let's stop playing games… send that sparkly sucker in my direction!

  • I used to eat chalk as a little girl…. clapping the erasers was everything but punishment.

  • I already like manrepeller on facebook! I also like SSENSE on facebook too!

    Darkest secret: I have dangerous thoughts-I could so mess you up if you cross me…in my head.

  • My secret? I love and i wear my grandma´ clothes!

  • Anonymous

    newborn babies make me want to throw up

  • Melita

    like you both.

    love the bracelet.

    deepest darkest secret: lost my grandmother's wedding/engagement ring 🙁

    Happy Merry


  • Anonymous

    im preggo! haha not really a secret anymore


    once upon a time I scrubbed the toilet with my frienemy's toothbrush … and put it back. don't cross yours truly!

  • melita

    I am deathly afraid of sleeping in the dark coz of fear of a monster watching me. Even when I leave the lights on, I still imagine a monster is out to get me from my racks of clothes.

  • Like SSENSE…done.
    Like YOU…done.

    Deepest, darkest secret…so many to choose from. I guess I will go with I stole a Cabbage Patch Kid back in the 80's from Toy's R Us in NY. I ripped open the box and shoved it in my jacket. Mom noticed it when I got to Sears…and I proceeded to get my ass kicked in the parking lot. That was when it was ok to spank your kids!

  • Anonymous

    This is a secret only me and my best friend know about, but here it goes .. on a study trip to London we were on the tube and it was SO packed with people, but we were able to get seats for the both of us – the only thing was that a man was sitting between us, so every time we had to speak to each other, we had to lean over the man .. and while doing just that I accidently spat my pink bubblegum on the mans pants. Everyone on the tube saw it, except the man between my friend and I .. sooo in panic I quickly picked up the gum and put it back in my mouth.

    Love your blog! hugs and kisses from Denmark!

  • Anonymous

    When I was a petite ginger child, I used to have a proclivity for going to the library in a dress sans undies. I'm an English major now! What can I say, books get me off.

  • Anonymous

    When the weather is really bad, i lie about walking my dog and just let her out the side

  • Anonymous

    I liked you both.
    And I sometimes lie everything and anything because my mind likes to make up stories. And then they come back to bite me.

  • Hola!!

    My email is

    and my deepest secret in this moment.. is that I'm reading your blog instead of beeing working!! 😀


  • Adele

    i sometimes go to bed with my shoes
    my boyfriend doesnt like this…

  • Anonymous

    I once peed on somebody's garden in a posh neighborhood in London. Under the CCTV.

  • mg

    Deepest, darkest secret? I'm not really a blonde.

  • Anonymous

    when i was about four years old i pushed a little boy off a stage because i thought i should be the star instead.

  • following and liked!

    secret: when i was 5 i stole a fortune scroll thingy from the grocery store.

    sweetersalt (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  • Hmmmm…I wish I could go back to Studio 54 with you~ partyyyyy!

  • Nat D

    step 1: check
    step 2: check
    step 3: as a child I used to eat the gum that people stuck under the tables, kinda like Will Ferrell does in Elf (i bet you just threw up a little in your mouth!)


  • i'm not at all comfortable walking in heels, yet i wear them every single day and just pretend.

  • Brianna Wellen

    I once traveled to the back of a cave. It was pretty deep and dark back there. I've never told that to anyone.

  • SICK bracelet, need it.

    Secret: When my sister and I were 9 and 10 years old we stole my mom's station wagon (super cool at the time with the reverse third row of seats OBV) and took her out for a spin around town. We were badass even back then.

  • liked…

    secret: I cry all the time… but only by myself because I am an UGLY crier.

  • Saved money by cutting my own hair so I could by myslef a Chanukkah present: RodarteXOC shirt


  • i lead people to believe i hate kids so i never have to babysit=P


    loving this.

    secret:…When I get drunk I honestly tell strangers my name is Violet. It's a Serena VanDerWoodsen alter ego if you will.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous

    One day I gave my eye to someone. Now I realize he used it to make a bracelet. Since I became a Cyclops myself that day, I'd love to have this bracelet to match with my face (yes, I also happen to have gold, shiny, wavy hair, just like this beautiful piece of jewelry here!) Thanks in advance, Man Repeller, I love your sense of style!

  • Hello Man Repeller!
    I have liked both Facebooks and my email be

    My deepest darkest secret…I've looked into getting my tubes tied and not telling my boyfriend. He would like to have kids one day but…kids make me nauseous.

  • I have witnessed my sister accidentally 'stealing' a matrix film poster from a warner bros theme park store and I have a perpetual yeast infection.

  • Alilchurch at gmail dot com
    I secretly find my boyfriends dad very attractive…

  • I once took my mama´s earrings and never gave it back to her! No so dark, but still a secret.

  • Sometimes I practise my English accent (I'm Norwegian) by pretending to be on the phone with someone, when I'm out walking. PS! I always remember to turn off my phone, in case someone calls me while I'm talking to myself.

  • Anonymous

    As a small child I once stole a white skull ring from my best friend, so you could say that I was creating hand parties since the nineties. This bracelet would accent a hand party well. Or clash.


  • Darkest secret: I was born in Andorra, a country nobody knows about, but I say Im Spanish.



    When I was younger I used sit outside my house and eat grass because I was convinced it was unlimited free food

    Montreal loves the man repeller!

  • Jessica S

    My deepest secret: When I was little, I wanted my name to be Tiara. I thought it was really sophisticated.

  • Anonymous
    My deepest darkest secret is that I want everyone to love me and my whole personality is based on trying to manipulate and control the world to produce this outcome.

  • ok i did the reqiurements now just on here so here is my email.

    and deepest secret…thats a tough one.

    I had a bad experience with an ex and lets just say that if someone would not have saved me I am not sure what that person would have done to me!!!

  • Annie…

    My deepest darkest secret: me and my friend once reversed my car into another car at a friends place but didn't tell anyone and just drove away.

  • Yay.. already like you both on fb!!

    My deepest darkest secret: I have a secret crush on Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler.


  • Secret:
    When I was 8 my sister had a pet hamster that she loved more than anything. One day he bit me and I got all mad so I let him free in the backyard. 12 years later and no one in my family actually knows what really happened to the hamster, and they all just assumed the cat got to it.

  • I am OBSESSED with Britney Spears. So much so that after being ditched I went to her concert all alone and when I feel sad I watch/listen to her The Singles Collection to feel better. No shame, right…

  • I have never seen the Goonies all the way through.

  • Secret…. I am a notorious regifter!

    frugalnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Anonymous

    I secretly hate christmas, but the bracelet would make a great present anyway…

  • Shirley

    When I saw my baby pictures as a child I thought I was so adorable that I wished I was my own mother.

  • Wow, Love this beyond words! I already follow you, but I added SSense to my list 🙂 One of my deepest secrets is: One time my girlfriend was staying at my house and I accidentally dropped her toothbrush in my toilet (clean) but I didn't want to tell her (God knows why?) so I just rinsed it in peroxide and but it back :/ Does that make me a terrible friend?!?


    My deepest darkest secret: I went through the training to be Mickey mouse at disney world but it was so awful that I never showed up for my first actual day of work. The only ore people that know are my parents and my best friend. I've never told my boyfriend of 3 years about this.

  • sometimes i'm so afraid of life, that i have to push myself to go infront of my door..

  • Anonymous

    My darkest secret, oelalaa now I have to think! Once I was in a store fitting a gorgeous bracelet. Suddenly my eye caught another beautiful jewel and another and another and I was so overwhelmed by all the shimmering and glimmering that I decided to come back later with a clear mind. A few minutes after I walked out the store I felt something strange on my arm. I looked and saw the bracelet I fitted banging around my arm. Oopss..

    xo Caroline

  • olga

    i was dating with 2 boyfriends about half a year at the same time…it was very stressful ))

    amazing bracelet, really i want it so much, keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  • I've never seen Star Wars!

  • I like SSENSE and I like you, too (and not only on facebook!) 🙂
    here is my e-mail:!
    and… uh, my deepest, darkest secret: I have NO secrets. 🙂

  • Edith

    this secret is neither deep nor dark (this giveaway has made me realize, to my disappointment, that i have none), but once when i was nine or ten, i broke my friend's favorite necklace when i was at her house, quickly put it back where i found it, and acted very shocked and upset when she discovered it.

    it wasn't a very cool necklace. definitely not yves saint laurent. it might have been a shark tooth, actually. but it was still her favorite. and i broke it. for shame.

  • Tess

    I don't know how to ride a bike. Or swim.

  • Linz

    I've just purchased the Michael Buble Christmas album…don't judge me.

  • Anonymous

    I would do just about anything for Wang…Alexander Wang that is!

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather buy shoes than food.

  • in high school i used to pierce my own ears. unfortunately, too many times and i still have the holes to prove it, because they never closed up. oops

    love your fashion sense, manrepeller!

  • I've Liked you on Facebook forever! Now I've Liked Ssense. Deepest secret? So intimidating! I am a subway groover. From bobbing to straight-out jam sessions, you'll see me rocking out on that subway pole. =X contact at! Thanks!! Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • Anonymous

    i found an iPod Nano at my work, and a week later the owner came asking generally about it… i wanted an iPod for so long and the songs were great so i didn't say anything….
    i still feel bad about it… but that doesn't count as stealing, right?
    o well….

  • Anonymous

    i can smell – only a teeny bit – but everyone thinks i can't smell at all! i mean who's going to believe someone who says: well I can smell cayenne pepper but not cinnamon? and laundry detergent but not gasoline? I'd sound crazy and it makes things complicated. So for everyone (basically) that knows me, i cannot smell at all.

  • Anonymous

    I don't like to sleep naked because I don't want to get my night time farts on my sheets…. Now THAT'S man repelling!

  • When I have time in the morning, I pack my boyfriends lunch and give him the old leftovers that are a bit iffy. I feel bad about throwing the food away, so I gamble with his stomach.

    tinatre at msn dot com

  • Anonymous

    i drool and fart in my sleep.

  • Kat

    I told my mom I was going to marry my first cousin when I was little. (He's 3 years older & totally adorkable). Nowadays everyone brings it up and will be like, "Hey Kath, remember when you wanted to marry Bradley?! Thank god you grew out of that stage!" etc…but I'd totally still marry him, or at least consummate a fake marriage? In my defense I wouldn't go as far as popping any babies out… 3-headed children weird me out.

  • That bracelet is stunning! Would love to win it, thanks for the chance! 🙂

    Liked SSENSE and already like you via fb (Jennifer Rand)

    I once worked as a waitress at Johnny Rockets. It was absolutely horrible. I danced in an apron and wore a stupid paper hat on my head, with a black bow tie no less!! Not really something I like to share, but totally hilarious! 😉

    ::fingers crossed::


  • When I was younger, my mother kept chocolate in her dresser and purse. I used to go looking around for it when she wasn't home or around. I still really don't feel bad. I doubt she even noticed.

  • Anonymous

    My deepest, darkest secret:
    I once had a juicy fart in my super hight waisted tight ass shorts during a side walk sale…I had to throw my panties away in a garbage of a hot dog restaurant…I felt and smelled like shit…I guess shit does really happened!

    my e-mail address:

  • Anonymous

    if I tell you my deepest darkest secret I'd have to kill ya 😉

  • Anonymous

    My birthday was on 12/15 and the only present I got was a re-used balloon that originally said "Happy Hanukkah." However, the "Hanukkah" was crossed off and replaced w/ "Birthday." True story. Winning this bracelet would put a smile on my otherwise sad face 🙁

  • I tend to wear dark colors because I sweat like a man, courtesy of my father's gene. I'm just lucky I love dressing black or white, so I don't mind. But it's embarrassing…

  • My darkest secret is that I don't have a darkest secret, shit! I used to be so "normal" that I'm totally nuts!!!

  • Danielle

    I liked both pages under the name Danielle Claxton
    secret: my arms are actually incredibly hairy, but i shave them so no one will know just how bad it is! 😛

  • Anonymous

    secret: for being someone who seems like they have it all together, i have no idea what im doing. although i guess most people feel that way.

  • I once whore/wore (see what i did there?) a little black body conscious dress. Total. Man. Getter. Ugh, I KNOW RIGHT?! To this day I still feel ashamed, and tend to overcompensate with bow ties, leopard print, and copious amounts of velvet ANYTHING. Toodles!

  • Zoe

    When I was in 3rd grade my P.E. teacher had a rope that hung from the (very high!) ceiling and came all the way down to the floor. There was a big mat underneath, of course, and we were supposed to climb it. None of the girls ever got to the top, so when I did I was overwhelmed with pride… until I pooped… in my pants… twenty feet in the air.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I have read an obscene amount of teenage vampire books. My boyfriend is afraid I might attack him in his sleep.

  • Sara

    I cheated on my ex boyfriend with someone he knows, and he still doesn't know.


  • Anonymous

    I shat my pants leaving a job interview here in NYC after eating thai food for dinner the night before. I don't know if any one heard/smell/noticed but I ran into Starbucks and threw away my hanky pankys in order to make it back home.

    There ya go!!

  • I'm an addict to the show Intervention. Ironic?

  • amazing giveaway …!!! done everything u have requested 🙂
    Deepest, darkest secret: i spend a lot of money on cloth and hide this from my family :))))


    I secretly read your blog when I'm supposed to be doing my school work. Man Repeller is why I am failing chemistry.

  • Anonymous

    when I was 15,I laughed so hard on the bus that I peed my pants or more accurately, my light blue school uniform skirt and all the way down my leg. I had to get off the bus, walk to the nearest macdonalds (with huge dark blue patch and wet socks and a busful of staring passengers) to clean and dry meself. I'm not proud.

  • done and done.

    as for the secret… i secretly love putting salt on snails and watching them shrivel… only because i hate snails. judgement hat off.

  • !!!

    i pick my nose a lot.


    my secret is…… I GOTS NONE

  • Alison

    Ohhhh my gosh, that bracelet is stunning. I would scream for days if I won it! Ok deepest, darkest secret: my roommate last year was…eccentric, to put it nicely. One day, she came back to our apartment carrying a diseased pigeon that she had found in the parking garage. She was convinced it was a baby crow that had lost its mother and needed her help (let me tell you, it was neither a baby nor a crow). The bird couldn't fly, so she put it in a cardboard box and left it in our living room when she went to bed that night. After she turned out her lights, I snuck into the living room, took the box and bird outside, and dumped the bird on the sidewalk. I put back the box where she had left it and when she came into the living room the next morning, I told her she had obviously nursed the bird back to health because it had flown out our open living room window! To this day, she still thinks she nursed this "baby crow" back to health. No no, my friend. I released the diseased pigeon back into the wild, so she can thank me for not contracting an avian infection. Roomie, you're welcome.

    And unfortunately, I am not making up a single word of this story.


    Secret: When I worked at a chocolate factory this summer I stole more than an acceptable amount of chocolate… I guess I just needed to fill the hole left by my man repelling ways, or it was just really good chocolate. I mean, who needs a man?

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous


    Like: you (duh!)
    Like: SSENSE

    Secret: My entire team at work is running around like chickens with missing heads, and I'm chillin' reading your blog. My only worry is whether I win this fantastic bracelet to make all my friends jealous. Sorry team (but not really)!


    I'm trying to make my ex boyfriend realise what a catch he's lost by not talking to him anymore

  • Like like like and I need some arm party love like crazy. At 35 weeks pregnant my horrible secret is that I have a hernia the size of a lemon and my lady parts look like they are growing a second set of lady parts. Ahhh the joys of pregnancy. So while I can only wear a fraction of my wardrobe some lovely YSL jewelry would be awesome. Pity party: my place, invited guest: 1

  • Anonymous

    Deep down, I wish I was a gay man.

  • this bracelet would complete the ultimate arm party that must be mine!

    my darkest secret…. when I was 8 I kicked the windshield of my parents car because I was mad at them. It broke. I said a tree branch fell on it!

  • Monique

    i sometimes think about what it would be like to have cancer

  • My secret:
    When I got my first job in High School I would spend all the money on clothes, to the point where I hid the shopping bags from my mom.

  • Deepest darkest secret: About a year ago I was super sick with food poisoning, but told my boss I have an ulcer. When I don't feel like working, I tell him I have severe stomach cramps because of it so that I can pull a ferris bueller. (my facebook email)

  • My deepest darkest secret?…. I'M ASIAN.


    Once upon a time I (accidentally) fatally wounded a duck whilst skimming stones on a lake. How do I know it was a fatal injury? It resurfaced belly-up. Ease my guilt with an arm party won't you?!


    I don't know how to love or be loved in a relationship sense.


    To spite a former roommate who hated us both, my boyfriend and I got freaky on her bed 🙂

  • "The Sixth Man" is one of my all time favorite movies.

  • hello!!!! nice giveaway!!!
    my e mail
    Deepest darkest secret… everyday i have to buy something anything!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I would consider selling the rights to my first-born child in exchange for the f/w '11 isabel marant over-the-knee fringe boots. (and by consider I mean I wouldn't think twice)


    A couple of weeks ago, I met Samantha Ronson at Griffin and rlly wanted to chill w her. I climbed up to the DJ booth and started yelling at her stuff like omg I LOOOOOVEEEE U and she motioned to me can;t hear u. I pulled out my blackberry and wrote a text on my phone "Heyyyyyy I'm friends w liat Baruch" (the girls sister i knw, whom i knw shes friends with). Samantha read it, smiled, looked up at me, said yoooo wassup and shook my hand. dayum straight.
    ********ps- i never met this girls sister…….ever

  • i would rather browse through blogs than go out with friends …. oh my oh my oh my 😀

    andd i want the bracelet !!! 😀

  • Spo!

    secret: i can't tell you silly goose!

  • Anonymous

    I'm in love with my best friend,and I couldn't tell him. :/

  • k80

    my deepest darkest secret?- i lost my virginity at 24 and my boyfriend at the time doesn't know he was my first


    my secret: I hate everyone!

  • Liked SSENSE and I already liked YOU!

    I actually did steal bubblegum from a shop once. I was little, and yet it was tasty)


  • Anonymous

    Deepest Darkest Secret…?
    Hum… I'm totally crazy about shoes. I spend a lot of money in shoes… I buy one shoe a day…

    Love you…


    My mom used to think when I was in college that I'd make myself sick from getting over-excited about family vacations, but really, it was because I was home for Christmas break and hungover from hanging out with friends. Oops!

  • Anonymous

    oh… my comment not appears… 🙁


  • Charlotte Cameron

    sometimes, I am definitely a jeans and t-shirt girl…

  • The secrets above made me feel more comfortable about sharing this so here it goes:

    I attempted to vajazzle myself as a joke, thinking I'd look like a Twilight porno extra, and showing my obvious hilarity to my boyfriend. Well, before I could debut my crystalized crotch in all its sparkly glory, the adhesive used to stick on those suckers gave me such a bad skin rash that (after I peeled the stuff off like I was defusing a freaking bomb) I couldn't sit down comfortably for like a week.

    that sort of feels good to get off my crotch, er chest.

  • Mel

    I'm still scared of the dark. When I turn my light off before I go to sleep, it's always a mad dash across my room to the safety of my bed. I'm such a dork =P

  • I killed my pet goldfish on purpose. He was boring.

  • Talia C

    my deepest, darkest secret: When I was about 5 I was playing with my mom's credit card in the bathroom (why the bathroom? Who knows..) and I dropped it in the toilet. Rather than reaching in and pulling it out, to avoid punishment I merely flushed it down and walked away.
    To this day no one knows what happened to that credit card


    I love cheesy made for TV movies. The cheesier, the better. The best one has to be the 10th kingdom: 10 hours of fairy tale goodness. So good… and a little ashamed.

  • Anonymous

    When I was little, I was the flower girl at my cousins wedding. During the reception, I left the washroom and walked the entire room to the head table, with my dress tucked into the back of my nylons. I even walked by the video camera… hope it wasn't on.

  • Anonymous

    I am actually a chronic liar, but instead of lying about important things, I lie about my family history. Case in Point: I claim my great grandfather was arrested for being a Russian spy. Yeah, that's a crock.

  • JT

    secret: i empathized with [uh, even related to] snooki in the first season of jersey shore when everybody was hating on her. girl just wanted acceptance, that's all!


    when I was little I used to strip down to my skivvies and escape to the toy store around the corner where I would waltz through the door in all of my glory and proceed to play with all the toys. In fact, I just did it yesterday…

  • Femme Roguesays…

    Never have I ever… shaved, no matter how convenient it may have been for just how desperate I was.

    Man repelling at its finest… if only it worked on non potentials.


    I stole 143 monopoly dollars from innocent 9 year olds when they had their back turned to the board

  • Laura

    I don't know how to ride a bike.

  • Liked and liked.

    I legitimately think I have a shopping addiction worthy of psychological evaluation and treatment.


    secret: I pee at least 20 times a day…it's a problem

  • liked!

    if I see someone in public I dont want to talk to I turn around and walk away… pretending I don't see them.


    When I'm drunk I give my number to random people..this becomes a real problem when I get sober

  • Sweeeet bracelet, this would be a mean addition to my arm parties!

    Secret: I used to eat dog food when I was little. I thought that shit was delicious.


    i was born with six fingers on my left hand and upon doctor's removal there is still a stump. my six-finger removal tale is probably the most man repelling story I possess. My current boyfriend surprisingly has "no problem with it", but, every once in a while, i catch him glancing at the nub and shuttering.

    (can provide picture of nub if will help win bracelet)

  • sjnoonan

    secret: when i was 13 i stole a pair of my mom's prada pumps to wear to a dance….. i ended up ruining them (they were suede) in a puddle outside of my school, and somehow she never found out…. that bracelet really would look great with my skin tone 😉

  • Molly

    Here is something embarrassing…. MY 7 YEAR OLD COUSIN HAS BIGGER BOOBS THAN I DO!!! whatever.

  • Anonymous

    the only thing I've ever stolen is chocolate….


    Secret: I sleep walk often and wake up with my knees crossed swaying back and forth.

  • Anonymous

    I hate monkeys. Seriously- I think they are the most disgusting creatures on earth.


    Deepest Darkest Secret(s):
    1. Clowns and anything resembling clown make-up terrifies me.
    2. I want this bracelet to give my wrist a ladygasm.


    deepest secret:

    i occasionaly am a mangetter infront of the mirror. and on some parties. and i have a boyfriend. dam dum dum.

  • Anonymous


    Secret: I am unnaturally and deeply terrified of the cartoon character Alf. I don't know where that comes from.

  • Anonymous

    My CURRENT deepest darkest secret is that my sister is about to have a baby, any day now. I am afraid it is going to be one of those, how do I put this, UGLY ones. Oh wow putting that in writing is awful, so let me go on ahead and justify it, ehhh no I think just saying it is enough. I am living in fear of what is about to pop out! the end.

  • Anonymous

    I practice my dance moves in the elevator, hoping it entertains a lonesome security guard.

  • child please. i already liked you on facebook. i liked essence just now. not because they're canadian. only because you asked me to.

    i frequently lie to friends and family about my shopping habits. it's so bad the ups guy knows my first name and actually gave me his cell # to call him in case he misses me with a package. there, i said it.


    I still sleep with my extremely old blankie (yes, I call it blankie) from when I was a baby. It's stained and all torn up, but I love it… Even though my hubs has asked me to throw it out a million times.

  • Emma

    My secret: I stole a tiny teddy bear from my Kindergarten classroom and no one ever found out. I started young…I know.


    I was a teenage shoplifter.

  • Emma

    deepest darkest secret: I'm going to run away, live on a boat and sail to the med.


  • Sabrina

    I deliberately stole clothes from my mom's closet since i was 11,i guess.They're 1 or 4 sizes bigger but my mom really owns some fancy shit and she's so classy(love you momma)

    P.D:And,i mean,everybody knows that clothes that are 2 or 3 sizes bigger are manrepelling,so i was training myself for the future.


    I'm addicted to the show 3rd Rock From The Sun, I'm on season 4!

  • Anonymous

    & I am terrified of cotton balls.

  • Anonymous

    secret: i stalk my ex's on facebook at least once a week, it's great

  • Anonymous

    Madeline Zappala

    secret: i can't keep secrets for my life, its like a compulsion, i always have to tell someone else

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I stole 2 tshirts from my old boss, after spending the night at his house. oops.

  •, I love cake 😛

  • Anonymous
    I always pretend to be studying but actually i'm just lost in thoughts!

  • Anonymous
    instead of preparing for the most-important-test-this-year i'm reading manrepeller. hope, a good mark won't be repelled.

  • I loooove frozen mashed potatoes. It's like ice cream.

  • Anonymous

    i'm all "liked" up, and as for secrets…

    in high school i used to match my lipsmackers chapstick flavor to my eyeshadow…


    one random day in 2nd grade i decided to start charging the kids in my class to read their palms. i'd make crap up. they'd laugh, pay me a quarter. things were going well until i told an unfortunate freckled boy with buck teeth that one day, his ass would grow so big it would eat him. he cried. told on me. and i got sent home from school. i'm a much niceer person these days.

  • Jac

    Once, when I was studying abroad I went home with a guy I met at a club who I could barely communicate with. Yes, by myself to his house, in a country/city I didn't know. I was an incredibly stupid college kid who is lucky that nothing horrible ever happened to me and even luckier that my mother never found out. Seriously, this secret will go to the grave with me because it would give her a heart attack.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I confessed I fall in love with you…

  • Mel!


    secret: I used to be bulimic cos I was so stressed out in school, fashion intern and some financial difficulties, so I started binging and yeah… i was bulimic. I've never told anyone this. Feels good typing it out 🙂

  • mm

    I'm persian, but when somebody asks me "are you armenian, you look just like the kardashians" my heart skips a beat and i go along with it 😉


  • WOAH! another secret is that I know the model on the Ssense website! Her name is Ilana, I used to model with her…when I was a model

  • When I was in the 1st grade I stole a hello Kitty wallet…i am ashamed so i bought one recently and gave it to some random 1st grader.


    Thank you!! have a great holiday!

  • Anonymous

    I love tweezing my boyfriend's shoulder hairs.

  • I liked both on Facebook with Closet Fashionista
    and my deep dark secret is…I'm 23 and have never kissed a boy…probably because of how I dress 😉 Or the fact that I am afraid of people…you can decide



    this is a semi secret, but I may have to end up buying that if I don't win it — and the real secret is tragically I can't afford it — and a more interesting secret is that I have started online dating and it is shocking (and disturbing) the number of men who want to send cock shots
    the end (pick me!)

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Andie!


    SECRET: I have a thing for pseudo celebrities, and have had some kind of love affair with almost every one who has given me the time of day.



    I didn't start wearing underwear until I was 13 & had tons of tricks up my sleeves to get passed my parents without them; including carrying crayola scissors with me wherever I went.


    i'm your twin sister and you were never suppose to know that .. now its out … salut !

  • Olivia

    secret: i'm reading your blog instead of doing the college apps that are due in a week for me

  • ooh, i love ssense!

    haha, i've never read the harry potter books, although i'm completely obsessed with the movies. guess i gotta get on that soon, since i'm tech a fraudulent harry potter nerd and all.. XD


  • Anonymous

    My secret: Sometimes, I really like the clothes they wear on Real Housewives oF Beverly Hills–especially Lisa.


    i'm your twin sister and you were never suppose to find out about me… now it's out.

    Salut !

  • i some don't shower for two or three days!

  • Mac

    Liked and liked.

    I once peed in my friends backyard when I was crazy drunk at a party. SHAME!

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I spend an inordinate amount of time trolling fashion blogs instead of doing actual work.


    I bake all the time for everyone else, and they all ask how I don't gain weight, and I just shrug, but I secretly HATE almost all dessert. I just hate talking about it because then everyone spends forever trying to convince me I shouldn't.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I don't like the bracelet, but I want to give it to my best friend!!

  • sam

    I am secretly, SERIOUSLY scared of masks. I close my eyes walking past them in costume stores but I can still smell the rubber (which makes me feel uneasy). Ever since I watched the Goosebumps tv show where the mask got stuck on the girls face… I've never been the same!


    deepest, darkest secret: i secretly want to marry dennis quaid even though he's wayyyy to old for me & sometimes i shave my arms


    In middle school I had a huuuuge crush on this guy, and since I'm prone to obsession, I met his sister behind the lockers after school one day and bought his toothbrush off of her. And no, I didn't use it. Ok fine, I did. Don't judge me please.


    I think newborns are creepy, not cute.

  • email:

    My deepest & darkest secret: If its not snowing when my boyfriend proposes… I'll say no.

  • Simon

    I know a guy who has eaten ape, and it makes me afraid of him


    Secret: If I don’t like the way an article of clothing (or shoes/hat/jewelry) that is worn regularly by my boyfriend, the item always has an untimely death and I’m the killer (but he doesn’t know it).

  • Anonymous

    Holy amazing giveaway!
    Okay so my secret: when I was in middle school I told my friends that I was afraid of Arthur from the PBS show of the same name. They loved to playfully tease me about it and still continue to do so to this day. In reality, I'm not scared of Arthur. I made that up because I desperate for attention in middle school. So embarrassing!


    i cried while watching an episode of the jersey shore- the one when snookie's bf broke up with her.


    *** I eat double chocolate donuts when my husband its not close and always refuse them when he offers me some, acting like I don't like them. shhh…don't tell him that I love them***


    Sometimes I use my similar last name to my advantage, by saying I'm the daughter of steve rubell (co-owner of the New York's Studio 54) to go out and man repel the night away!!

  • liked and liked!:)

    secret. . .when I was young, I used to dress up like a vampire; teeth, cape and all. . . and sneak into my little sisters room in the middle of the night to scare her into giving her "older sister" (myself) all her toys and money.

  • Rebekah

    When I was in third grade I was in PE getting ready for class to start, and as usual the teacher started to talk and I liked to talk… So I kept on whispering to my friend next to me, next thing I knew my teacher said to go back to my classroom because I had been talking and he was going to talk to my teacher. I am 20 years old and to this day have not told anyone about this minor incident at school, still a little mortified that it happened…

  • wish me luck:)
    well my secret is:i'm still in love with my ex but i've alreadu do something with someone else and my ex wants us to be back together again!ooops!


    sometimes i tell people i'm married when i'm out in public with my son just so they won't judge the fact that i chose to be a single mother.

  • I've never had an arm party 🙁


    on a school trip in grammar school, i accidentally left a gift shop with an unpaid candy bar and cried giant tears of guilt and sin on the entire 5-hour bus ride home. i still can't go to boston without reliving those feelings of my 10-year-old self.


    In second grade my teacher was going through the lost and found and holding up each item to be claimed. She then held up a pair of my panties and everyone giggled. I pretended like I had no idea who they belonged to, even though they were my favourite pair (with a lion on them). To this day I have no idea how my panties got into the lost and found.


    I lost my virginity in my friend's little brother's bathroom.


    I cry myself to sleep

  • Liked SSENSE. Liked YOU. Love BRACELET.

    My deepest darkest secret as of 7 torturous days ago is that I purchased this BDC (bomb dot com, to clarify) pair of Thayer cropped pants on shopbop last week – 70% off, totally amazing, shiny/shimmery holiday goodness. Final Sale. Too small. I wore them yesterday, unbuttoned at the top, fly completely open, like it was post-Thanksgiving feast. I had a flowy black blouse and shag carpet vest to cover the top of my pants. When I received compliments on my outfit I was thinking, "holy hell – your pants are completely unfastened at the top."

    Anyways, that YSL bracelet would look mighty fine with my too-tiny-trousers.

  • Yuliya

    Sometimes I take two hour lunches at work. Tsss, don't tell anyone.

  • Vittoria Gallacci

    One day i have copied all my history test and I have done the best in my class… But ssshhhhh! Keep the secret! 🙂

    Come and visit my blog if you want!


    I secretly like Paris more than I like New York City, BOOM!


    I'm still in love with my ex even though he broke my heart and left me living the life of a gypsy ughhh :-

  • Katy

    My (boy) best friend is the best dressed dude I know. I have now stolen a large percentage of his wardrobe. He recently broke up with a new girlfriend because he thinks it was her…


    i secretly love gossip girl heehee 🙂

  • Anonymous

    likes = donezo

    Secret = when I was a little kid, I refused to wear undies or use soap or toothpaste. I was clearly all into the natural side of things.

    Also, all I want for Xmas is dis bracelet! YSL BE MINE.

    email = (fb email too)

  • Anonymous

    I have callouses on my fingertips from picking my split ends NON STOP>

  • My secrets: I'll give you two, to better my odds :)email:

    1. I am 28 yrs old and just learned how to ride a bike! My boyfriend taught me, I practice at the park along with the kids. I ride like a drunkie swerving side to side but I'll get it right soon. My goal to ride with heels!

    2. I have a gyspy-soul. I randomly get the urge to move someplace far away and live like a hippie.

  • Anonymous

    I broke both of my collarbones. Left – fell off my bed when I was 5. Right – unfastened my seatbelt on a roller coaster.


    Secret: Once I made my boyfriend go home because I said I was tired and just wanted to sleep. The truth was that i just wanted to watch gossip girl alone and I did right after he left!

  • Anonymous

    if i tell u i will have to kill you 🙂 not

    just joking. keep repelling xx

  • Lee

    I teach myself how to dougie when I'm in my apartment alone using youtube videos.

  • Anonymous

    I am very small and would like to be a little taller. I tell everyone I'am 1.62cm though I'm only 1.57 :(((( NOOO! But what the heck life goes on! And the olsens are also very small and there always look great i think. AND I wear fashion just as good as the tallest woman in the world ;P

  • Anonymous

    i watch real housewives of Beverly hills. believe me this is a secret. :))))

  • emily

    i'm a little paranoid about linking my email address with my deepest darkest secret. but here goes: i was tree planting in alberta and had to go to walmart to get some necessities. the power went out and no one could buy everything. we were leaving town that day so i grabbed a beach bag off the rack, tore the tags off and put in what i needed and when they checked my bag when i left, felt no guilt at all.

    the bag was hideous.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I have middle child syndrome.


    I have an absolute addiction to indian food, bravo, nastygal, manrepeller, and popping zits.

  • I want!! 🙂

  • i already post. but omggggggg i keep reading and reading the comments, and i can say one think for sure WOMEN ARE CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYY AND SCARYYYYYYY


    My city is about 45 minutes away from the beach and one wednesday when everyone though I was at a traumatology class in a nearby hospital I was actually at the beach with my boyfriend and some friends.

  • Cassandra

    Secret: The first day I got my license I was backing up my new car, and accidentally went 50mph down my friend's long driveway. Consequently, I hit her expensive light post at the end of the yard ripping it out of the ground, breaking the electrical cords, so it was precariously tipped to the side. After a long awkward pause, I turned my car on and ripped off the front lawn and out of the driveway without telling anyone. My car was brand new, went to the hardware store, bought black paint and a brush and painted over the scratches. To this day, the paint and brush are hidden in my old room underneath boxes of old clothes.

    By a chance of luck, two months later a person at my high school hit that exact spot over again parking next to me and paid to get his scratch and mine fixed — poof, the secret scratches were gone.

  • Anonymous

    Once I fooled my friend that I was related to Stalin and that i had changed my lastname to Sahlin since i didn't wanna be associated with him. He believed in it and I have never told him the truth, hehe

  • Anonymous

    I can't sleep alone, I have to sleep with pillows now that I don't have my roommate and am on winter break and still it's difficult.

  • Anonymous

    my deepest darkest secret is………are you ready?…….sure?…………is the suspense killing you?…………I hope you can handle it………..ok…here…it goes……I have never owned Yves Saint Laurent arty oval bracelet and its been killing me forever….both me and my arm party have had a rough life without it 🙁

  • Anonymous

    My jewelry is braver than I am. It enhances my powers- like Wonder Woman's cuffs. My alter ego emerges as I pile on and stack up

  • I like SSENSE and of course YOU on fb!
    My deepest secret is that about 12 years ago my Dad took away my car on Christmas Day (I was a freshman in college) and so I went to his bathroom, got out his toothbrush and scrubbed the He#$ out of his toilet with it! Never told him or anyone and it sure made me feel good!

  • Fashion Against Depression

    I would do anything to become a fashion journalist. I would do anything for fashion. I'm really obsessed and I can't tell it anyone cause they all would say that I'm just a material girl.. But it's just that I LOVE the fashion world soo much. It's an obsession and I can't give it up, it's stronger than me! I mean.. Why would you need a man, when you can have clothes! I really believe that clothes are my true love, cause the'll never leave me and I feel the happiest person in the world when I buy something!

  • Anonymous

    It took 8 years to get over my fear of Ferbies killing me (Child's Play-style) in my sleep. They still freak me out, though.


    In my final term at University I managed to watch the first two series of Sabrina the Teenage With as a form of Procrastination. I don't regret it!

  • Anonymous
    Secret: to paraphrase: "I kissed a girl, and I liked it!"

  • BB


  • Anonymous

    im a closet klepto

  • Anonymous

    OMG!! I would def tell you my deepest darkest secret for this YSL bracelet! hmmm…. which is the darkest?? oh yeah,does pissing on myself at my wedding reception count??? Yeah, true story. Not a soul knew that until today!!! Took off my beautiful white lace undies, trashed them in the ladies room and went commando for the rest of the night ^_^

  • Already like ya both!

    Secret: I'm 23 and my parents still pay some of my rent…

  • Am kinda obsessed with this bracelet- have a serious case of the needs!

    Secret: Told my parents that my Birkin was totally affordable…. now my mom wants one- fingers crossed she doesn't walk into Hermes ;P


    PS: Love your blog- your my first read over breakfast!

  • Anonymous

    I once cried because I thought I was being chased by a squirrel. Sounds hysterical now, not so much when I was 5.

  • Jamie

    I was born with a 3rd front tooth.

  • lucy

    Sometimes, I wish my ex boyfriend will end up alone ! indeed, because of him I feel so lonely today !


    secret: i have slept through more than half of my college classes- drool and all.

  • Love the bracelet!
    My deepest darkest secret: I dislike ( almost hate) my boyfriend's relatives.


    I'm not lovely at all. Even though my blog evolves around the word lovely. I'm badass.

  • Anonymous


    My secret is also inspired by snails: I used to put snails in hot water to see them boil and die slowly. very mean. i know.
    also I love to watch children's movies.


  • kristincoyne123(at)gmail(dot)com

    My deepest darkest secret is that I feel like I am completely incompetent even though I am pursuing a PhD in my field.

  • Savannah

    secret: When I was younger my sister and I would carefully unwrap our presents before christmas and then re-wrap them back to how they were.

  • I have chin hairs…


    i really love christmas even though here in israel almost no one celebrates it. love chanuka and still want some santa!


    When I was a freshman in highschool, I was caught stealing an XXL silk hawaiian shirt from the Women's Mumu section at Mervyn's because I thought it would be funny to give to my gay guy friend for his bday. Joke was on me when I had to explain to my parent's why I stole an XXL silk hawaiian shirt.

  • Anonymous

    hmm.. deepest darkest secret? I sucked my thumb until I was about 15 years old. I know, right?

  • Dora

    If i had this bracelet, I would wear this everyday!

  • SSENSE and I already have an FB bond – the kind where one's obsessed and stalks the other daily while. The other having no idea who I am. And you, Miss Repeller, well I liked you before you even had to suggest it – now that's good advertising!

    Secret: While begrudgingly walking my guy's dog one very cold Winter night, I had forgotten my gloves. My wrap, sans pockets was of no help. Freezing my heels off (yes, heels) as I proceeded to pick up a somewhat larger pile of shit with a plastic bag, I realized it was so frickin hot that I ended up carrying it the whole walk… I passed like 3 garbage cans but couldn't let it go! That dog shit was the only thing keeping me warm 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I put laxatives in my roommates soymilk so he would stop eating my food!

  • ellen

    ..i work in a coffee shop and when people are fat i try to help them out by giving them skim milk, instead of the 2% they ordered…

  • Done and done.

    I can't be friends with people who use poor grammar (also, I am not a native English speaker, so this might seem slightly hypocritical. There's probably some mistakes in this message. Likelihood of this being the case increasing as I keep explaining. I'll stop now.)

    My e-mail is


    Secret: I hide my McShame bag from Mcdonalds in my trunk after lunch. lol.

  • curtincall

    i have a few little whiskers on my chin. like an old lady. i'm an old lady at 27. talk about man repelling!? i think only my mum knows about it, she told me not to tell anyone….!!

  • Anonymous


    Secret: I've never won anything before!

  • Forgot one thing!

  • Anonymous

    Diana –

    secret: warning, this is kind of gross so I'm sorry in advance. In college I lived with 4 other people in a house off campus. One day, my best friend was over and took a massive #2 in the bathroom, which was for some odd reason located on the second floor of the house. Needless to the say, the toilet clogged. And overflowed. And poo was everywhere. We were freaked out and didn't know what to do + were late to a party so decided to just leave the house and hoped that someone else would figure it out / clean it up(none of the other other roommates had been home at the time).

    I. Felt. Awful.

    Needless to say, one of my roommates had come home from a date with her boyfriend celebrating their anniversary to find the poo and had to spend the night cleaning it up. They texted / called everyone trying to figure out what happened but I denied the whole thing and just kept being vague. In the end, blame was laid on the pipes, but til this day, no one knows how it happened except for me and my best fried. Horrible, eh?

  • Anonymous

    I would totally marry Conan O'Brien.

  • Anonymous

    I once sent the longest message on IM (yes I am talking instant message) back when I was 13 (IM was cool back then) to a boy that I had a huge crush on professing my love! He posted "dreaming of you (insert my full name here) and I was sure it was me! Of course he just had it set up to populate anyones IM name that looked at it, I didnt even know that was an option! Man, when I go home even to this day, I can hardly look at that guy! haha

  • I go to parsons and my roommate and I shared a sweet with these horrible girls so at night before we went to bed we would lightly scratch the wall our rooms shared to make them think it was mice. Our suitemates were convinced we had a rabid mutant rat living in our walls for an entire semester. They moved out the next semester.

  • I've watched the first Twilight movie about 80 – 100 times.

  • Liked you & SSENSE on Facebook, my e-mail is And um, I have really bad breath in the morning?

  • Emily

    In elementary school I stole the master key for the school out of my teacher's desk along with some friends and we snuck around the school at recess.

  • V

    When I was little I loved walking around fresh produce section at the grocery store and secretly picking and eating as many grapes as I could without being noticed. I still do that sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    I cheated at every single game in elementary school gym. Some kid caught me I started crying and told the teacher he cheated.

    2. Secret: I love you… so much. No but for real, my guilty pleasure is mad men. So misogynistic, so wrong, but so good.
    3. email: o yeahhh don't judge

  • Caglatron

    My secret is that I try real hard.

  • Beverly F.

    bevfong AT gmail DOT com

    I once had a giant zit on my nose when I was 15, and in a frenzy I looked up some weird cure-all that involved putting lemon juice and vinegar on a band aid and leaving it on the zit overnight… and I woke up with a band-aid sized chemical burn. ON MY NOSE. I walked around with a band aid (sans lemon and vinegar…) over the delightful burn for a week and was vague about it to all my friends. They still don't know why.



    I don't feel guilty about driving a station wagon even though it's not the most fuel efficient option.

  • I really really really dislike babies. I rarely think they are cute.

  • One time, back in Brazil, I stole one chicken that is going to be killed and hid it inside my grandma's closet. It wasn't a nice surprise…


    I wish i had a friend just like Cameron on Modern Family


    My darkest secret? Well, I am phobic of walking barefoot on grass. When I was younger my brother would steal my socks during park picnics and maroon me on the picnic blanket. Shameful!

  • Anonymous

    My best friend bought me a really expensive Marc Jacobs ring for my birthday and I lost it after 2 days. She bought herself a matching one and is always suggesting that we wear them at the same time for fun. I always have to "forget." She will sometimes ask me why I never wear it and I always say that it is so special I don't want to risk losing it. Oops.

  • Secret: I'm still not over my first love, even though he's engaged to be married next year.

  • Anonymous

    I peed in my pants during an English test when I was 12, but I was wearing those water repelling pants so it all ran into my shoe… It wasn't even lunch yet.

  • Amanda

    I'm on vacation in Sayulita, Mexico (I know, hate me) and my most favorite part is the handmade coconut con agua popsicles!

  • Anonymous

    Remember those little plastic pink phones on keychains the phone co. used to give out? I told my little sister they tasted like candy and laughed when she ate it. My Mom made me go through her poop everytime she went to the bathroom until I found it. (Genious, huh?–Mom rocked in the punishment dept.)

    Debra S.


    As a child I wanted to marry Mr.Rogers. Yes, sweater vest, house shoes and all.

  • Anonymous

    I'm head over heels for a co-worker with the most impressive eyes I've ever seen. He is shy so he barely speaks when there's a lot of people around but he manages to compliment my man-repelling outfits by calling them "original". He is leaving the office for another job next week ='( so so i need to amp up my arm party for his farewell gathering!

  • and I liked both of you on FB.

    One time, I went to jail for stealing a pair of underwear…oops.

  • Anonymous


    Im Greek and I could use a Cyclops!!!
    & I do have a perpetual BLADDER INFECTION since I first experimented with depilatory cream @ the age of 19 on -you know- ……sensitive parts* 😛 wiax

  • Sophie

    Sometimes I tell my boyfriend I can't hang out with him, when really I just have to read this blog and catch up on some Skins and/or Misfits.

  • love love love the man repeller!
    secret: used to catch snakes and put them in the house to scare my mom… who is crazy afraid of snakes… sorry mama!

  • Astrid

    darkest secret.. I've never liked any of the christmas presents my boyfriend has bought for me! But letting him know that, would be so much worse!!


    my secret:I have no secret 🙂

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • claudy

    i love your blog, and this bracelet!!!!


    I blamed a spill on my grandmothers dog and she put it to sleep. Whoops.


    I fart more than my boyfriend does.


    I use to drink my parents alcohol before i was legal and played innocent when they wanted to know where it went

  • Kim

    I drank milk out of my baby bottle until I was 8 years old. Oh, AND I shave my toes.

  • OMG Le…the BEST giveaway this season!!! DYING for this bracelet to match my ring…How's bout wearing all the arty ovals stacked from fingers to wrists!!! How divine!

    Liked SS and you on FB doll!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog


    Secret: I am a hard worker and have ridiculous goals to continue to fuel my high fashion habit.


    Bracelet is GORG!!!! YUM!!

    for my secret…i have an identical twin sister and nobody knows that we're 2 people living 1 life. shhhhhhhhh.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: There are some days when I just feel so lost, confuse and alone but I know that reading your blog will always make me laugh and feel a lot better

  • I have definitely turned my black lace panties inside out and worn them again- the morning after a notorious one night stand with a Swedish exchange student. NO LIE.

  • LIKED! I read books in the shower.

  • Catherine

    Secret: Whenever my bosses aren't looking, I spend ALL DAY browsing fashion blogs …


    deepest darkest secret….hmmmm….i like my dog more than most of my friends/boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I actually listen to(or even like) Justin Bieber's song; Mistletoe O__O


    I joined my family in a round of jingle bells using straws under our arms, multiple times. Not so much a secret of mine but one that the rest of the world suppresses as if it were one… !

  • My secret is that when I was little I use to ring the doorbells of random houses and when they didn't answer their door, I would kick their car and run away. The funny thing is that I only did this in the summer when I went to Minnesota to visit my grandma. XD


    My deepest darkest secret? I work at an independent record label and I download music illegally online. I try to go for the super obscure stuff that can't be found anywhere but some strange norweigan free mp3 blog, but sometimes I download the big stuff. Yep, my job is to try to get people stoked about not illegally downloading.


    My friend and I once stole coats from the lost and found because we were cold and didn't have our own coats with us!
    We returned them at the end of the day!


    I was on the sickness benefit earlier this year and bought a Miss O by Oscar De La Renta dress from a thrift store with the money I got. I don't think that is what welfare is meant for. (I now work.)

  • Tess Ann

    When i was aboot 6 or 7 years old my mom had this pair of (now i see them as ugly..haha) sunglasses that i loved and constantly stole and wore. one time i stole them and they broke clean in half…i hid them in the garage where (to the best of my knowledge) they still remain to this day…haha true story. true story
    i still feel the littlest bit bad about it…

  • Anonymous

    I own Justin Bieber pj's – total man repellers!

    i was once addicted to heroin…in my dream.

  • Amy

    I'm not sure I have a deep dark secret. Suddenly I feel very uninteresting…


    Ohhh…I must really love that bracelet. Here goes…

    I peed in my pants at a 5th grade square dance. Our class was on an overnight field trip at a camp in the country. The only bathrooms were in the cabins across the camp. It was dark outside and I was terrified to go to the cabin alone. I told everyone who noticed that I sat in water. One of the parent-chaperones had to send me to the cabin to change clothes.


    I used to steal chapstick and lipstick and eat it when I was younger.

  • Eilidh

    Liked you both 🙂

    Deepest darkest secret: I have tasted my menstrual blood. Tastes like blood. Quelque surprise.



    I barely ever scrub my feet in the shower… I mean the soap suds just falls on them and they wash themselves right?!

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday I ate an entire box of Trader Joe's JoeJoes in one sitting.


    my secret: my "former employer" on resumes is secretly my best friend of 24 years. she gives AWESOME references.


    My secret? I'm obsessed with fan-fiction. Does this make me a supernerd? Fingers crossed for a no. Right?!

  • Anonymous

    Liked and liked!
    My deepest darkest secret..mmh.. i farted in front of my boyfriend and looking shocked at his dog… blaming it on her.. he still doesnt think i fart! ahaha!
    Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway! happy christmas 😀


    Once I keyed a guys car and blamed in on a girl I didn't like. He and I are now friends and he still thinks it was her!

    Have the ring, would love the bracelet to match! Thanks Man Repeller!

  • Anonymous

    I am a coeliac and shouldn't eat any gluten yet somehow make an exclusion for candy, almost every day.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't know wine came in a box until I went to college.

  • Olivia

    I didn't know how to use a tampon until I was 17 years old. Sooooo many awkward situations.


    a secret… I'm addicted to buying shoes but no one knows so now i'm getting bracelets instead, I've found the cure… worse than that… I wear polar bear slippers but please don't tell anyone

  • Anonymous

    My biggest secret is that I have listened to Under the Mistletoe by Justin Beiber and own his other albums as well.


    Secret: Hmmm I didn't kiss someone until I was 19 :X


    I liked you and SSENCE via my sister's facebook-'Jaimie Griffin' because I deleted my facebook…
    I did it to feel cool and when some one asks me to check something out on facebook I am able to say in my most non-chalant voice with the smuggest of smug expressions… "I don't have a facebook".
    My biggest darkest secret…..

    I miss facebook like CRAZY!!!!! And…..I use my sister's account to do a bit of classic face stalking.

  • Mary J. Hanauer

    Love your blog!

    Deep dark secret: When I was in the band,2 of my band member and I sneakily put ash on a nasty mans drink. Boy! he got hammered so fast. Lol.

  • Kaili

    I'm Jewish but have always wished I was Christian so I could celebrate Christmas. I even bought a tree for my apartment that my family doesn't know about.

  • Last week I went skydiving and mid-skydive my retainer with my two fake teeth on it flew out of my mouth and hit my tandem-skydive partner/ instructor in the face… Post dive I had to 1. explain what it was and 1. take the train from Interlaken, Switzerland to Rome, Italy back as a toothless, albeit 20-year-old, hag. #winning

  • Anonymous

    check and check!!

    when i was a teenager my favourite jacket was a light blue corduroy (yes, corduroy) blazer!!

    i used to pair it with an epileptic bright orange fluffy turtleneck, that might as well earn me some extra repeller points!!!
    by the way, huge fan!

  • Kitty

    not really a deep, dark secret but certainly one i don't announce…i can't swim, bike, or drive…and i'm 25….

  • Xrysa

    My secret: One of my husband's white shirts had pink dots when it came out of the washing machine. I never told him what happened…

  • Just liked SSENSE and have liked you on Facebook for a while now!

    I really hope I win because I have had my eye on the ring version of this and would be SO happy to own something YSL! Pick me please?!

    My dirty secret it that I secretly have a passion for stealing guys (especially boyfriends') clothes. There is something about the smell, the fit, and the memories that make the article of clothing even better than couture. Speaking of which, I'm wearing my ex's Woolrich flannel as I type this!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  • Anonymous

    I like both on facebook.

    Deepest, darkest secret? I hate peas. Ok, it's not a secret but my feelings about peas are pretty dark (they're super disgusting and I couldn't think of any interesting tidbits to share). I did enjoy reading all the shared secrets though. =)

  • Anonymous


    and i am in dire need of an awesome cyclops bracelet (strictly for crime fighting purposes of course)!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm applying to art school (and my parents don't know)


    I have Bieber fever … so what? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    When I was like 6 or 7 I would run across the street to my neighbor's (who was an 80 year old woman) house and steal her cat off her porch and bring it back to my house to play with. I also remember making up a story to tell my siblings that her name was ms. kidnap and she kept kids in her house. and then they threw rocks at her house. I still feel bad now.

  • Last Christmas, I almost sliced a few fingers off carving ham with an electric knife. My Jeffrey Campbell Litas helped me catch my balance at the last second. They saved me, and I haven't loved a man as much as those platforms since.

  • Melanie Sparrow

    When I was 10, I gave my mother a trim while she was sleeping. She had no Idea where the mysterious piece of short hair came from, and I do not plan on telling her anytime soon. She is a bit crae-crae.

  • Cheng

    Sometimes, at work, I just pretend to know things. Answer confidently, google later.

  • This is such an amazing bracelet! it indeed has a Greek mythology style and as Greek I'd love to have it even more 🙂
    Secret : I spend almost all my money on clothes, shoes etc and at the end of the month I barely have enough money to eat (of course noone knows it and I'm like "bahh I'm not so hungry these days") :O

  • ADJ

    There is something really architectural here that I like.

  • Nina

    hmmmmm… I can never look guys in the eye even if they are my friend….yeah social issue on the male subject, but I dont have to worry about it too much because i follow your tips so I dont really have to worry too much about guys! Love your MR!

  • Angela

    Liked you both! That YSL bracelet is insaneee love! My deepest darkest secret: I ate my flatmates mini milk…S They were staring at me!! I had no choice! It's food war when they both get back from Christmas hols! :S Love, love your blog Leandra! You never cease to make me laugh! Keep up the good work & look forward to seeing more post's!



    When I was five my sister was given a remote control car for christmas. I was so jealous that I threw it out the window, watched it smash and then declared that 'a burglar had come and stolen it.'


    Used to pretend I was Cate Blanchett in Lord of the Rings & walk around the house in my silk robe saying gibberish in "elivish".

  • Done 😀

    Secret: I´m sexually attracted by intelligent men xD

  • secret: my dad is nearly 60, very conservative, wears sweater vests and is completely serious about everything and a classical musician. and he is also obsessed with vampire diaries and twilight.

  • I have the coral ring… this is the finishing touch. OMG. OMG. hyperventilating over this more than I did when I passed Journalism 3004 finals.


    Deepest, darkest secret: I was the one who stole Marc Jacobs SS 12 collection out off that train. With my hands tied behind my back, blindfolded.

  • Louise

    I lied to my best friend and told him I had seen all of the Star Wars movies to impress him. (I haven't seen any of them) Thank goodness it never comes up in conversation because I wouldn't know a darn thing about what the eff happens in it.

  • I have an addiction to jalapeno chips and peanut butter m&ms.; Problem is, I'm a dietitian. 🙁

    Facebook fan of both!

    Angela L.
    lasitera at yahoo dot com


    My secret is: I'm actually really shy..


    Liked x 2

    Secret. Sometimes, I watch programming on te Disney Chanel. I am not proud.


    I was notorious for stealing fruit roll ups from Zellers in Elementary School.

  • Anonymous

    my secret:
    I pretend to my boyfriend and my parents that some of the parcels that arrive for me and clothes I wear are actually for my best friend so they don't send me away to shopaholics annonymous!

  • Anonymous

    Deepest Darkest Secret:I don't ever use the add given above but i forgot the password of my formal email add so have to use this

  • Min

    Love! Want….

    I'm secret a bieber fan if though I'm like twice the age of most beliebers!

    min . m. park at gmail

  • What the hell, I'll test out my karma on this one. As for a deep dark secret…i secretly eat entire jars of nutella in one sitting

  • Anonymous

    i secretly hate one set of my grandparents. hahah makes me seem like an antisocial freak, but they really are the most annoying/unpleasant people in the world! love the other set though

  • Julia Lynch

    I just went to my first concert on Monday night, and I'm in college!

  • M.

    I have the biggest crush on a guy I work with. But he is 6 years older than me and I am still in college sooo…. I just go to work looking cute for him and hope he's working the same shift every time.

  • My deepest darkest secret…. Can't seem to think of one except the fact that his bracelet is AMAZING!!!! 🙂

  • Oh man. I've been obsessed with the ring for years and have almost bought it on ebay like 7 times. Bracelet is equally amazing. Gimmmmeeee.

    Your examples are eery because I stole gum from super market when I was like 5 and I have a perpetual UTI. HAPPY HANNUKKAH YALL


    I have seen every single episode of Baywatch. Not ashamed. Ok, maybe a little.

  • Liv Katharine

    That bracelet is beautiful!!!
    I love you and this blog so much 🙂
    My Secret: I sometimes (almost always) wish I was small enough to fit into little girl clothes because they are just so much cuter xD

  • A deep dark secret? well, I'm 17 so i haven't got many, but i think i'm in love with one of my best friends. And I love America's next top model. I watched the first 12 seasons religiously.

  • Diana

    Eating bananas makes me feel like I have vomit in my mouth. I gag every time.

  • Like SSENSE… done.
    Like YOU… done

    And for the secret… I have no secret!

  • eri

    Wow!!!! Crazy!!

    My deepest, darkest secret: I'm sorry.. can't tell.. though I have this secret hope that I'll be the winner of this giveaway! xoxo

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Back in high school I pretended to be sick at least once a week so I could stay home and play video games and dress up crazy coz my parents were at work. And I'm talkin crazy (I was a weird kid) – tampons as earrings, pink lips, whore eyeshadow, a bike helmet… Then by the time they got home I'd have washed all the crazy makeup off and put on my pyjamas again and was back in bed. I missed a fair bit of school but hey, I'm at university now finally!

    Ughhhhhhhh haha


    i love crime series so much i have watched every single episode of every single season of Criminal Minds, CSI, CSI:NY, Castle and The Mentalist.
    and lately i have been having dreams of me dusting for fingerprints.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I have a crush and I cannot tell him. Im too shy

  • Anonymous

    Im prreetty boring in the secrets dept. But, my fav pair of repettos make my feet smell (the world can be so unjust) and I always blame the smell on my boyfriend. High five!!

  • Anonymous

    I sucked my thumb until the summer before I started high school, despite 14 years of my mother's best attempts to thwart me.


    Secret: I have this absolutely crazy shoe and purse obsession that no one knows about…


    I wet myself on purpose in preschool to get out of silent reading time!

  • I work at a local boutique and always shop at the competition.

    X Meg


    Secret: Just now I tripped into my mother and left behind gum in her hair… Not to sure how I want to tell her this…

  • WOW! What a bracelet. My confession is that bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry. What a coincidence!

  • Following both facebook accounts.

    Oooo errrr, well I have some DARK secrets and I mean DARK that I really cannot share lol (no not murdering anyone, well not outside of my thoughts anyway)

    But something dark but not as dark. as a youth I used to go to the same beauty shop after school about twice a week and steal make-up. I had a whole vanity case of it. I am really not proud, but at least I looked good.

    my email is

    oooo coverting the YSL

  • Anonymous

    mlrieders@gmail- somewhat narcissistic, though i wont admit it to many… (very narcissistic actually)

  • Stunning bracelet.

    Secret: I just tripped into my mom, and am not sure how to go about telling her that my gum is in her hair.


  • Anonymous

    I've never been kissed…

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I came THIS close to spending the miniscule amount of money in my bank account on a YSL ring a few months back, rather than paying my bills (the secret is my online shopping addiction during the wee hours of the night, thanks insomnia). Because I exercised restraint then, I NEED this bracelet even more now… 😉


    In the 5th grade, My class was watching a movie as we made some kind of craft that involved scissors. And sitting in front of me was my mortal "enemy" who at that time was "going out" with my crush (even though one cannot necessarily go out in the 5th grade). So i ended up cutting about an inch off of one of the ends of her braids. She still doesnt know. I definitely dont regret it 🙂

  • MGuerrero

    i'm terrified of open water!

  • Heather

    My job just paid my way to Mexico and I didn't do a single minute of work the whole time. I came back well rested with a great tan. Happy Holidays to me!

  • Ariana!

    (already!) liked and liked

    I used to have imaginary friends as a kid that I would talk to and I maybe sometimes still do….. ahahhaah nothing says man repelling like talking to yourself!


    i secretly love the word slippery dip….. its the australian word for water slide. your welcome 🙂


    Stunning bracelet!

    Two secrets:

    When I was ten I broke one of my aunts ornaments and blamed it on my cousin, he got punished (he couldnt play outside with friends for a week).

    and second secret —- i have a girl crush on the Man Repeller!

    thanks for this giveaway!


  • Anonymous

    Olivia K:

    secret: everyone thinks the tagging gun at work went missing or got lost. i broke it, panicked and stashed it in the back. no one's stumbled upon it yet.

  • swear to g-d, but i have 3 lips. you know the kind i mean. like the thakoon bootie kind, but DOWN THERE. i know that's tmi, but only my best friend knows and she calls me 3 leaf clover.

  • Anonymous

    I had never heard of Miu Miu until this year

  • I love the fact that you produce and not only consume, I also will love and rock this bracelet 😀


    biggest secret: I have no fucking idea where my life is going and it scares me. It's going by too quickly for me to enjoy and to truly decide what I want to do!


    My deepest, darkest secret is:
    When I was 6 years old, on my first day of kindergarten, I was seated across from a boy name Corbin that everyone called Corby. Corby perfectly fit the mold of what I was looking for as a 6 year old, feminist, career woman: Tan, bowl cut, gapped-teeth, racially exotic, wearing light-up sketchers with shin-length white socks, and scabby elbows that everyone knew meant "I DON'T GIVE A F%#@". I would stare at him as lustfully as a 6 year old girl covered in glitter and lunchable crums can, using my Lisa Frank rainbow seal and dolphin trapper-keeper to cover my face from the nose down. I imagined myself as his mysterious Jasmine and he, my Hawaiian Punch-mustached Aladdin. Much to my dismay, my Gypsy princess seduction wasn't getting his attention, and as the day progressed, I found out that there was nothing I could do to acquire his gaze. I smacked my lips together, I flipped my spaghetti-crusted hair, I even batted my lashes so viciously that I did irreparable damage to my corneas. But, I was willing to risk life and cornea(s) for that boy; that drooling, pterodactyl-obsessed, dream boat of a boy. Finally, I decided to go all in. It was our final recess of the day and everyone was crowded around the stacks of big tractor tires that the school thought we were stupid enough to think were toys (which we were). The boys were playing a game near the tires; football or wrestling or some other device boys use to work out their repressed bicuriosity. Anywho, I decided it was high time Corby paid some mind to these goodies. I climbed to the top of the highest stack (a whopping 4 feet) and yelled with an Amazonian fury that would make Lady Liberty weep tears of achievement, "LOOK CORBY, I GOTS MY TETTIES OUT!" Now, I'd been paying close attention to Britney Spears at the time and thought if that braindead twat could get boys by tossin' her tets around, so could I. As he turned and looked at me with those beautifully glazed-over, vacant eyes, I was in such a tizzy feed his eyes with my titty surprise that I punched myself in the face trying to pull my "Sister Sister" t-shirt up. With my nose bleeding and a shirt pulled over my disproportionately gigantic head, I plummeted from the tire stack to the grass below. Everyone crowded around me and began to laugh, even Corby laughed and pointed, with the booger he'd forgotten to eat still at the tip of his finger. I had gotten his attention, but not how I wanted. Even up until the day that I graduated highschool, everyone insisted on calling my BloodyNose McFlashedHerTits (I didn't think it was very clever either). I guess that's not really a secret, though, since everyone knows about it. Um, lets see. A secret… I set a hospital on fire once? Wait, I went to jail for that so I guess that's not a secret… Hmmm. OH YEAH! I never told anyone that the impact from my body hitting the ground that day on the playground was so hard, it made me evacuate my bowels! Yeah, it literally knocked the crap out of me. Thank god no one ever found that out, or I would have been called BloodyNose McFlashedHerTitsAndCrappedHerselfAtTheSameTime, and that would have have been unbearable.

  • Anonymous

    Despite my more recent sartorial improvements, I can't bare to part with my old Backstreet Boys t-shirts (and necklaces!), now that's man-repelling!


    At 22 with two degrees already, I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

  • Mel

    Liked both!
    Beautiful bracelet

  • Anonymous

    I have an extreme obsession of cats..I wear them on clothes, draw pictures, sculpt monuments, write essays…literally anything cat related and Im in.

  • I secretly don't mind the smell of my french bulldog's nasty farts

    liked all of it..
    email :


    i have heat anxiety, which is a new, highly embarrassing/annoying trait that i possess

    *i've like ssense and your page as phoenix harper

  • Alina

    I am afraid of worms!


    hmm…my deepest darkest secret? I'm a complete neat freak except for one room in my apartment (which is strategically hidden…). I call it my "hoarding" room. Also I'm obsessed with the show Hoarders…

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Liked & liked!

    Secret: I literally write down very descriptive notes for outfit ideas when I am inspired. I have PAGES of them…organized by the weather they are appropriate for! This is honestly my best kept, most embarassing secret. But really, man repellers can't let a good idea for an ensemble slip away!

  • ah this is beaaauuuuuttifulll.


    Biggest secret: I tell all of my friends that I don't believe in marriage and that I don't want to have kids but in reality I already have my wedding planned out and the name for my kids picked out… lol

  • Anonymous

    once i peed my pants at school and was so embarrassed that i stole a kid's bike and rode home. my parents never noticed the extra bike, lucky for me.

  • I like you both on FB. Hmm a secret…I sucked my thumb til I was 10. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.


    I eat bumblebees… just kidding.
    Or am I?

  • Sarah Bump

    secret: I wrote a theory I couldn't remember on my hand for my mass comm theory final, whoops

  • Anonymous

    I watch the real housewives of beverly hills, ever episode 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I bought something for myself at each and every store I went Christmas shopping at!

  • Sarah

    My deepest, darkest secret is that my boyfriend is so lazy, I cut his toe nails for him. Its disgusting, and if any of my friends knew they'd be so grossed out! But I can't leave them, I have to share a bed with those feet!


    One time I farted in class in high school…everyone heard….and I blamed it on the boy next to me….no one knows… not even my mama..classy broad over here haha

  • Caroline

    I wet the bed when I'm really drunk

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I'm putting my family in the poor house by loving and following your Manrepelling ways!!!!! I'm obsessed and cannot stop the madness.
    **** ****

  • Anonymous

    My Secret: dancing naked…love it, can't get enough of it…..especially when Usher is playing, loooooove me some Usher!!!


    I am secretly in love with my best friend. Not great, but worth a try. That bracelet is actually amazing! Happy Chanukah Man Repeller, reppin' for all the Jews out there.

  • Done and done.

    Secret: I cheated my way through high school & college chemistry. Not proud. But I didn't cheat in any other subject. :-/


  • I tried to steal a fork from a restaurant once. I almost got caught.

  • Ally

    Secret: in third grade I stole a cat bookmark from my friend when she dropped it on the the ground.

  • liked ssense on fb.
    i kiss my guinea pig on the mouth.


  • name: kathleen bush-joseph


    deepest darkest secret: i am nocturnal.

    (get it, darkest secret, ha!)


    i slept w my boyfriend, in my roommates bed. nothing happened i swear. but if she found out shed freak!

  • Anonymous


    thanks L <3

  • Liked both!

    Secret: I have an immense fear of foods that are white and thick. Examples include cream cheese (which goes against my Jewish nature), mayonnaise, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc.

  • Secret: I'm scared. I always act like I know what I'm doing (in life) when in actuality I have no idea – I'm just going with the flow.

  • Secret: I used to have a crush on Phil Collins when I was a kid. Not in a sexual way,obvi, but still…

  • Anonymous

    My darkest secret…I stole another kid's snack at summer camp and denied it, despite being covered in crumbs.

  • hf
    Secret: Having trouble digging deep, so I wrote TMR a haiku instead. Equally acceptable and entertaining, in my opinion.

    Dear Man Repeller,
    Sorry I have no secret.
    You rock weird pants well.

    Thanks so much for the crazy awesome give away! Happy Chanukah!

  • my deepest secret : i was pissed at my sister that i accidentally spilled cola on her almost done assignment which was due the next day. My sister was crying and said that she worked hard on that paper. Even though i was pissed i didnt have the heart to tell her it was me, i told her….. the cat did it. I was so scared she would kill me. hahahha

    im so sorry to my sister. i didnt mean to destroy your paper. it was just a spur of moment thing. there, i told you one secret that i couldnt tell my sister.


  • Anonymous

    Amanda Vojvodin

    First of all I must say great choice with the bracelet! I always feel like my wrists are so bare compared to my outfits that I take SO much time putting together. And I love your blog, I've been following it for about a year now, genius!

    Deep Secret…Wait for it… I once convinced my brother I was one of Santa's elves and that if he didn't let me watch my TV show (Sailor Moon, what a 90's classic) then I would tell Santa that he didn't deserve gifts. Boy, it feels good to get that out before Santa comes around this year, let's hope he still thinks I've been "nice"


  • Mattea K.

    Oo! Me likey SSENSE!

    H'okay, now for the secret…
    I have an unhealthy obsession with Christmas. Furry talking Christmas animals with sweaters, lights all over my house, train sets with little towns, like 50 holiday albums – just decor galore, and more fair isle than I can handle…
    yet, everyone who has importance in my life is Jewish (best friends, second family, bosses, boyfran)
    So, Feliz Navidad or Chag Chanukkah?

  • Anonymous

    when i was 8 i accidentally (conveniently too) took a mother's day card from a gift shop, then gave it to my mum and said i'd saved to buy it, i felt crap about it for days… i'm paranoid about taking stuff from shops ever since, i feel like there's a little shoplifter in my mind.

  • liked you both!

    secret: when i was little i used to make "witches stew". i made it with water, leaves and any bugs i could find. now as an adult i am quite disturbed at how many roly polies, snails and other bugs i drowned in my mothers stew pot. that same stew pot was also my barbie's pool…lol. oh and i still have a scar under my eye from pulling that pot out of the cupboard and hitting myself in the eye. thanks for the walk down memory lane!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    p.s. congrats on your engagement!!!

  • Anonymous
    Im an open booook

  • Peri

    secret: On my birthday I took off my bra at a bar and made everyone take shots out of it. I then was put to bed repeating the phrase "I just want to swim in dijon mustard." Hawt.

  • Ann

    done and done…
    secret: I bought a dress for a very important date and then returned it afterwards. Received many compliments that evening 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I'm still afraid of boys.

  • Anonymous

    Abby Elise

    First off I must mention that I'm a super positive and happy person, my secret that I've never told anyone is that when I am in certain everyday situations I imagine the most terrifying, disgusting and down-right gut-wrenching scenarios that could happen. Sometimes my imagination is 100 times more horrifying then any Rob Zombie movie! I have never told anyone this because I don't want people to think I have a freaky mind!

  • echo

    i have hand washing ocd. i am obsessed with being clean. but if i can't do anything about it i can be a sloppy germ loving pig. gross.

  • I still haven't paid a bunch of Girl Scout cookies I owed from way back when I was a Girl Scout. Every time I see them selling cookies I remember that. And to think I was actually a Gold Award winner.


    I have a Spanish degree and I can barely speak or understand the language.



    I find it so rewarding when I pass gas "pass gass" while riding my bike. ( albeit once in a blue moon of course, seeing as though I AM A LADY ;0)

  • Anonymous

    I may or may not (it's may) have been running so fast to catch the bus, in inappropriate winter footware, that I managed to slip on the slush and slide under (yeah… UNDER) the bus itself. I then proceeded to get up and try to get on… and driver drove away. Needless to say I was rather embarassed. However, you'll be happy to hear that I did not learn my lesson and will continue to wear said inappropriate footwear no matter the weather conditions/humiliation that comes with it.

    -Sofija Ostojic

  • CYH


    Secret: last month I bought a 'fake YSL' ring and pretended it was real. I chose food that month.


  • My husband has OCD and when he's on my nerves I "accidentally" contaminate things that belong to him.

  • Gabrielle


    Il mio nome e Gabrielle Pedriani, my e-mail is

    I eat butter on really weird things. Like – butter on chocolate.

    No joke.

  • Anonymous
    so my secret is embarrassing because as a usual man repeller i am for once actually attracted and trying to propel a boy, I like my coworker and whilst fighting the battle to both propel and repel it's a back and forth saga, and while i love the bracelet (obviously) i'm fairly certain he would find it heinous, but in comparing it to a cyclops he would probably find it cool so it's sort of a tie? either way i need it, want it, have to have it, and if i do receive it i promise to give accurate feedback as to its propelling vs. repelling results. so it's a win win win scenario for all three of us.

  • I actually already "liked" both, so that was easy, lol. my biggest secret: hmmmm……, i guess it would be that i am in love with a man i can never have, so i maintain my relationship of 9.5 years because it's safe 🙁 now do you see why i need this bracelet 😉

  • M

    sometimes, I forget to shower for like, a week. Its the ultimate man repeller.

  • Anonymous

    Dude 😀

    ksenija.s.aksic at gmail dot com

    (btw, I loove jersey shore) 😀

  • Anonymous

    Amazing giveaway! And I liked both pages 🙂

    Secret: I am OBSESSED with youtube makeup tutorial videos. And I always pause or close them when someone comes near me.


    I'm in a long-distance relationship and I don't see my boyfriend for weeks on end. Needless to say…I don't shave my legs during those boyfriend-free weeks. That's why, for some periods of time, I will wear only pants. Shhh…


    I was like 7 or something and blatantly walked out of a bookstore reading a book i didn't buy of course…just didn't bother to put it down when my mom said let's go and just followed while still reading it…she obviously didn't bother to look at me either.


    Secret: eeem i'm a Greek Goddess, but don't tell! 🙂


    Sometimes I sing show tunes in the shower.

  • Hahahha Wow. Okay. Darkest Secret. Mmm… It's more like a very embarrassing one. Did you know that the one time I ever stole something in my entire short life I sneaked in the stock room in my old school (I must have been like 10) and got a few new notebooks? Stupid, I know. But they were preeettyyyy. 😉 But well, eventually my mom caught me and made me confess the whole thing to the principal, who unfortunately lived in our same street. I had to tell on my friends too…
    Right, so that's it. 🙂 Thank you for the giveawayyy! 😀


  • Anonymous

    i pooped my pants in front of my huspand, please don´t tell anyone 😉

  • Hannah
    I live in hipster nation and therefore listen to indie music, but my favorite artist is LUDACRIS!!

  • Anonymous

    my deepest, darkest secret…oh well…I wet my bed until I was 6 years old! Telling this shows how much I want this bracelet!

  • federica

    I like ssense Done
    I like the man repeller Done months ago

    And for the secret…..
    no longer a secret if today i reveal it!!

  • OH! Im loving this giveaway!!

    Secret: So I live in Korea, but i lived my whole life in the U.S. (Philadelphia).. well anyway, I sometimes like to talk in English pretening that i don't speak Korean, but really im like so fluent at it. I like to do this when ordering at a restaurant or a coffee shop because their face expressions are the funniest thing EVER!!! Im such a mean person.. but im really not! LOL!

  • Liked both…

    Deepest, darkest secret: I am pretty sure I will never get married.

    lauren [dot] hargrove [at] gmail [dot] com


    My secret: I wet my pants on stage during my year 1 ballet production. It was the finale, so God forbid I leave the stage (funny how a 6 year old's mind works!). Mum said all the people around her were saying "Who is that disgusting child?!"

    So, there you have it. My deepest, darkest secret. I'm ok now.

  • Anonymous

    hmmmm, deepest darkest secret… I secretly hate louboutins.. 😉

  • M.J

    one time I stole bubblegum from a mini mart 🙂

  • Jen

    Hey !
    Thanks for this giveaway !
    I lied to my ex boyfriend about my age for a year !!

  • Jen

    forgot my email !
    I lied to my ex-boyfirend about my age for a year !


    i have no secret (: truth is one of the most important thing <3

  • Anonymous

    It's wonderfull!! <3

  • I did free-diving down to 16 feet, once.

  • I'm impressed that so many are sharing deep, dark secrets in a open forum, and they are all so good, that they make mine fate. But here we go.

    Deepest, darkest secret: I'm falling in love with someone who is too old for me.
    I mean, not like "I'm 10, he is 50"!! Not at all, but still too old. And I'm meating with him in january with my friend, to get tickets for fashion week.
    Really all that bad?…Jaerh I think so

  • I rarely shower.

  • Anonymous

    once i stole a palm tree from a gardening shop

  • brooksi

    Love it and Want it!

    dirty secret: sometimes i buy expensive clothes/bags/jewelry and when my sis/mom/bf ask me about them, i pretend they were all on sale. would've been a crime to pass them up!

  • Sam

    I eat my buggers. Now that's man repelling, no? It's human repelling. I shouldn't post this. I created a new e-mail account so that this deep dark secret cannot be traced back to me just in case my friends read this post.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I am a perpetual vegetarian. Today I craved lamb chops.


    Secret : last christmas eve, I pee in the middle of the crowded Times Square, it's freezing and couldn't run fast enough to hotel. Seriously like in front of that red stair thing hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I like to wear my MC Hammer pants and do the "Can't Touch This" dance in my living room while blasting that song….NO ONE KNOWS THIS!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, some spammer just found a way to get hundreds of emails really quickly and easily, thanks!

  • Anonymous

    My deepest, darkest secret is that I pray every night before I go to bed even though I pretend I'm not religious.

  • Anonymous

    I secretly enjoy listening to old Backstreet Boys songs. "Quit Playing Games (With my Heart)" is my current favorite.

  • love that bracelet!!

  • Lu

    hello AT doisedois DOT net

    NOT a secret: I hate spam (hence how I wrote my email) and I am currently wearing a turban, printed harem pants, a boucle tee and leopard print booties. All topped off with a nice arm party, of course.

    A secret: once, as a very small kid (3 or 4 years old, I guess) I was on the kids pool and I had to poo really bad, but I didn't want to leave, so I went to a lone corner and shat there. Right afterwards I felt really bad, so I pretended I just found the big shit there and warned my mom, who warned all the other moms and kids, so EVERYONE got out of the pool. Like a real SHITOCALIPSE.

    I really, REALLY wanted to laugh, but I was afraid my mom would be mad. I still refer to this episode in my head as the shitocalipse. I have never told this to ANYONE!

  • Anonymous

    my darkest secret……
    i once ate a snake.

  • liked and already liked!
    In highschool, we were out for bad weather, so my friends and I told our parents we were going to volunteer for community service hours, but, instead, we went to a guy friend's house and I lost my virginity- At 2pm in the afternoon on a snow day. Manrepelled so badly, never spoke to him again. Morale was low.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I'm a ratpack. I own shirts I haven't worn since high school because I refuse to give them away. What if I want to wear on next week?

  • Anonymous

    I LOVEEE SO MUCH THIS BRACELET!♥ fingers crossed…ehmm…a secret that I never told anyone? once, when I was 8 years old, there was the daughter of a friend of my mother that everytime when we played and we remained alone she threw many little stones at me.every time I came home crying and my mother did not understand because! one day when I was left alone with the girl I threw her a great big stone! Since then she threw at me nothing, it seems to me that she still greets me scared! ahaha
    ps: sorry for my english!


    secret: I am completely insecure and constantly feel like I don't know what I am doing and then I seemingly get lucky at the last minute and everything comes together. There are bigger problems to have I guess 🙂


    I just bought a black/nude laser cut rubber skirt in the interest of fulfilling dreams to emulate a bike tyre, instead of buying Christmas presents for my siblings.

  • rf
    deepest darkest secret? I take pictures of my outfit everyday and none of my friends know. my fashion blog is like a whole nother life!!!!!

  • Pipa

    Secret: I should be working instead of being here think about a funny secret. ahah


    I have an extremely wild imagination that I dare to tell no one of, afraid of being called crazy. Once I turn off the light at night every little sound or shadow is absolutely terrifying and is a potential threat. The weird thing is that I'm not afraid of usual burglars or rapists or whatever that sort. More of monsters under the bed and zombies 😀


    I once fell asleep while on the toilet…

  • Anonymous

    When I was little I used to make a sticky concoction of bathroom products, mix them in an egg cup and then use it as a paint and coat objects in my sister bedroom (frames, photos, books, etc.).

    She was a bossy child.


    Secret: I stole a pair of my mom's Chanel shoes. It's not like she has so many, but there are some things that she just doesn't wear a lot and they end up in the back of her closet. So I was digging around one day and saw this pair of shoes that hadn't graced her feet in at least three years. Kitten heeled burgundy leather slingbacks with a same-color capped toe. They're mine now and she doesn't have a clue. Sorry mom, but at least they're getting regular viewings!

  • Anonymous

    Ur my guilty pleasure… Enough said!


    step 1: check
    step 2: check
    step 3:

    i don't know how to ride a bike and i have to lie about it every time someone ask me about it, because i am ashamed of it. Also I can not get on an escalator without holding someone else's hand because I am very afraid of heights

    PS: i really want this bracalet

  • AMAZING GIVEAWAY. What an amazing bracelet! As for my deepest and darkest secret, I once grew out my nails really long. And to commemorate the first time they were really long, I cut my nails and pasted them onto a piece of paper, labelling the clippings and separating them for each finger. Kind of gross and embarrassing, but know you know! xx


    Secret: I wish I were Jewish.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I did an exchange three years ago in Spain, and I had the absolute WORST exchange partner and exchange family in the world, but I still promised to visit them should I ever return to Spain. This summer I went back, told them I'd meet up with them, and then stood them up.

  • Anonymous

    I'm probably the best procrastinator on earth, the master of procrastination. This is my darkest secret.

  • A store clerk once let me try a dress in a size that was on hold for somebody else. It fit perfectly. The clerk offered to call me if the holder didn't end up taking the dress. I left the store and an hour later called that store pretending to be the holder & had the dress taken off hold. Sure enough my phone rang soon after and I was informed that the dress was now available for me to buy! I feel guilty but not regretful.

  • Oh ya – forgot to post:


    Secret: I LOVE you, but I also LOVE Mary Engelbreit!

  • "I'm college educated, but just want to have a goat farm in which I milk goats and sell cheese at local framers markets in a beanie."

  • hmm let's see…leandra (like how I reference your name as if we're friends? lol) words can not explain how much I need this piece in my collection. Make a rich minded poor girls' dream come true.

    xx Sadii


    Secret-I have a pension for terrible dance movies. I own and re-watch Honey, Step Up, Step Up 2 etc….and I am a terrible dancer.

  • my secret(well one of them):I've recently broke up with my boyfriend and I think he was perfect for me so I'm really scared now that I won't be able to find anyone nearly like that.And I'm afraid of being old and alone,just with my cats(and I don't really love cats).

  • You must be kidding me! There's no other way… this bracelet is just amazing! **lust**
    (side note, I was at the Yves Saint-Laurent exhibition in Madrid on Sunday, I'm not sure I'm still alive (because you know, I DIED!))

    Secret: If I'm tired and don't feel like cooking, I can go 2-3 days eating nothing but cookies and popcorn.

  • julie Nguyen


    so my secret deals with a load of library books. When I was a kid, i had a bunch of books that were overdue because my parents forgot to bring me to the library. So rather than remind them, and feel their wrath, i decided to toss those books into a bag, where they made their way onto the recycling truck, and met their doom. then I blatantly lied to the librarian about those lost books…hhaa i was such a bad kid

    ps i need that bracelet, just saying 🙂

  • oh shit, give it to me! I can't think of any deep, dark secrets though. I did steal bubblegum from a mini mart once, so this will have to do. *so original!*

  • Annie Harrington

    My big secret atm is my boyfriend, who I haven't told my family about…

  • Kaitlynn

    Secret: I tell everyone I'm an orphan, and that my parents died in a tragic accident, but really the story is a lot less interesting than that.

  • Perfect!:)
    tw @bonjourjr

  • Anonymous

    Both 'like's done! I love fashion SO much, but I cannot afford big name brands so mostly I buy odd looking clothing from goodwill and small department stores. I am a total man repeller….luckily my husband is a woman repeller. haha

    secret (its a little depressing): I live in a really small town in Oklahoma and the job market is really bad! I have a degree in English Literature and cannot find a job so….my secret is: I steal food for my kids from the grocery store…ALOT. My husband would kill me if he knew that!


    secret! Once I was about to still a Chanel 255 bag in a party… but I didn't!

  • love this bracelet! hmmm. deep dark secret. nope. really no good secrets here. but i did steal a bracelet from claires once when i was about 10! thats as deep as it gets!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmaild ot com

  • Amanda

    I was in the Material Girl model contest, in NYC. I know you were there. and I nearly fell off the stage, and everyone was like 😮 "oh my god" so embarrassing. There was so much press there, I'm sure its on tape or camera somewhere. Also, i'm the girl in the turband on your met…at the coach event. yeah, that's me! hehe xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Dark Secret: I found anthony hopkins as hannibal super sexy. why???

    p.s. liked ya and ssense on fb

  • Done!

    When I was in college and there was a "team building" exercise that stated you say one thing about yourself, I used to tell people I was on "Wild and Crazy Kids" for a couple of episodes. (Not true, though)

  • Amanda

    Wow I read this wrong and now you probably think I'm an idiot…so now you all know an embarrassing moment of mine!Now my deepest secret is I'm scared of lighters yes, I hate fire. Its like an OCD thing.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Liked erryone.

    Secret: I have multiple items that I borrowed from friends and sisters that I knowingly kept and love to wear, but I can only wear or use when I know I won't see the previous owner!

    although i LOVE chanuka, here in israel almost nobody celebrates christmas and i get jealous and also want this sweet christmas spirit. love chanuka but still want some santa!

  • rossella

    i steal secrets 😉


    Secret: I actually LIKE Christmas music. But I pretend I don't when people complain about it. 😉


    deep dark fashion secret: i think the jeffrey campbell lita ARE men repellent. ISH!


    Last week I bought a look-a-like yet not price-a-like ring to this bracelet and some biotch stole it in work. Could you imagine mine and the thieves face if I then won this real deal YSL bracelet!!

    Ok, so secret. Yesterday I pee'd myself a little when I misjudged the time it would take me to get home vs. my desperation for the bathroom. The pants I was wearing are now in the public bin outside of my apartment building in a plastic bag. It's ok. They were period pants. Sexy.

  • Samantha

    One Easter I found out where my older brother had hidden all of his chocolate eggs. I unwrapped them, licked them, and re-wrapped them. I also drank my roommates milk and then added water so it would go unnoticed. But seriously…no matter what I say, I'm not going to beat the chick who shit her pants.


    I work as a footwear editor for a trend analysis website; needless to say: I love shoes.

    My favorite pair in the closet? My beat up, worn in, holed and (slightly) dirty herringbone Converse. Oh the shame…!

    Not because they are Converse, but because as a fashion editor, well, expectations for "tasteful and sophisticated" fashion sense is sky-high, and most of the time I want nothing more than to wear my Chuck D's while making my 'rounds at meetings and events. And, let's be honest, I'm no Tommy Ton, Man Repeller or Tavi, to be able to wear them out to an event and be considered a trend-setter.

    So until such time comes, I will continue to have my secret love affair with my babies.

    There I said it! Feels liberating!

  • Anonymous

    yayayayay!!! You rock babe! This time I'll share my secret with your, just 'cause I want this adorable piece to be mine! Well, the stealing story is pretty common, I stole some didò at the local mart when I was a lil child…but then, one of the most funny one…Barcelona 2007, final year of college, I went to Barcelona on a school trip and I and my roommates sneaked off in the middle of the night 'cause we wanted to go party!!We went back to the hotel at 6.30 in the morning right before our professor got in the hall to check nobody had gone out without permission during the night :PPP



    last night at my work xmas party i got so drunk that i made out with my taxi driver on the way home. thanks for free ride!

  • I threw a huge party at home when my mother was out of town. She was suspicious but I never got caught. To this day I am scared to tell her, even though it has been 6 or so years. I would love to throw an arm party now and I know YSL would be a great guest. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    SECRET: I once peed in public as a 10 year old because I was determined to get permission from my piano teacher to use the bathroom. I went back home in her sons clothes.

  • if someone i trusted so much betrays me, I don't forgive or forget that easily : (


    Secret: I accidentally walked out of an h&m; store wearing rings I didn't pay for -___- It was really an accident. lol.

    secret…. i love to watch reality shows….

  • Mi name Carolina Portas López-Sendón
    Secret" i want that bracelet more than any1 else!! ehehheehe.
    ok, seriously, when i was litttle i was about to be run over a car, i got so scared that i pee my swim wear a little little bit. (I was wearing a dress on top, u can not pee a dress).

    Love ur blog!

  • Deepest, darkest secret: I'm in love with a stripper… and I never pay retail for anything.

  • Your style inspires me to be quirky no matter what people think.

    Deepest darkest secret… When I was younger I begged my dad to get me a guniua pig. I never fed him or cleaned his cage. I was to young to know what animal cruelty was and one day my friend gabbie and I wanted to see if Chocolate ( thats what I named him) could swim so we put him in a sink full of water and he was freaking out but w eere dying of laughter and he almost drowned. Soon after he died of old age. Really sad but he hated playing with me so I though thwhat God wantd

  • Anonymous

    i'm slightly narcissistic, but won't admit that to many…

    actually extremely narcissistic

  • Anonymous

    Secret:I've broken maybe 7 of 10 commandments


    Secret: I'm afraid of escalators

  • Anonymous

    I hope you aren't choosing winners based on the darkness of the secret!
    When I was a kid I learnt to discretely open sealed candy packages (with a small L-hole at the back), so that I could take some candy and seal it so no one would notice.
    Also, I love terrible t.v.: Bad Girls Club marathons anyone?

  • Natalia

    My deepest secret is…

    Cary Grant's alive in a suite at the Ritz. And I've got an affair with him.

    Keep the secret! I'd only tell… well for an arm party with Yves Saint Laurent.

  • Anonymous

    My deepest darkest secrets wouldn't scare a small child or my parents. I guess I need to rebel a bit more or stop telling everyone all my dirt!

  • Kate

    In high school I refused to pay for urban outfitters jewelry. So i just took it.

  • S

    I'm a man!!!

  • Ssense amazing.

    I wish I was a pirate so I could rock a super duper cool mustache without judgement. Capturrrrrre the cyclops I does.

  • secret – I'm 23 and still sprint to my car/room/apartment in the dark, because I think something or someone is lurking to attack me… maybe I should lay off the scary movies or the shows about serial killers.. nah.. It gives me an excuse to tell people I workout at least once a day!

  • Caro

    Wow amazing giveaway!!!!! <3
    I already liked both in facebook 🙂
    hmmm my darkest secret.
    When I was younger I was at a friends house and I broke one of her favorite toys while she was talking to her mom, soo I just hide it among all her stuff and pretend I was reading a book. She had a HUGE amount of toys so she never really realized it had been me.
    I still feel pretty bad about it 🙁

  • Robin Rowland

    Hi man repeller! I'm a budding repeller of the male species (I'm 17) and I would love this arm hoopla to shakeup my little corncob high. My secret, I recently walked away from a pair of zebra print, pony hair, 50 dollar stilleto pointy pumps (check link for awesomeness) just because one had brownish stripes and the other was more black!! I know, I know, unforgivable, but this bracelet could redeem me. Email is, but I liked both fb pages under the email (cause I'm a sneaky sneakster) thanks!

  • Anonymous

    If I win this ring I will set my dog on fire. Just kidding I love my dog. Anyways a few years ago I walked into this little store that was around my house, with a ski mask on I threatened the cashier to give me all the money with a squirt gun. They gave it to me. JUST KIDDING. The real story is I mindlessly put starburts in my pocket. I didn't realize I took until I got home. WHOOPS

  • My deepest secret..oh god. I took 2 days to finally write it down. It's not the ugliest or darkest, but for sure, it's the deepest for me personally. As i am really into cooking, specially baking.. I have tried to make those fancy beautiful little super elegant french macarones for about 30 times, and… i never succeeded. They look so ugly and with no shape at all, no "legs". I have never ever even mentioned to my friends that i have been interested in trying these fabulous sweets.
    Stupid little macaron, y u no turn out perfect?

    Have a very merry Christmas dear!



    I listen to Britney Spears AND NOBODY KNOWS.

  • every once in a while i get obsessed with some teen boy band an then I listen to them 24/7 and watch videos and photos of 15 year old boys.
    but they are sooo is normal.


  • I am such a BIG MOUTH I have no secrets!



  • Anonymous

    p.s. manrepeller is my go-to when procrastinating <3

  • Email:
    secret : I buy more Christmas gifts for myself this time of year than anyone else.


    secret: i just watched the entire season 4 of gossip girl in two days…who says being sick over the holidays isn't time well spent?!


  • Anonymous

    Oh I love it!!! LOVE IT!
    It took me so long to think of my best secret, and I guess it is, everyone I work with is super into fitness, so I told my bosses that I go to the gym almost everyday and eat super well at home, truth is I have not worked out in years and dinner for me is normally pizza and beer but I have a thyroid condition so they all believe me and think I have super will power…(that may be part of why I got my last promotion)hah.

    did I mention I want this so bad???

  • Kim Swansen

    Secret…… I have spent my last ten dollars for the month on a bracelet. I now will happily live on cheese and crackers until payday……… Needless to say I would LOVE the giveaway!!!!!!,

  • Anonymous

    I kissed a girl and I liked it.

  • Hahaa, my deepest secret? Euuuh… that I have a blog! No one of my entourage knows it (I hope).

    My name is Coco Rivera



    When I was younger I would open every single Captain Crunch cereal box before anyone else and eat all the berries out of them! My mom never could figure out why our boxes of cereal never had any berries in them! 😉


    My deep dark secret: When I was selling candy bars for a fundraiser in the 4th grade, I ate all of the candy bars one night under the covers and then told my teacher I'd lost the box.


    Secret: I only wash my hair once a week.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I'm obsessed with entering online contests.

  • MA

    i'm in love with my bff's boyfriend… sucks to be me


    secret: i say hate the twilight series and i endlessly mock all my friends who have seen the movie/read the books but… i have all 4 books, and have seen all the movies alone bc i'm too ashamed to ask anyone to watch it with me now… -_-

  • Anonymous

    Secret: When I was 4 I took a music CD thaht I loved from my cousin. When I was older I realized I have took it, I told my cousin several times that It wasn't me haha

  • Anonymous

    My secret is… Weel, once I stole a jelly from a supermarket? No, a month ago I went out walking, and felt totally in love with a guy I met. I've seen him ever since, but no one of our friends knows. And we tell each other everything otherwise!

  • Anonymous

    secret: I once ate all of my roommate's laduree macarons one drunken night… and blamed it on my then boyfriend

  • Anonymous
  • name: Kassie pae

    Deepest Darkest Secret: I kissed a girl and I liked it? Katy Perry is my girl. LOL. Actually, deepest darkest secret…I have a lady boner for anything green. Liked you and liked ssense!


    My deepest darkest secret you ask?

    Well it wouldn't be very deep or dark if I just spilled it on this very white, flat background now would it?


  • oops! I went DRUNK to work….

    Jadlly Faruk

  • looove itttt…My secret??When i was young, I sometimes took money from my mom's purse to buy comic books..sorry mom…:(
    joanna kiriaki

  • Anonymous

    I had horrible flatmates my freshman year of college and would dump out half of their drinks in the fridge and replace it with toilet water ! oops!

  • Anonymous

    I'm addicted to Keep up with the Kardashians!

  • MJ Moore

    Liked and liked! My deepest darkest secret: I spent the last few years convinced I was a celebrity. Something about turning 32 caused an identity crisis. Now I feel like a celeb after rehab…


  • summerwells18 at

    deep dark secret: i sometimes wish i didn't have a boyfriend so i could travel where ever i want without having to bring him with me. 😀

  • email:
    deepest, darkest secret (to date): I don't clean up after my dog! We got a mass email from the condo association asking everyone to make sure that they clean up after their pets, as there have been "incidents" but I never do! I say let the poop fall where it will.

  • once I stole a nail polish BY MISTAKE. yeah right. and then I was too embarrassed to bring it back. oops..

  • Anonymous

    likes likes
    When I was young I stole from the corner sweet shop a few times. The guy caught me once and I never went there again. >

  • Anonymous

    Secret: When I was little I thought there was a giraffe living in my closet and was always scared it would trample me. My mom always told me to shut my closet door or I'd let the "draft" in…but little me, reasonably, interpreted that as "closet giraffe is going to get you." I was slightly afraid of said closet giraffe for much longer than was reasonable.


    A while back, I was walking around with a few friends when one of them told me this hilarious joke. I started to laugh so hard I was snorting and rolling on the ground peeing my pants. To this day they won't let me live it down!

  • I'm a journalism student at a hard-nosed journalism school in Canada and I secretly just want to be a man-repelling fashion journalist who has tons of arm parties.

  • Secret: I generally elaborate the stories I tell to make them seem more interesting and have more resonance, because I feel that otherwise people won't pay attention.

  • deepest darkest secret, read each Harry Potter 7 times and would do it again if i had the time.

  • That bracelet is freakin' awesome !!! I would be sooooo happy to add it to my private arm party !

    And for the secret part… In the winter, I won't shave my legs unless absolutely necessary to avoid public humiliation !

  • a secret? how about my most embarrassing story? I don't usually share this.

    When I was home from college one summer, I went running in a park by my parents' house. I was waiting to cross the street when a bus filled with teens drove by. Teenagers scare the living shit out of me, so I immediately put my head down and tried not to make eye contact with any of the knuckleheads. Sadly, they noticed me. There was a period of about 15 seconds for the bus to stop at the light and turn, and those 15 seconds consisted of EVERY MOTHERFUCKING TEEN on that bus sticking their head out the windows and screaming obscenities at me. It ranged from "fat ass" to "suck my dick" to "fuck you bitch" to "suck my cock" to "LOOOOOOOOSER" to "FAAAAAAAT". I tried to just turn my back and continue to look down, but I was fucked for life. I now cringe every time I see a teenager. They scare me more than spiders.


    I used to change prices on sale items when I was short a few bucks
    .. not proud of it but at least I still paid for the item..
    I don't do it anymore though b/c I have outgrown my teen rebellion phase

  • Anonymous

    I have never watched Breakfast at Tiffany's (even though when anyone talks about it, I just nod along like I have) also I would marry Conan O'brien in a heartbeat.

  • Liking. DONE..

    Deepest Darkest Secret- When i was young i used to eat my cat and dogs pet food!!

  • Anonymous
    my deepest darkest secret is that I don't wash my hands as much as I should

  • Anonymous

    I have a few pieces of clothes from the 5th grade that I still use! Crapper.

  • Anonymous

    secret: Last months,I visited one of my friends' house and found a dead cat sitting in front of a washer (covered with a towel) in her basement. The cat was her cat and I had heard that she died a week ago. I didn't ask her but maybe…. I wonder if she still has the cat.

    Anyway, ysl arty is always stunning!!! It's my dream to buy one some day! Love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!


    Secret time – I don't know what my job is, I have no clue, I sit here all day but I'm really not sure what it is that I'm doing…it's been a year.

  • Anonymous

    I stash money to buy clothes and when my parents notice something new I tell them it belongs to one of my friends at college. It never does.

  • May

    I have laughed so hard I peed in my pants.


    Im still watching the disney channel even though im 19 🙂


    I stole an extra treat from the treasure chest at the dentist when I was 7.

  • While doing kitchen duty in elementary school, I put my slobbery Sweet Tart in with some silverware that I wrapped up. I giggled gleefully imagining the poor sucker who got to discover that when they unwrapped their napkin.

    anjeladancer *at* gmail *dot* com

  • email:

    I haven't shaved in 6 months… That's my deepest darkest secret… at the moment. who knows what will happen next.

  • Anonymous

    my 2011 would be complete with this beauty in my life. Oh i just might pee my pants if i win!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i'm obsessed with that bracelet and have been for a year but it's never available! i want it so bad that i will say… i actually enjoy the smell of my own bellybutton crud. ew.


    I am secretly addicted to Toddlers & Tiaras. Call me cray but toddlers feuding over copy each others' spray tans makes my day a happier place

  • Anonymous

    I am secretly in love with sale alerts on the shop style app. I am beyond consumed by the great deals it notifies me of.


    I have a perpetual dream I am either falling off the tallest building imaginable( 10 times taller than the Burg) because my grandmother has chosen to save my brother, and yes I must die. Or a serial killer is after me, or a rapist. Something bad is always around the corner, half of the time I will myself to be a female Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, and I always find a way to survive. Half depressing, and half uplifting.


    Secret: I love the Real World

  • Ali

    I watch Desperate Housewives. It's one of those guilty pleasure things that I can't talk about with people around me. thefashiontrolley (at)


    Secret: I fantasize about lobbing people's heads off on the train with a giant sledgehammer. Like right now.

  • Poop talks make me giggle all day, erryday.

  • Anonymous

    One time at my college church service- we were taking communion and it was the first time I had done it there. You're supposed to rip the bread off and dip it in the grape juice but I didn't know that and had already put the bread in my mouth so I quickly took it out and dipped it in, hoping nobody would notice, but they've given very explicit directions on what to do every time since then.

  • love your blog – you are a fashion genius!


    i secretly want the 90s care bear hair to come back. no, seriously. i did a mean aqua net when i was 9 years old and i know if it came back i'd rock the hell out of it. not in a trashy way, but in a cool r&b; music video dancing-debbie gibson- kinda way ala katy perry 'last friday night'!!!!

  • Patty

    I peed my pants during a school Christmas show. We were whistling "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth." I was in third grade. To this day, no one knows it was me, even though I sat in pee soaked pants for the rest of the two hour show. If peeing in your pants is kewl, consider me Miles Davis!!

    Pee.S. Peeing your pants is the ULTIMATE man repelling. I've accidently tested this theory at bars when the girl's bathroom line is longer than the Great Wall of China and I'm wearing a skirt and/or dress (yes and/or.. gotta keep up with the man repelling trendz!). Guys don't find it cute. Eh, I don't blame 'em! Don't worry though! I would NEVER pee on this bracelet. It's too pretty. I don't pee on pretty things!

    Wow, this is a lot of pee talk. Let's morph it into some arm candy talk! Eh? EH?!?

  • my deepest, darkest…hmmm…i have seen pride and prejudice over 200 times…sick…yes i know.

  • i make faces behind the backs of the poor little spanish children that i teach when they annoy me. totally stooping down to the level of a six year-old, but it sincerely makes me feel ten times better. ha!


    Secret: Once my grandfather send me some money and a nice letter, but i'd forgot to thank him for the letter and tell him that i had got it. Therefore my grandma asked me, if i had had it, and i lied and said 'no'. Then she gave me the money and the letter again. I couldn't tell her, that i had lied, so i took it all. Today i feel so bad about it because they don't have that much money.

  • i would love this bracelet.

    I borrow my boyfriend's flatmate's clothes. shhh


  • Anonymous


    At the age of 5, in kinder garden i asked my teacher if i could go to the bathroom but i actually went to put in the pocket of my jacket a little game i had just stolen in class!

  • My biggest secret is actually that i love watching porn. And do it kinda often. And i usually watch porn movies together with my friend. aahhmm i think i am sort of sexaholic or something)


    Secret: In high school, I was so shopaholic and would buy clothes everyday that I went on credit with my creditcard and had my father pay for all my depts.

    x Romi

  • Anonymous (your blog is my guilty pleasure!)

  • yaaaasss gwarrllll lemme get that bracelet!

  • I liked both pages on facebook, and if I win I will like you even more.

    Some of these secrets are hilarious!
    My secret: Last week the doctor told me I'm allergic to cats. I would much rather have him tell me I'm allergic to children as I was actually planning to get a cat someday.

  • Anonymous

    secret: Summer of 1998, I thought I got my first period. My mom and I went to Target to my first pack of pads. I was so happy to be "growing up" only to soon realize the red I saw in the toilet was digested hot cheetos. (I used to be addicted to hot cheetos…to the point that if I didn't have at least a bag a day, I would start getting headaches. no joke.)

  • Anonymous

    i brush my eyebrows more than i brush my hair. #whitegirlproblems

  • Enya

    Secret: I once turned the lock knob on the toilet door the wrong way thinking that I had locked it, only to have my male classmate (dorm situation) walk in on me completely butt naked…


    When i was 5, i stole all the drawing pencils from the kindergarden and proudly gave them to my father. He then made me write (even though I didn't know how to write!) a big "Sorry" on a paper and give it to the teacher, tell her that I've stolen them, apologize and give them back. And i did.

  • Anonymous

    Already liked you on FB & liked SSENSE on FB.

    Anyway, my deepest darkest secret would have to be that I grew up LA projects and none of my friends know…

    not as entertaining as some of these comments, i know. but hey its my secret damnit! lol

  • My deepest darkest secret? I still cry in the shower for no reason.


  • secret: i'm supposed to be cleaning, but instead i'm reading your blog. it's all on you 😉

  • Anonymous

    i was once deeply terrified of mayonnaise. fears mutate, etc. now i'm deeply afraid of clowns, birds, strangers, weird (naturally occuring) pattern formations, doctors, teratomas, carbunkles, keanu reeves. oh boy. how do i even leave the house?

  • I watch the Kardashians and I'm not proud of it. lol

  • Anonymous

    This is morbid but true. I had every intention of not living past a certain age. I'm about to turn 26 and I couldn't imagine missing all the magic and terror in between.

  • Anonymous


    So my deepest & darkest secret. I was living with my aunt for two years and she grounded me for a year but I came up with a way how to get away from the house at 10pm, be out the whole night partying and come home before she could notice. Later on when I got a bf, I used to say i'm going to sleep over at my girl friend's house but secretly I would go to his house. If she'd ever know this… my death would be near.

  • instead of being studying, here I am reading blogs…i love it!

  • everafterlacquer at gmail dot com

    I have what some would say is an unhealthy obsession with nail polish. My polish needs its own furniture.


    Secret: I like my cats more than I like my friends


    my deepest darkest secret is that i know my mom was cheated on by my dad and they have no idea that i know. So i live my life with a blind eye to my family. oh.. and i have a tattoo that my dad would skin off of me if he found out. dear god, i hope he doesn't read this…..


    Secret: I hate my roommate's boyfriend but have never said a word.

  • hum, secret? I live in Rio de Janeiro, but I don't really go to the beach.
    Not really a secret, though…

  • I once stole a pair of shoe laces from a flea market… I was so upset with myself I went back to the same booth the next week and left an anonymous $5.00 even those the laces only cost $1.00. I never even had the courage to wear those stolen, fluorescent, curly, self-tying laces… 🙁


  • I've "liked" you both. Also I love this bracelet! I would rock it on NYE (and all the time, really). just in case

  • I recently stole a toy from a kid's toy store – by accident!


    unfortunately my deepest darkest secret is in my pants and i don't think our relationship has reached that stage yet so…you'll just have to guess.

  • done both! haha, really everyone open their secrets for this awsome YSL. My self, pee at my exam, in junior highschool, trough my white uniform! No body knew. It was about over 15 years white lie:) I also saw my friend's dad cheating, long long ago, but maybe i was wrong. Peace…

  • deepest darkest secret: I constantly buy stuff on ebay to make myself believe I'm not spending as much money as I would in a days worth of mall/boutique shopping!

    FB name: Brinelis Rodríguez Fernández

    xx, Brine

  • Anonymous

    God here we go.

    I once dated a homeless guy. He wasnt homeless when we met. But soon became it. It felt wrong dumping him just because of it. So we kept on dating for a while. Not many of my friends knew him, and i didnt wanted to be known for being 'that girl how dates a hobo'so i kept quiet. Untill no that it ;).


  • Secret: Sometimes, when no one is watching, i pretend my living room is a runway and I hold my own private fashion shows.


    SECRET: I sharted in a Macy's once. Thank god I was wearing a maxi dress…

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I have always (since I was a wee lil lady) lusted after a pair of neon orange ballet slippers… not ballet flats, but the REAL ballet slippers.


    I'm secretly addicted to The Vampire Diaries…I'm a grown ass woman.


    i don't "do" deodorant

  • Swu

    I'm seeing a bit of Sauron's eye, methinks. But I can't believe neither SSENSE nor you were among my Facebook likes before, but now I've corrected that mistake of mine!

    And onto my little secret, since I've digressed enough: I sound like a frigging man, a respectable tenor. And to allay rumors that I AM a man, which is unlikely because I am 5'1" and cute as a button, in high school, I started pitching my voice up about a bajillion octaves. I've reached a good level of demureness and social acceptability this way, and I don't think I would be so well-adjusted without my fake voice, but I'm hating my (still) teenaged self and want to kill the insecure bitch and undo all her work.

    So, you can't pass up an opportunity to juxtapose a fabulous ornament with a MANLY voice, yes yes?

    With your reply, contact: (I was a Star-Wars-obsessed and tech-savvy tyke, apparently, when I created my email in 3rd grade.)

  • i once stole a doll from a preschool… i was in preschool at the time. i only slightly knew it was wrong, but i also knew i liked the doll and wanted to take it home with me :/

  • Anonymous

    I've never been able to quit a job. I always tell my bosses that I need to take a while off but I leave them thinking that I'll be back… It has created more than a few awkward situations.

    I would really love this bracelet! It's so beautiful

  • I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear.


    secret: when I was a kid (like 10 years old) I used to take money from my dad's wallet to buy boxes of Spice Girls' lollypop! hahaah


    my secret is that i havent shaved my thighs in months, only my calves…..

  • hana

    in fourth grade i cheated on a test! then i lied to my teacher and got away with it.

  • Cyclops arm candy yay future arm party.

    Big bad Secret: Devouring peanut butter cups and salt n' vinnegar chips simultaneously and thinking that I can conceal the results the next morning through repellent outfits

  • Uh, I am OBSESSED with this gem of a bracelet.

    As for my secret, may he never find out but I pull out all of my boyfriend's grey hairs while he is sleeping. Whoops.

  • wow,great giveaway, liked both and my email is and the secret is that i just bought a $1400 coat and kept it secret from my husband:))

  • Anonymous

    Dear YSL Bracelet,
    I just want to take this opportunity to invite you to my arm party. It starts ASAP. It's gonna be wild and I would love for you to attend.
    lots of love
    a manrepeller at heart

    PS my secret is my love for writing invitations to my modest collection of jewels..


    my inner voice says "shut the f*&* up" over and over and over while my 9 year old repeats the same thing over and over and over again. Hmmm… perhaps we're alike, he and I.

  • bahhh love it.

    dark secret: When I was little, I was scared of bubblegum because my friends said if you swallowed it, you would die. And plus, Mom didn't want me to ever have it just in case it flew out of my mouth on the carpet or got stuck in someone's hair. But then, my cool neighbor offered me some and I ate it but I swallowed it by accident and then I laid on my parents' cold bathroom floor for hours preparing to die (trying to throw up at intervals, which didn't work, and then crying but trying not to be loud so my parents wouldn't find me and find out what i had done). After a few days of still being alive, I figured I had made it.

  • / facebook-name: Kristian Hindø-Lings.

    Darkest secret: I hate the smell of sushi, but tell everyone i love it, cus it's trendy!

  • Anonymous
    Secret: I'm a true man repeller (clothing, too much art, quirky stuff) and I haven't had a date in a while and I don't care if I ever date again. Seriously, ever. I. don't. care. I should, but I don't.

  • Like you both on fb

    The only felony I've ever committed was switching a ton of mail in a large unit at an apartment complex. Hmm, guess that's just a secret from the police.

  • Like you on Facebook a decade ago. Just kidding. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Once upon a time, I used to think that people with shoulder pads are delusional. Now I'm more delusional that the housewives of New York.


    Well this one time… at band camp… JUST KIDDING. (American Pie reference… anyone… anyone) My deepest, darkest, secret is that I have already picked the names for my forty future cats, invested in a knitting company and 2 copies of Dirty Dancing (one extra just in case).

  • Anonymous

    Jess Harrison-

    Secret: I love going to knitting club every thursday.

  • 1 & 2 DONE
    I secretly suffer from anxiety 🙁


    Secret: The other day I was at my parents house and they had company over. We were all in the living room and I was sitting on the floor petting my very old, perpetually shedding dog. I accumulated a massive pile of fur and didn't know what to do with it because I figured our guests might think it was gross. I slyly put the huge pile fur under the couch and never told anyone. No one was the wiser.

    Not deepest and darkest… more like latest and funniest. If I win the bracelet I'll share it with my dog 🙂

  • I've never watched a single Harry Potter movie or read a single Harry Potter book, nor do I have the desire to.

  • Carly
    carlykfung at

    My deepest, darkest secret is that I kind of (really) love school.

  • Allie

    My secret? I am an extremely adept liar.

    Merry Christmas Leandra and fellow Man Repellers xx


    i can't ride a bicycle. TEHEH


  • ahh love it as much as the ring version
    deepest darkest secret: i'm a wizard and attended hogwarts while simultaneously attending college in the muggle world. i'm basically cho chang.

  • Email address:

    So my deepest darkest secret is that once at a dinner party, when I was 7, I ran for my life up to someone who I thought was my dad, and sat on his lap for three minutes without realizing that, no, it was not my dad but in fact a complete stranger. He strangely didn't seem to notice, and hugged me like I was his own kid.

    Thanks for the opportunity Man Repeller! I love YOU!

  • Anonymous

    secret: I have a mucus surplus that is getting increasingly harder to hide..


    Secret: deep down I want to become a manrepeller, but I'm way too much of a coward to do it!

  • Maddie

    I always take more candy than they say to take on halloween

  • my secretz : i attempted to bite a toenail but ((fortunately?)) was not flexible enough. i really wanted that snag though.


    ssense: liked
    man repeller: liked for ages

    deepest DARKEST secret: I put Nair hair removal in the shampoo bottle of this girl at camp that I hated. It was a Christian camp.



    Eating cold food with really large spoons makes me thoroughly uncomfortable. Soups are completely manageable, but cereal? Fooooorget it.

  • bnorthe

    I secretly love to eat crocodile, it tastes like chicken!!!!

  • Anonymous

    sarahkeller (at)

    Secret: I am a champion re-gifter.

  • Anonymous

    well…i'm in love with my best friend's ex fiancee. Moreover i used to steal some hair accessories!

  • Anonymous

    Drew Beechel.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    secret: I'm scared of little people, I know its awful to say it but I am, they just freak me out. I totally blaim horror movies for making them scary.

  • Secret: Hookah ALWAYS makes me ill.. My date and I went to a hookah bar smoked a little much.. I stumbled into the bathroom, threw up EVERYWHERE (I cleaned up the bathroom).. I didn't have a toothbrush in my bag and the grungy bar obviously didn't either.. Well I finally came out maybe 20 min later. He asked what happened, too embarrassed and not thinking, I told him I "dozed off"..? -WHO SAYS THAT ON A FIRST DATE?! Well, we finally get back to my place, keep in mind i wasn't able to brush my teeth.. He leans in for our first kiss.. I LIKED HIM WHAT COULD I DO BUT KISS BACK.??!? To this day, he has NO IDEA what happened in the bathroom or that our first kiss was the most foul thing a girl could do.. Ahhhh!

    Secret # 2: Back in highschool the thing to do was wear your boyfriends football jersey to the football games.. Well, I had to go to the bathroom so bad, as my friend and I were walking down the bleachers she completely missed a few steps and rolled all the way down in front of everyone.. I was laughing and crying so hard that I couldnt hold it in any longer! I peed all over this guys jersey and had to wear it the rest of the day.. I wasn't able to take it home to wash it because he needed it that day for his away game.. I wonder if he ever guessed that it was drenched in urine? I never told him…..

    No wonder I'm single! I'm hoping/praying that the arty oval bracelet will will that void..

  • I spend a year of my life dressing up as a pirate when i was 14… non of my friends now know this. I would do it again if i had the balls!



    In grade 12, there weren't many art students at my school. It was only me and another guy who were to go study arts in university. At graduation, I had to watch a portfolio that was done by copying other people's works and photographs, and not even by his own ability, winning all the awards and scholarships over my portfolio. The portfolio I worked on during all summer and winter breaks, plus after school hours. The only thing that comforted me at the time was that his expedient won't work at university, and I hope it didn't.


    Secret: I hate every gift my boyfriend gives me so I sell them all online and tell him that I just misplaced them. Honestly, I'm the worst.

  • Anonymous

    Deepest, darkest secret: I don't know how to ice skate but I lie about every time haha

  • My secret: When I was younger I had a wall full of Britney Spears photos!! hahaha
    Viaggio Della Farfalla
    The Key Item

  • Anonymous

    Its still before 5pm my time! Liked and Liked.

    I dated a shoe fetishist to get some beautiful boots.



    Little deep dark secret: On a first date with a guy, I accidently pour a valium in his drink, because he was being soooo snob and annoying. Afterwards he was awesome. hahahaha

  • Sarah

    Gimme pretty bracelet!! Hehe 🙂

    Deepest darkest secret… I've peed my pants running on the treadmill. Most embarrassing experience ever.


  • Anonymous


  • Liked both on FB ("Netty Del")
    Secret: Your blog makes me mad jealous because I want to be where you're at. I have a jealousy problem.

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I have mild scoliosis and wear a back brace…not even some of my friends of 7 years or family members know!

  • Email:
    Darkest secret: One time, I stole a ping-pong ball from the science museum. Thought I was going to jail. Then again, I was 8.

  • Anonymous

    Liked both links!
    Secret: When I was younger I never used to flush when I used public restrooms…I'd just leave

  • Anonymous….

    Secret…i read this blog in every lecture i go to at university. Maths, surprisingly, isnt going so well this term.

  • Anonymous

    I love my cat….more than my boyfriend.

    i pooped at my friends house and the toilet flooded. she never spoke to me again. UGH. i wanted to dig a hole into the floor and crawl into it and drown in my tears of embarrassment:(

  • SSENSE = Liked
    MAN REPELLER = Been Liked

    Deepest Darkest Secret: Old people terrify me. Even my grandparents sometimes. 60+ and I can't handle it.

  • Alex McGill

    have liked both you and ssense for a while (yeah montreal!)

    deep dark secret: I judge people based on their footwear (ha!)

  • The bracelet is amazing!
    Ok, my email:

    A secret? I wrote the great american novel, ok no… I like to date older guys :S

    and I love you 🙂
    Xo and Happy Hanukkah

  • Anonymous

    Secret: I like chewing on ragged and bloody hangnails.


    secret: i don't like Adele..


    I get terribly uncomfortable when I'm around somene holding a knife/ scalpel/ any kind of metal and sharp cutting device. I will always choose to sit by someone I feel will be least likely to order a steak at dinner, and my eyes will always be aware of every piece of flatware until they are taken away or I have had enough adult beverages.

  • Anonymous

    oh em gee, that bracelet is stunning, and it needs to rsvp to my arm party asap.
    well, after thinking for awhile i realized anything that could be constituted as a dark secret isn't a dark secret of mine, because, well, i really love sharing my embarrassing life to anyone with ears. BUT, there is one story i haven't told any family member (ofcourse i've told any possible friend of mine), because i do feel a bit of shame. just a bit. Secret: i was twelve and at my British Grandmother's house. She is a complete stiff about wasting food, spilling drinks or touching her turkish carpets, because she likes everything to be just-so. fyibtw she calls herself the queen of england (which to be fair, she does kind of resemble). Anyways, so i was bored and without thinking started to shake some salt into my leftover cereal milk and then quietly moved my cereal bowl (which contained the passover seder styled milk) over to my left. My grandmother not wanting to waste what she thought was her leftover milk, took a sip of the milk and then spit it out all over her Italian imported table cloth, AND the breakfast scones. Now, this is where i feel bad: i've let her believe that she bought spoiled milk at the grocery store (and now she refuses to go to that food store), instead of telling her that it was me. I was young and scared!
    if i won the bracelet, i would give it as compensation to my grandma- ok i lied, i would keep it; i haven't changed that much since i was 12.

  • As for the secret…I played with Barbies until 8th grade.


    Secret: when I was kid I once poured water in my mom's boots to ruined them because she yelled at me.


    Secret: I like my boyfriend's family better than my own


    I guess reading fashion blogs and being a fashion addict is my biggest secret, why? because I'm well known for doing charity work and avoiding shallowness….and I'm going to med school, so when I get home and go through all my favorite blogs (man repeller, style scrapbook, chicmuse, etc) I feel like hannah montana with a secret life, no one knows I'm this crazy for fashion


    My secret: I am huge fan of the show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and have such a crush on his son, the one with the ponytail.

  • Doneso.


    Secret: when I was 15 I got in trouble at school for mocking the Nigeria substitute with a Nigerian accent of my own. I couldn't see at the time how responding in her native accent every time she asked me to stop, was a douche move….

  • Diana

    My secret is that… I am deathly afraid of opossums. Living in NYC, I never see them, but right now I'm in the South and I have just been informed that I am in opossum country so I am mortified.

    dianawongphoto [@] gmail [.] com

  • Anonymous

    im obsessed with juicystar07 on youtube. she does hair and makeup videos.

  • Louise

    I have at least 2 pizza bagels per day.

  • Anonymous

    When I cook, I add giant gobs of butter when no one is looking.

    alexrpagan at

  • My secret-the jeans I get complimented on the most are my husband's. They even have a man crotch.

  • Astrid J
  • I die for YSL, anyways my deepest darkest secret was when I was 9 years old and I was at a department store shopping with my mother I snuck away while she was purchasing something and stole a bright pink Chanel lipstick, and got caught. I guess the 9 year old me knew, sometimes you gotta do crazy things to get your hands on Chanel

  • L.

    Holy geez I'm too late for this. But I'll try. Because I've had a lot of Oranginas.

    Email: UnicornSuperhero(at)

    Secret: I kind of like Coldplay.

  • Anonymous

    This ring is amazing !!

    when I was 6 I peed my pants in The Men's Wearhouse.. and no my dad didn't end up buying a suit.

  • I'm actually a faun.

  • Es maravilloso! Espectacular…


    Mjose Fdez


    Secret: I once stole some Christmas decorations from a warehouse (when I was little). My parents discovered it, teased me, and made me think they were angry with me. Since then, I can't take it when people steal. Not even a piece of gum, or a bit of chocolate.

  • Anonymous
    My Secret darling is to hide what you most want hidden right out in plain sight.

  • hmmm my darkest secret?
    When i was 6 years old i wore the high heeled boots of my mum and of course i felt…and broked my foot.
    But instead of telling the truth everyone still thinks i stumbled over my sister's bag on the floor.
    So she was having a lot of trouble about that happening to me …and i kinda feel sorry when i think about it now… maybe now its the time to tell the truth about my accident…

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  • Anonymous

    ONE of my deepest secrets is that i really HATE talking to people on the street. A lot of times I see friends of mine and I walk along as if nothing ever happened and I have never met them. Maybe i'm a sociopath. Really don't care, just want that ring!!!!! Ahahah

    Sarah Prosperi


    Secret: I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up and I assume at this age, I should at least have an idea, right?

  • Anonymous

    When I was little, I was obsessed with Tiger Lilly from Peter Pan. I would only wear my Pocahontas nightgown,and reffered to myself as Tiger Lilly!!

  • Parker Baron


  • Anonymous

    if i may share another secret single behavior and i shall

    i love stripping my nose and watch what used to be on my nose, blackheads and allll

  • Anonymous

    My deepest secret is I'm strangely attracted to Conan!

  • lin

    clandestinecraves at gmail dot com

    I am the only one I know that hates Disney movies and the theme parks.

    Fuck Mickey.

  • i used to dress like a guidette in high school….im not from jersey…..

  • caitweingartner AT

    Sometimes on a particularly stressful shopping day, I'll "forget" a lipstick at the bottom of my cart, just to have a little treat for myself.

  • Dana Kelly

    Hey hey, I wanna arm party too!

    This secret time is not so secret to the 100+ people that witnessed this, but ya know, here goes nothing:

    A few months back I went to breakfast with one of my oldest guy friends. Former bff/apple of my eye/"I love you, but we're best friends" type of deal. He's a few years older and has a career doing what he loves and although he's off-the-charts hipster, I like respect him or whatever. He took me out to breakfast the morning after I'd had a heavy night of drinking (an activity I had not partaken in for a substantial period of time) with a bunch of my rowdy bro friends (bad move number 1). There was a 40 minute wait in this shitbox restaurant (ok I take it back it's delicious and so much homemade bread and oh my gahh the egg dishes), so needless to say, shit was packed. I was still on antibiotics from a recent bout of strep throat and all of a sudden I just felt so queazy I could die. I ended up projectile vomiting across the entire restaurant floor and onto said respectful friend's jacket that he had loaned me. I decided to pretend like the whole incident hadn't happened, for reasons that still baffle me, and after I cleaned myself up (aka hurled like 7 more times) I sat down and ordered a mother fuckin' EGG TART. Don't know why. Again. The waitress then asked us to leave.

    So that was the worst.

    Happy Holidays, Man Repeller!


  • iheartcherry[AT]gmail[DOT]com

    I lied to my parents that I was going to a retreat up north in WI for the winter break. I actually went to Chicago to see the city. It was worth it, as why each year I go back to Chicago and someday will take my mother with me to see it! Haha

  • Both liked – Sara Näse,

    I haven't cooked a piece of meat for myself during the past 4 months, yet I've eaten amazing meals everyday. Basically that means that I'm a spoiled kid with access to a great chef who cooks better than I do, so I rather stay away from the kitchen and just eat. But I'm not very proud of it haha, need to learn to cook myself!


    I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Sorry.

  • Allegra Barnes

    I really did steal bubble gum from a minimart once.
    Also I secretly want to marry my cat. Actually it's not that secret.

    Love the bracelet, thanks!

  • I used to steal people's erasers and draw inside desks in elementary school…no one suspected a thing.

  • Anna Lombardo

    i still need to look under the bed before i go to sleep… and I'm 16. It's a compulsive habit.

    the bracelet is gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    My deepest, darkest secret? I'm a straight-a student, i'm president of student council, i'm going to go to yale.. but I post pictures of my tits on the internet.

  • I don't like Glee…and I've tried so hard!!

    Nichnelson1 at gmail dot com

  • Catalina

    HAHAHA this post is quite the resource for blackmail! I´d share my darkest secret with the man repellers out there, but not on somewhere where it can later be googled!

    Ok how about this: all my life I suffered trying to find the second sock to match the first one I picked out. Never knew you could do little sock balls…. SOCKFAIL

  • LIKING it all on Facebook 🙂

    When I was younger I accidentally broke off the stem of a pumpkin at a little farm and was afraid to tell anyone.

  • I want to photograph a fashion blogger's wedding because I die for a unique wedding dress…and I feel like that makes me shallow that I care so much about that part of the day!

    kylehepp at gmail dot com

  • yes please!

  • All of the makeup I own was stolen from Sephora.


    I got diarrhea at my own party and blamed the stink on my roommate's friend. This friend has been banned from our apartment.

  • I love sarcasm and broken tights.

  • Like you and SSENSE

    my secret: I dream that I go to clothing stores and I steal everything I like… like twice a month


    I really like weapons…jewelry that could seemingly double as a weapon, that is 🙂

  • Those sunnies are so so rad!



    Secret: When I was ten I was living in TX and I hated it so much I tried to run away. I packed a bag and walked right out the front door of my house at like 12 or 1 in the morning. I just sat on my lawn for a while and decided to go back inside.

    happy holidays x

  • Deepest dark secret: I'm obsessed with cabbage patch kids I love them and little 80s toys and I'm obsess with SpAnk .


    I'm head over heels for my best friend…but he doesn't know it

  • Hello, I'm Vessela and I'm a shopaholic. I have a 1m by 40cm cupboard full of jewelry and can't seem to stop.

  • Anonymous

    My secret is that I wore a purple polyester suit to my Bat Mitzvah.

  • Ana

    My little dirty secret: Starting yesterday I secretly fancy my best male friend.

  • Anonymous


    Deepest,darkest secret (atm):

    He told me he lives on a certain street in my hometown. He said No. 17. When I walked down the street yesterday I came to know that there is no No.17. He of course does not know that I know.

  • dear santa…this year i was the best girl in the world so i think thta ysl art ring IT'S MINE..yei yei…!!!!!!!!please please bring it to my home.greece is calling…


    Secret: Once, at the big sale day of the year, Australia's equivalent to black friday, I tripped an older lady up (around 50 years old) so that I may beat her to the last size nine Brian Atwood platforms in the store. I pretended it was an accident. She had to get 7 stitches on her knee. I got the shoes. No regrets.

  • Anonymous

    once i got so annoyed with my long hair i decided to cut it off. it was a disaster my mother then found all the hair in the bath,she started shouting and took me to the hairdressers. AT LEAST I GOT A HAIRCUT!


    My deepest secret is that I spend too much time on reading celebrity gossip.

  • theresafrances

    my darkest secret: um…there are thoughts that go in my mind that tell me i'm not good enough and that i need to do more. and i don't know what to do about them.

  • Lorrie

    my deepest darkest secret? i never read the terms and conditions. and i told my whole class i had three, or maybe it was four, stepbrothers from my dad's side. i don't and i don't know why i said that either. now my friends want to meet them.

  • Theodora

    Deepest secret…mmm.. I believe this guy I met on the bus and we keep talking non stop ever since and is going to play an important role in my life in 2012.. 🙂

  • I could easily kill anyone of you for that bracelet, so you better keep your deepest secret for yourself and so my serial-fashion-killer won't be feed again!

  • Anonymous

    Anyway…. I'm afraid to not know all the beauty in the world, I'm afraid to let it pass by and not to live it. I feel like one day I'll be SOMEONE, but I'm almost ashamed to let the world see who I am and I can't imagine how to reach my dreams.
    I am 16 and I know I still have so much to experience; I just hope to be able to do everything I can.My dream is to work doing what I love, but, obviously, a career in fashion isn't what my parents desire for me… I think I'll have to count just on myself. (:
    This is my secret,even if it's more a dream than a secret… well, maybe they're both the same, always. Congratulations for your amazaing work on this blog, I admire you for seeking your dreams! sorry for my not so good english, I live in Italy!

  • Secret: i just farted …with excitement?

    …I have not started looking for a job even though I'm totally broke :/

  • Anonymous

    Both have been liked!

    My secret: I am not original at all; my fashion sense is pretty much just ripping off everyone else's that I admire!


    i laugh at ugly babies.

  • Anonymous

    i fart in public. a lot. and pretend its not me.

  • I bought a new skinny jeans, and I pretend to love them. In fact, I regret buying XS, because I really hate the feeling when Im soo stuck in them. Next time, I will deal with having S-size.
    I hope this was enough secret 😀

  • Anonymous

    When I was little I kicked a girl and pulled her hair because I thought she was my sister. She was not, however, my sister.

  • Anonymous

    the one who kicked her sister..

  • Anonymous

    i ate playdough when I was a kid and if you gave it to me, I probably wouldn't decline.


    I still like Spice Girls

  • Bri
    Gorgeous bracelet.

    Some days, I go through the whole day pretending to be Marie Antoinette.
    I still need a Count Fersen to complete the act though.


  • Susan

    The first and last time I cheated was during a tenth grade Physics test. I did so by etching the formulas that I couldn't memorize into a ruler. I still have the ruler, and you can still read the formulas perfectly.

  • Lex

    Liked SSENSE & TMR.

    i put several bottles of champagne in the freezer of my dorm's kitchen. they exploded because i left them in there too long and didn't claim responsibility for the mess when it was discovered. our whole dorm was put on probation…sorry!!!!!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I dropped my baby sister on her head when she was one year old. Fifteen years later and my parents still have no idea. No worries – my sister is perfectly normal. 🙂

  • mary alexandra

    i'm having casual sex with a man who refers to himself as a part-time model and a full-time patriot…


    Secret: I want to become a successful fashion blogger.

  • Followed..
    mmm..maybe telling the wifey's ex how he married such a douche! haha..and from what I heard they are now done. Maybe good ending, or he's looking for another victim.. 🙂

  • eternally devoted to you

    Deeply Bordeaux secret: my father is my mother…c'est la vie

  • Wow! I don´t really know if this is an international giveaway but anyways…
    My email:
    My deepest dark secret: I don´t like fashion blogs
    I liked Ssense and I already liked you
    Kisses from Madrid

  • I moved out of my shared house last August. I knew the girl replacing me and she had always seemed the epitome of sympathy, but she ended up driving me absolutely insane. I gave her a beautiful wardrobe for free, because I didn't have room for it anymore. I agreed to move out a week early, so she had plenty of time to move all her stuff. Three weeks before the date, she asked me to move out two extra weeks early, because she had problems with her landlady. This proved a challenge, because I was abroad and needed to arrange everything, but I managed to anyway. When my minivan broke down the day I was supposed to move, she went absolutely ballistic. Called one of my housemates and moved her stuff into HER room. During the following week she started complaining to me because obviously her furniture couldn't stay there and I should hurry up already. She texted me every day to inquire when I could finally move. The van couldn't get fixed, so in the end we rented another one to pick everything up. While we were moving everything in a hurry on an ordinary weeknight, she started sending angry texts, saying that I was rendering her homeless; that she had a right to the room; that I'd better clean it properly. I was so enraged that I entered the room of my housemate and stole a stuffed animal out of one of the cardboard boxes. It was a plush version of Stitch and I'm pretty sure she got it from her boyfriend, because it was wearing a t-shirt that said 'I love you'. Vengeance! Do I hope she's still looking in vain? You bet. Do I feel guilty? Absolutely not – I still have it as a warning against wrath.

  • I used to steal the plastic teddy bears from the playtime box when I was in nursery. And if I could go back in time, I'd still do it all over again. muhahah.

  • I used to steal the plastic teddy bears from my nursery. Even if I could go back in time, I'd still do it all over again. Muhahah.