Winter Wears

Looks like the weather is doing what it usually does and instead of surprising us with a resurgence of summer in November, making the gradual turn for a colder climate. In terms of better hued skin color and general happiness and comfort, I won’t lie, summer shits on every other reason. But then again, in terms of that which constitutes the easiest and most inevitable way to manrepel–one word–in blades of glory, world, the temperatures are looking up. You know, while going down. So today, we salute winter wearing and let it begin.

jacket: Kelly Wearstler, mullet tank: A.L.C, jeans: Levi’s, booties: Thakoon
I for one, like to skip the awkward transition clothes like sweaters that aren’t warm but aren’t too thin either or cropped pants that show too much shin and don’t roll down and just head straight for important memorabilia, you know, from Mongolia. Enter this tiered cropped jacket. It’s like a puffer coat, but not. At all.
Also not quite long enough to suffice for actual winter wears, and that’s what’s so magical here. It’s the perfect “transition” piece, without stinking too hard of “transition.” Does that make sense? You could say no. I hate referring to clothes as transitional pieces. All it ultimately means is that you’re not committing to said piece and while I have an opinion or two about committing to trends, this is something else. The other inevitable magic to point out here is obviously the me in mid-air and as you can see, even while flying, I am still so delightfully perplexed by the harnesses on me’shoes.
headpiece: L’Hiver 
Another good rule of thumb for pre-winter wearing–I guess this has become a pre-winter wearing post–: it’s never too early to cover your eyes with a knit headband that you may or may not opt to convert into a knit turband.  
I call this one two things. For funnies, it is: “where’s the bathroom?” And for serious it is, “I need to squat because these pants are so high waist they are drilling a permanent line through my you know what.” The perils of high-waist pants, you see, extend far beyond a fupa and unusually shaped behind.
Finally, here’s a salutation to life in it’s most pure and raw form: the thumbs up. And here’s the last important thing to note. I am wearing but two layerstwo! I don’t even wear that few during summer months. If there’s something important to learn from this, it is simply the power of Mongolia. And that’s that. Fine, one last thing before I say goodbye forever and by forever I mean for a few hours:
 Sometimes all I want to do is be friends with myself. No one else would me the bright thumbs up for squatting in public. No one.
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