What I Wore: Quiet Sunday, Busy Monday
t shirt: Sandro, sweater: Alexander Wang, green jeans: J Brand, booties: Chanel, purse: Antik Batik

Taken with my iPhone by Amelia “no brain” Diamond to bring an element of realness to the proverbial equation. Barn doors rock. But back to the title of this post. What I wore: quiet Sunday, Busy Monday…and…just a regular Tuesday! Do you know where I’m going with this? It’s pretty straight forward. Today will mark the third straight day I’ve worn this outfit. But as I say, when you feel an outfits right, you know, really really right, bask in the glory of sartorial victory and the personal satisfaction of celebrating your capability and knowledge to style yourself properly and then wear said outfit into the ground. Not literally, though. That may tamper with the prospect of continuing the marathon into, oh I don’t know, day five, six, seven? Ultimately, you see, clothes are purchased to be worn. This is an important lesson to re-instill just after what I will call a cyber-Monday of epic proportion. Now let it be known, freaks and geeks, chronic outfit repeating is the new black. That said, did you score anything yesterday? Tell me. I have to know. Bye!

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