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What I Wore: The Calypso Arm Party Squared
The aforementioned arm party-party happened and it rocked. Rocked, I tell ya. Stone cold, rock. As I’d mentioned might happen last Sunday when Calypso teamed up with me–yes, me–to help launch the new Mott Street store dedicated solely to accessories: arms did in fact party…
And sequins did, you know, shine. (Pants and t-shirt both by Calypso, utility blouse by Charlotte Ronson and booties by Chanel.) I feel like a broken record re-emphasizing this on an almost daily basis but due to the nature of my non-committal sartorial persona, this day left me channeling Boogie Nights-rides-a-custom-Chanel-motorcycle down below and plain lieutenant Jane up above. I’d say the contrast was a hit, after I’d sent this photo to Instagram one commenter generously pointed out that I was doing a fine job living up to my name. This was an exciting breakthrough but not as memorable as even the alleged man friend, fine, not alleged, he exists, noting that he lurved the pants. “They look comfy,” were the exact words. Hours later my cool parents showed up and when that happened my dad left. “Take them off before dinner,” were virtually his only words before hopping back on to his Vespa. Kidding, no Vespa this time, but it does illuminate the story. It was a roller-coasting whirlwind of emotion brought to you exclusively by the sequined harem pants. By night fall, wrists were loaded and the rainbow fish was asking for his scales back.

So I made off with these three pieces and called it a jour. Looking back in hindsight, I suppose an arm wax pre-party wouldn’t have hurt. But then again, my parents are from other countries, where hair grows faster than…I don’t know, whatever else grows really fast. Those particles serve as Turkish nostalgia, familial heirlooms, if you will. But enough about me, indulge in a serpent! Visit the new store if you know what’s good for you, there are gilded pigs and marabou pillows everywhere.

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