Sinatra’s Collar

Yesterday in news that rocks: an anonymous commenter commented on this post that she had spotted none other than Man Repeller favorite, Alexa Chung clad in MR DANNIJO Sinatra collar. I figured Anonymous hadn’t really perused attentively, maybe just wanted to redirect some attention elsewhere, and then I opened the link left and yes, yes, it was true.

I’m pretty stinking psyched. I think one of the most telling indications that I really was a Man Repeller back when this blog was a small little fetus was this one time after the Met Gala 2010 when I along with some lady friends rated favorite looks from the night. I wouldn’t say too many people leaned toward Gisele’s latex cross-hatch, but the votes spoke pretty well to this blog’s aesthetic. Surprise struck though when I’d ranked Alexa number one in her Phillip Lim penguin suit and Chanel gladi-pumps. And said rating ladies disagreed. Think about it, people. Thin penguin in Chanel. Where else would one draw inspiration, really? Shortly thereafter I’d stumbled upon a video interview whereby she pronounced her style “quite tomboy.” This was followed by a sentiment that expressed her liking toward fairly girlish clothing as well. But girly in the little girl sense. Like pouf-y dresses and peter pan collars and high necklines. I’m so right there with you. Finally, one time recently, I even had a dream we were having drinks at the Surf Lodge in Montauk and then played baseball. This is getting pretty creepy though. So let’s get on to what’s important because the real question here still remains…
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