Details that Rock
jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim, blouse: D&G;, dress: rag+bone, necklace: TOMTOM, bracelets: Mr. Kate. Photo by Naomi Shon

Ultimately, it’s almost always the details that perfectly string together the sartorial fiber of a well-groomed look. Here’s an old shot from a layering post I ran months ago. This is likely something of an unusual re-visit but I guess a good rule of thumb to control or identify narcissism is to look back at old photos and decide whether or not you feel inspired…by yourself. At this point, it seems I’m making like N and drowning in reflections. How tacky. Dimensions of different fabrics, prints, and silhouettes will always tug at my heart strings, but it’s really the copious bracelets and architecturally inspired neckwear that give whatever else is going on that small dose of character you probably wouldn’t have even known would make such a difference until you tried it. With this, I wish you a happy thanksgiving, consider it some turkey-day food for thought that spares the lives of any fancy winged creatures just trying to gobble, gobble and enjoy life on the farm. …Vive l’arm party.

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