For The Arm on a Budget, Take Two

Last week someone asked me to share my “great fashion find” of that week. I had no idea what she was talking about and so she explained that she likes to chronicle her fashion discoveries and share them with people, she was thus interested to learn if I’d had any. I said no but then I thought about it and this blog and that which I put on this blog and realized that I guess everyday is a “great fashion find” in some capacity, right? Right. To take this to a more literal, less existential level though, the last really good one I could remember (you know, short of the danger zone that was Cyber Monday,) came last month when I’d discovered Wanderlust. A super rad Australian e-tailer that puts the party in arm party. Just kidding, I put the party in arm party, but Wanderlust does help. And even though I’ve iterated this once before, I’ll say it again: spending excess money on accessories really isn’t all that necessary everyday, so should you wish to, give your wallet a break and peep my favorite bits of the newest offerings from Wanderlust.

So predictable…I’m a sucker for anything with a rhinestone or a skull or a rhinestone and a skull on it. Disclaimer: the ID bracelet in the front does not hail from Wanderlust. Quite the contrary, it was given to my older brother, Haim, at birth from some idiot in Turkey who can’t spell Haim. Idiot for two reasons: 1. It’s Haim, not Hayim. And 2. Straight boys don’t know how to penetrate the arm party, get a hold of yourself. In any case though, no piece of jewelry I wear renders more sentimental than this one. Insert awww, three W’s, here. Shop Wanderlust here. Win a date with Haim here. Just kidding, no link. Bye!

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