Ode to Summer Style

This was taken last July on the Lower East Side. I may be jumping the gun with a dedicated post featuring an ode to summer style, but my point is more about the effect real life non-dyed blue jeans and a simple white tank can have on style. I guess I should have gone ahead and given this post a more proper-to-content title. Ultimately though, it’s not the title that matters. This is more about a good dressing point of reference, for this weekend at least. It’s this: most of the time, all chic really takes is something as simple as (mom)jeans and a (mullet)white tank sprinkled over the right, bad-ass accessories.  

Claw cuff and half moon necklace, both by Pamela Love. Fangs necklace by Delfina Delletrez. Shoes by Yves Saint Laurent. Jeans and t-shirt from The Reformation.

Photo by Simon Chetrit.

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