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The Blazer, The Launch Party, The Recap
In partnership with Alex & Eli.Β 
I know it may seem like I am trying to wipe you clean of your cash money with these abundant design collaborations but that is not in fact the case. I’m just in it to have blazers inscribed with neon letters that read, “Love, the Man Repeller” on the inside (see below,) or dresses with dropped waists that make me look like a log (I stole this log sentiment from a commenter yesterday, it was a good one.) Or…you know, shoes that look like they are in a perpetual state of peace a la acupuncture. Still, I can see why you may think I am doing the former. It’s been a full week of pretending I’m a designer and gleefully living to tell about it. Last night marked an event that would celebrate the aforementioned neon letters.
See, neon! In cahoots with Alex & Eli to help them celebrate their Tailor Shop, I designed a dark green wool-crepe blazer with navy suede sleeves and neon inscriptions on the interior. I fought with myself back and forth about having the inside say “Love, The Man Repeller” or “Lady Boner” but then I realized that if I ever hear the term lady boner again I will probably slit my own wrists so I did what would prevent the slitting of my wrists and went with Love, TMR. The silhouette (butt length) was inspired by Stella McCartney and the body’s material, (wool crepe,) inspired by an old Carven jacket I have and lurve and nurture like a newborn baby. Aside from the obvious fun detail: suede sleeves that make wearing vests fun again, there’s one that’s more fun, and that is: hairy balls for zippers!
See what I mean? See what I mean? These will make for great conversation and while to the naked eye this jackets seem an opportunity to repel, it may in fact induce adverse effects. See: “Man I love these hairy balls.” On to the fun now: last night the Alex & Eli girls and myself hosted a party at Soho House’s library to celebrate the launch.
We pre-produced a whole bunch of blazers and sold them at the event. Drunk shopping is an interesting experience, I learned this last night and now salute Apple for planting a store smack a mid meatpacking district wanderers. Nothing says “shit, this night was awesome!” like a brand new iPad, iPhone or iMac. They don’t call it the genius bar for nothing, eh?
Me with the Alex & Eli girls. Blazer in the flesh, blazer in the flesh.
Sorry, I just can’t stop flashing my signature. It’s a weird thing to have your own name be sewn into your jacket…even weirder to recognize your own name as “The Man Repeller.” DANNIJO comes to support the other end of another birth canal separated from her mother’s.
Party comers shmooze and try on jackets. That’s pretty much all they do, shmooze n’ try, try n’ shmooze. One antisocial unicorn–and when I say unicorn–I mean horse with cob of corn on center of head acts anti-social on her telephone toward the right hand side of this screen. We’re looking at you, Amelia.
jeans: Levi’s, t shirt: A.L.C., blazer: Alex & Eli x Man Repeller, clutch: Rebecca Minkoff. Photos via Guest of a Guest
And alas…it ain’t a Man Repeller post without an outfit photo. Right? Here, please find me leaning against the Timberland knockin’ Burberry jacket wearing photo freak, Aram Bedrossian, to show him my sweet Christian Louboutin sample sale find. Never produced shiny turquoise pumps with back chain. $200. Aram asking me if they’re Alaia? Priceless. Mainly because he’s so straight, it’s weird. Finally, I offer this, should you find yourself interested in obtaining one of the jackets, have a click here. It retails for $535 but regardless of whether you take the plunge or not, I love you. Happy weekend! See you Sunday?
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