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Raise Cache: The Dress that Gives Back
In this day and age fashion and tech have created such an organic bond with one another based on the mere fact that, you know, fashion start-ups, blogs and social media networks are dominating our scene. No really, we’re kind of like the Justin Bieber of fashion journalism: popping out as amateurs, out of nowhere, making little-to-no sense and then, before you know it, we’re baby mamas pissing everyone off, everywhere. But back to fashion and tech being bonded like sister and brother., it shouldn’t be such a surprise that tonight would mark a first Fashion Show organized to raise money for tech start-ups based in New York to benefit HackNY. Fancy New Yorkers not unlike one of my favorites, Carol Han, will take part as models in the fashion show in question while others, not unlike myself, will have designed the very garments these models will wear.
And let me just say today is a big day in terms of MR design collaborations. I will be at the Soho House tonight celebrating a blazer I’ve designed for Alex & Eli just before the Raise Cache event. I can practically wear head-to-toe Man Repeller these days. I don’t have a purse though. Who wants to collaborate on a purse? Jack, Laz, is that a yes? …And I just know you want to see what’s up my ruched sleeve, roight, roight? Good. Look no further than just one small scroll!
And, voila! Part inspired by Dries van Noten’s spring collection, part by the mere fact that holidays they are a’coming and ladies, we need dresses, I give you: the dropped peplum.


I’ve partnered with Lineby, a company that manufactures clothing designed by “New York City tastemakers”–their words, not mine–to create this here garment. 100% of proceeds of $220 dress will be donated to HackNY and in my opinion, it–as in, the dress–is just the perfect combination of chic and Repeller and should answer any and all questions you may have had about holiday dressing. As a plus, it will wear really well with antlers.



Worn alone, it will produce the same wow-effect though I would suggest sprucing up the red taffeta with a leather (or utility, or denim, this decision is ultimately yours) jacket and shoes that cover half the foot. Heavy accessories are not optional. Now, in light of the momentous occasion at hand, the folks at Lineby would like to offer a 20% discount code (enter LB20 at check-out) valid only through tomorrow should you decide to purchase the dress. Clicky, clicky, for that.


all photos by Naomi Shon
And come on, people. It is just screaming buy me, buy me! I love red! And Dries! And start-ups! No pressure though.
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