From Vanessa Jackman
And on that note (that note being today’s earlier post), find here a couple old photos from Fashion Week that just surfaced on Vanessa Jackman’s street style blog. She’s got a way with that lens, I’m glad I fell upon it. I know, I know, you’ve seen this outfit already. Get with it, Man Repeller! Is spending all that time infront of a computer screen killing your braincells? Maybe so, but that’s not why I’ve posted these images. No, no. This post is more though just another ode to summer style. My fingers are frozen and man I miss a warmer climate. Even more than unknowingly wearing too-small-for-my-face-sunglasses. I speculate this is a problem Marcel the Shell will never know. And if you ask me…that should be it’s one regret in life. That said, here’s another chunk of proverbial food for…literal thought: there’s something unusually un-douchey about posting an “oh-my-God-are-you-taking-my-photo-I’d-have-never-guessed-wave-and-walk-wave-and-walk” photo when it’s taken by a photographer not your own. And I’m pretty sure this is a prime example of exercising just that: you know, the wave and walk. Go ahead, unfollow me. I get it.
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