One Skirt, Two Ways

Oh my word, hi. Were you worried I’d been abducted? Robbed? Slashed at the throat? No? Well, that’s not very comforting for me. Either way though, I wasn’t, so he ha ho. Just shooting and styling shit, wearing ethereal dresses, holding wands, pretending I’m the tooth fairy. You know. But enough about me, let’s talk trends. Today on the roster: convertible garments. A big win it is when you buy an item and realize the multitude of ways that item can be worn. Minis as peplums, pants as antlers, heck, even the occasional tube top as pencil skirt. I was kidding about the antlers, but that’s just because I haven’t tried it yet. Now, likely the most easy transition to convertible garment though is the skirt as dress. Now, I know what you’re thinking re: the blog title, yes sure, I could have strategized a million billion thousand ways to display one skirt worn differently, but I’m not really an overachiever where’s the fun in feeding you quantities of outfit ideas rather than small glimpses at easy figure it out yourself style? At least then you can wholeheartedly take credit for how badass you look. Right? Let’s get converting.

 These aren’t so much do it yourself as they are awesome. An easy and comfortable alternative to any other heel on the planet, they’re an alpha outfit topper.
With moto-inspired boots down below, taking the outfit vibe a little further west seemed inevitable. I don’t typically tie my blouses at the waist, likely because I’m no daisy duke but on this day, my shapeless white midi skirt begged for an interesting alternative shape and dimension.
So I gave her what she wanted, and then I did a party dance.
blouse: The Kooples, skirt: Ever, purse: Alexander Wang, booties: Chanel
…Two times. Now, outfit number two moves seams up above the waist and makes accessorizing with additional garments the inevitable Man Repeller-approved solution of the past.
Because while jackets in any capacity (except those of the sleeping bag variety) are cool, and layering said jackets are even cooler, they are most certainly not cooler than detachable collars equipped with sleeves, yes, sleeves. And…wait for it…
You’re not wrong. Those are in fact Pineapples. On a dark backdrop. This immediately becomes reminiscent of everyone’s favorite pineapple under the sea. Why MTV Cribs has yet to explore Mr. Squarepants’ digs is still far beyond me. Waterproof camera crew, people. What’s the problem?
Here’s a side view in case you’re wondering how far from my head my ponytail hangs. As you can see, my Spongebob collar-and-sleeves features cutouts at back. What with the yellow, green and hint of orange present, I’m practically wearing a look from Carven’s S/S collection. Talk about a sartorial win.

This was shot a little while ago, and obviously it’s now a bit too cold to try the latter look so let me suggest taking the materials from outfit number one and incorporating them to number two: untie and button the chambray blouse, wear over skirt/dress. Pop on tights, a pair of higher heeled booties, and even a mongolian fur vest for good measure. Go on, take your own skirt and turn it into a dress. Show me what happens. No really, show me. Tootles!

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