Delectable Fall Offerings from Mikkat Market

You know what that means, freaks and geeks. Repellers on a budget…rejoice! The beginning of new seasons will always mean new clothes and while I’m typically one to hop on the sell-your-kidneys-on-the-black-market-so-you-can-own-that-jacket train, there’s nothing wrong with deciding not to sacrifice basic human rights e.g. three meals a day for the sake of fashion. In fact, you can have both. Enter none other than our very favorite, Mikkat Market! With their current huge-ass sale and enormous new stock of goodies, I thought right now is as good a time as any to share with you my most recent conquests. And while I don’t have photos of myself in said conquests to show at this time, I figured it’s better to share the wealth before it’s gone. Yeah, I’m respectful. A model citizen, if you will.Β 

A good season always starts with the right white blouse. Summer transition to fall called for the theyskens’ theory short sleeve rendition of the mullet tank and the fall to winter transition will be echoed by some sleeves, pockets and that meme mullet. $29.
…Besides, she wears it so well.
And after the perfect white blouse has been found, comes a search for the perfect over-piece. Isn’t shopping such a vicious cycle? …Cue the cracked leather shearling coat displayed above. I’ve seen renditions of this jacket executed through the last few seasons but never in a proper long version that will cover the, you know, tushymctush.
Β And now, as you can suspect…
With the perfect instruments north of the hip, decent bottoms are further than due. If you read my blog attentively, you know I am on a serious sparkle trip, so I’d obviously gravitated toward this mini-win, that will work most perfectly dressed down, or up, with Peter Pan collars, thick sweaters and shoes that look like vaginas. $45, people. And the quality is grand.
I shouldn’t have to reiterate this, but, no look is complete without an arm party, and now that Mikkat is doing accessories, you don’t have to sell your arm to gain the contents! Hip, hip, hooray! And finally, I grab one last bit, because it ain’t the holiday season without a little red dress...and since the teal version of this very dress had been such a hit last season (cue: this post,) I went for the gold and snatched this one.
I’ll admit, I was hesitant: why own two of the same dress? But then I scrolled down the webpage just a bit…
And, well, I want to do that too. I know, I know. She has those Balenciagas. $89. Shop Mikkat here.
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  • this coat is just perfect.

    find us here

  • Mixing the clothes this way…all them look amazing. They are..butin these looks they look even better:)

  • ahh i love all of these, especially the jacket and white blouse. such good deals!


  • Is this (sort of?) inspired by that tumblr post Kelly Oxford wrote (that REALLY doesn't apply to all the readers of this blog, i tell ya!) that "called you out" on owning expensive clothes??

    "I'm in debt b/c MANREPELLER.COM is guilting me into buying 500$ shoes" makes nada sense. How about instead of buying a 200$ bracelet or whaevs, you find a cheaper alternative? HUH? POLYVORE EXISTS PEOPLE! If everyone shopped within their means, this cray (not a typo, i've been listening to Watch The Throne all day) "Occupy Leandra" shizz wouldn't be happening.

    On that note, thanks for guiding us to less expensive repellermarts. But seriously, rest assured that YOUR BLOG ISN'T PUTTING PEOPLE INTO DEBT. Just had to repeat that to point out how absolutely ridic' that is.

  • These are great finds. I'm loving that sequin mini. And I'm dying for that girl's Balenciagas.

  • i love your sense of style! πŸ™‚

  • Greeeeeeeaaaaaaatttttttt!!!!!!!! Love to see a repeller on a budget post. Thank you for "killing" my date-life one day at a time πŸ™‚

  • That's a very beautiful arm party! x

  • Man, I love your style!

  • This is beyond amazing and i laughed the entire time throughout reading this post! xx

  • The white blouse is a female staple! I love this brands take on it. Good post!

  • Obsessed with the glitter skirt and did you say $45!?! OMG! Love it all. Thanks for providing some great budget-friendly options!!

  • Oh my goodness. My credit card hates you and my closet thinks you are one lovely lady.


  • seriously, i'm trying to invest my money in home repair and you're forcing me to buy fuzzy sweaters and sequined skirts. thank you. but damn you at the same time.

  • I cannot believe the incredible prices! Eek! thanks for sharing on news!

  • Definitely a buy for me for the jacket… thanks for such an amazing post! Loving it! πŸ™‚

    xx Devi

  • Anonymous

    leandra, unfortunately only really large sizes are left in the sale. what a shame for us size 0-2 girls! regardless, thanks for the tip!

  • i want the red dress now!!! aahaha
    please visit my blog is the one with the longest name ever ahahahah and follow if you like!

  • great)

  • Thanks for introducing me to another great online shop. And their sale is really good.

  • I love whithe shirt and red dress.

  • omg, i loveeeeeeee when you do repelling on a budget. it just feels right.


  • white shirt – black sparkle shorts = perfection.


  • i love that white top! it is so subtle but has a nice shape. i would love one of this sort πŸ™‚

  • Sequin skirt and fuzzy sweater, get on my body.

  • I love all of it! I dont know how to pick a favorite!! sequins, leather and fuzziness – devine!!


  • Anonymous

    Great shearling jacket…it's sold out πŸ™

  • Mikkat reminds me of Meat Cat. (30 Rock reference, anyone?)

    Don't worry, that's a good thing.

  • The shearling coat is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    My newest obsession is second-hand fabulosity. Recycling has never looked so good. Let the movement begin.

  • Jay

    I'm lusting after that white shirt. too bad it's sold out. πŸ™